Last Update: 1/26/2022

NFLThe stage is set for the Conference Championships. The Bengals will travel to Kansas City to face the Chiefs, while the 49ers will take their bitter NFC West rival, the Rams. The Bengals and 49ers may shock the world, but either way, it’s going to be a weekend full of surprises and exciting football. Check out the best two picks for the upcoming games for a chance to win out this weekend!

Bengals @ Chiefs

January 30 @ 3:00 pm, GEHA Field @ Arrowheaed Stadium

BetPicks Best Bets

We have to give credit where it’s due and congratulate the Bengals for making it this far, but I’m not willing to risk betting on them to upset the Chiefs. The Chiefs barely won against the Bills last week, but I expect them to bounce back with a more dominant performance this week. The Bengals have a lot of momentum on their side, so it’ll be interesting to see how they play. However, I think it’ll be relatively low-scoring, especially when you consider that the under has hit in nine of the last 12 games played between these teams.

Pick: Under 54.5 total points (-115)

49ers @ Rams

January 30 @ 6:00 pm, SoFi Stadium

BetPicks Best Bets

There are only a few things in life that are certain. One of them is that Cooper Kupp will score a touchdown this weekend. Okay, maybe it’s not a guarantee, but the man’s been on an absolute tear all season long. Against the Buccaneers, he racked up 183 receiving yards and a score. The Rams are -3.5 home favourites, and although the 49ers always play them tough, I like their chances to win. Matthew Stafford loves targeting Kupp, and the last time they played each other in Week 18 of the regular season, Kupp scored a touchdown and recorded 118 receiving yards. He’s a beast, so bank on him to hit pay dirt once again this weekend.

Pick: Cooper Kupp anytime touchdown scorer (-150)

Kevin Luna (@klunawrites) is passionate about sports and specializes in the NBA and NFL. He provides useful information for online sports bettors, and casual fans looking for quality content. Although he lives in Toronto, he's more of a Celtics guy than a Raptors fan, but he still roots for the home team too. You can find more about Kevin at

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2021 NFL Betting on BetPicks

The NFL is back in action on September 9th after what seemed like a never-ending offseason. This is fixing to be one of the most exciting NFL seasons in some time, not only for NFL fans but for bettors looking to make a little scratch on some NFL picks.

As with any season, we’ve got our favorites—the Kansas City Chiefs seem like shoe-ins to at least make it back to the big dance after losing last year, which is one of our top picks—and we’ve got our sleepers and underdogs. They have boosted the season to 18 weeks from 17, so we get one more game, but with just 18 Sundays of regular season NFL football, you’ve got to make the most of each and every one!

BetPicks has everything you need to get into the black with your NFL betting, from expert picks, to free picks and predictions, to best bets for the day!

2021 NFL Picks & Intriguing Bets

With the legalization of sports betting spreading like a wildfire, NFL betting has never been more popular. And despite adding a contest to make it a 17-game season this year, the number of games still pales in comparison to every other major sport, which means one thing: every game means that much more.

Unlike in other sports where you can expect starter rotation, fatigue, and some teams straight-up not showing up on a given night, every team comes with everything they’ve got every single week in the NFL, which is why it’s such a fun and popular league to bet on.

You’ve got moneyline bets (who will win), spread bets (how much will they win/lose by), total wagers (how many points will be scored), and that’s all before getting into all of the player props you can dabble with during the season.

But not just that, you can also find dozens of futures bets for the upcoming seasons from team win totals, to Super Bowl participants (a rematch of last season seems pretty likely), to individual player stats over the season. If you’ve got a hunch on the bevy of end-of-year awards the NFL hands out, you can find good value for bets there as well.

How Do We Make Our NFL Picks?

Whether you’re a diehard or a casual fan, we’ve surely got a little something to give you the competitive edge over those perennially informed sportsbooks. We’re looking at and analyzing every score, stat, and performance to get the best handicap on what will happen in the upcoming week.

There are generally two types of great bets in the NFL and in most other sports: a no-doubt favorite that is being given much lower odds than they should be, or a strong underdog that’s offering value in relation to their opponents. All the information, data, stats, and relevant insights are right here on BetPicks for you to make the best NFL picks and parlays!

We find the best bets for you, and then we offer you an array of different sportsbooks with which you can place this bet.

What Kind Of NFL Bets Can You Make?

There is a wide range of different types of wagers you can make on an NFL matchup:

  • Moneyline: A simple bet where you choose which team you think will win. Favorites offer lower odds, while underdogs offer higher, more lucrative odds.
  • Point Spread: The point spread makes it a more even playing field, with the sportsbook taking a certain number of points away from the favorite. This means that to win a point spread bet, the favorite needs to win by more than the sportsbook says, or the underdog needs to win/lose by less than the sportsbook says.
  • Over/Under: An easy wager on how many points you think will be scored in the game. You can bet on whether the teams will combine to score more or less than the bookies say. You can also find these types of bets for each individual team as well.
  • Player Props: These bets are a lot of fun if you know your stuff—good thing we do at BetPicks. Here you bet only on the performance of a single player, usually on whether he will go over or under his yard total, whether or not he will score a touchdown, or how many passes, rushes, or receptions he might make.
  • Parlays: This type of wager is awesome because you can group several bets that you like together to make a parlay, which gives you combined odds that are always much higher and more lucrative than each individual choice. Beware, however, because you need to win every single part of your parlay to win it. If you go 3 for 4 you did pretty well, but you still lose the parlay.
  • Futures: Usually placed before the season starts or during preseason on a long term outcome either for a team or a player. For example, will a team make the playoffs, will a team make the Super Bowl, how many games will a team win, how many passing yards will a player have during the season, who will win MVP, etc.

