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Our commitment at BetPick.ca is to show you the way to the smartest bet. To do that, we assembled a team of sports betting specialists to help you make the best betting decisions, and of course – to win big.

Here is our starting line-up:

Jordan Horrobin

Jordan HorrobinJordan Horrobin is a freelance sports journalist based in Toronto, Ontario, who enjoys sports-related research and telling engaging stories. His work can also be found at Sportsnet, Forbes and elsewhere. Though he abandoned most of his team-specific fandoms in the interest of unbiased analysis, Jordan roots hard for his fantasy football/hockey teams (and he’s a complete homer for all things Ohio University). You can follow Jordan on Twitter at @JordanHorrobin

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Kevin Luna

Kevin Luna (@klunawrites) is passionate about sports and specializes in the NBA and NFL. He provides useful information for online sports bettors, and casual fans looking for quality content. Although he lives in Toronto, he’s more of a Celtics guy than a Raptors fan, but he still roots for the home team too. You can find more about Kevin at Lunawrites.com

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Alex Murray

Alex MurrayAlex is an alumnus of Ryerson University’s RTA Sport Media program, a contributing NHL and NBA writer at BetPicks.ca team. He has been writing on sports, betting, and fantasy contests for several years, including pitstops as an NFL Editor for theScore and as one of the lead NBA news writers for fantasy sports site FantasyPros. As a lifelong athlete, bettor, and sports fan, Alex is uniquely qualified to help you reach the sports betting success that you’ve always dreamed of and your wife never believed you could achieve. Follow Alex on Twitter.

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Patrick Trudeau

Patrick TrudeauI have always wanted to be a writer and sports are my favorite thing in the world, so I combined the two to make a career. I have been a long-time gambler and sports betting writer that isn’t afraid to look at the underdog or specials. I am covering the NHL, MLB and NCAA Football for BetPicks.ca and am a huge fan of both sports – as well as many others. Some of my favorite sports memories include David Freese’s walk-off home run in 2011 and the Anaheim Ducks winning their first-ever Stanley Cup. I am a huge Ducks and Cardinals fan, despite them being nowhere close to my birthplace of Ottawa, Canada.

Away from the sports and betting world, you can find me belting out country classics at Karaoke Night or watching movies (nothing scary, of course). I also love stand up comedy, Freezies, and thinking of rhymes in case a rap battle ever breaks out.

Follow me on Twitter @Patrick_Trudeau so we can talk betting, sports, or why ketchup DOES belong on Poutine.

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Josh Saslove

Josh Saslove

Josh Saslove here, I am a passionate sports fan and have been consumed by sports for as long as I can remember. I have been a sports bettor for the past 4 years, starting out with betting on college basketball parlays. I currently write pieces for BetPicks, but have my own blog space as well, where you can find my past pieces.

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Curtis Rush

Curtis Rush bio photoI live in the land of ice and snow in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. I can’t skate very well, but I know sports, especially hockey, after a long career writing about the Toronto Maple Leafs and other teams at the country’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, and covering various sports on the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, the Guardian and Forbes.  Betting on sports can be a rewarding experience when you understand the trends and underlying characteristics of the teams and players before laying down a bet. That’s how I hope to point you in the right direction. Follow me on Twitter

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Cameron Kozinets

Cameron Kozinets is a 22-year old who graduated from the University of Southern California’s Journalism program in 2020. He is a diehard sports fan, who has been both playing and watching sports since he was young. His favourite sports to watch and play are basketball and football, and he is a fan of the USC Trojans college team, the Toronto Raptors and Maple Leafs, and the Chicago Bears. Cameron is also an avid sports bettor who enjoys chasing parlays and betting the over. In his downtime, Cameron enjoys working out, watching Netflix or Crave, and going for walks or shooting hoops with friends. To connect with Cameron, simply reach out on LinkedIn.