Which NFL Free Pick Is The Best For Me?

Are you trying to win a little bit each week, or are you trying to go big and win big with one bet? Or maybe you’re somewhere in between?

If you’re going for the home run, then an underdog or a parlay bet (where you combine several markets together to give yourself higher odds) would be the ideal bet for you, and we’ve got lots of free picks and parlays like that right here!

Parlays are still fun for the every-week bettor, but someone who isn’t swinging for the fences would do well to group two to three solid favorites into a moneyline (safer, lower odds) or point spread (less safe, higher odds) parlay bet.

When it comes to player props, uneducated bettors would do best to steer clear, but for sharps, they represent a great opportunity to win some easy money if you stay abreast of roster moves, matchups, weather conditions, and tendencies for the game you’re considering.

Best NFL Betting Strategies

  • Check The Weather Before You Go Out: You may think that the weather doesn’t have an effect, but it does. When it’s raining and wet, it’s harder to pass the ball and have success as an offense—unless, say, you have a run-heavy offense like the Ravens or Niners. These types of teams, as well as strong defensive outfits, tend to thrive in rough conditions. (So do under bets.)
  • Homefield Advantage Is A Real Advantage: You may think it’s a cliche, but the home field advantage is as real in the NFL as any other sport. The home team has won 57 percent of the time recently, and that shouldn’t be surprising. They’ve got the crowd behind them, they’re in familiar environs, and they didn’t have to travel away from home and family for the game. Do your research, though, because some teams are a lot better at home than others.
  • Beware Of Divisional Matchups: Divisional matchups are sometimes best left alone because teams that play each other twice a year tend to know one another better and can therefore plan and plot for one another with more success. Divisional matchups are tough, but betting on the underdog in these types of games can often be quite fruitful.

NFL Expert Experience

Alex Murray

Alex MurrayI am a lifelong NFL fan and a veteran of five years when it comes to writing about the NFL. In the past, I’ve maintained my own NFL betting blog, I’ve written NFL content for publications such as, theScore, and FantasyPros, and I’m certainly something of an experienced bettor in my own right.

I played the game for a decade and even got a scholarship to play postsecondary ball, so I’ve got a firm grip on the strategies and concepts that make up NFL offenses and defenses.

On top of that, I’m looking to help BetPicks bettors succeed by keeping myself up-to-date with relevant news and updates from around the league and each and every one of its 32 teams. I’m looking at Pro Football Focus stats and data and interpreting them so that you don’t have to and we can all win together!

Kevin Luna

Kevin LunaI’m a super fan of sports and specializes in the NFL and NBA. I have years of experience providing useful information for online sports bettors, and casual fans looking for quality content. Although I live in Toronto, I’m more of a Celtics guy than a Raptors fan, but I still root for the home team too.

What To Look For When Betting During 2021 NFL Season

While the NFL season remains the shortest of the major sports in terms of total games played, did I mention that the league has added a 17th regular season game for the first time to make it an 18-game season for 2021?

Teams with juggernaut offenses like the Chiefs and Bills will be hard to stop, so taking the over on their games this season would be smart. Futures bets on the Chiefs and Buccaneers to rematch in the Super Bowl also offer intriguing odds.

We also like the Washington Football Team to surprise a lot of people and come up with a solid record against the spread if not in real life. Their defensive unit could also help contribute to a lot of unders in the point total department as well.

NFL Schedule 2021-22

The 2021-2022 NFL season begins in earnest on September 9th and BetPicks will have you ready with picks for every week from then until the Super Bowl!

The NFL’s classic Thanksgiving tradition returns in the third week of November on the 25th. Whether the games are good or not, you can count on more betting markets being offered for these three Turkey games than for any others all season apart from the Super Bowl. It’s a bonanza, so don’t miss out.

After that, we get the NFL’s most recent addition to the schedule: a 17th game, which means an 18th week that will occur on January 9th. The Wild Card playoffs, on the weekend of January 15th, feature the three wild card teams from each conference taking on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best division winners from said conference, with the top division winner earning a bye.

The Divisional playoffs, a week later, feature the teams that were on bye duking it out with the three teams that made it out of Wild Card weekend for the chance to compete in the AFC and NFC championship games, which will be on January 30th. The Super Bowl—the biggest single-game sports betting draw in the world—then comes two weeks later on February 13th.

Why Bet On 2022 NFL Playoffs?

Unlike the NHL, NBA, and MLB, the NFL employs a one-and-done playoff format wherein every matchup is decided not by a series, but by a single game. That’s a recipe for excitement, upsets, and big-time winnings, so why not bet on the NFL postseason? Check BetPicks for insights, free picks, and parlays throughout the playoffs!

Why Bet On 2022 Super Bowl?

Just like the NFL playoffs, the final game of the season—the Super Bowl—is a single-game affair, which is probably what makes it such a bonanza of pageantry, drama, and betting. Depending on the sportsbook, you can find any number of fun props that people not even interested in football can get into from how long it’ll take to sing the national anthem, to which color of gatorade will be poured on the winning coach’s head.