Top English Premier League Parlay Picks

The 2022 English Premier League is currently underway and sees faceoffs between the top soccer teams in the UK. Aston Villa, Manchester United, Everton, Crystal Palace and others compete to win the title of English Premier League Champions. EPL parlay betting involves making a few wager picks within the EPL and combining them to build one multi-legged bet.

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What Are EPL Parlays?

Other names for a parlay include “accumulators,” “accas,” or “multis,” and are apt names for this kind of bet. A parlay sees a combination of wagers into one bet with two, three, four or more legs.

The benefit to doing this is that the odds from these individual picks are multiplied together to yield one massive winning payout. This type of bet carries a risk at least as big as the potential reward; if just one of the legs loses, so does the entire parlay.

Looking ahead to the showdown between Westham and Watford on the 8th of February, we can compare standard bets with a parlay. Two $10 bets placed on both teams to score at 1.76 and a total under 2.5 at 2.40 would yield a profit of $41.60. The same two bet picks included in a $20 parlay would pay an impressive $84.48.

How to Bet on an EPL Parlay?

We’ve discussed the fact that parlays are combination bets that pay at higher odds, now we’ll look at how to make them. You first need to decide how many legs you want within your parlay; the more you have, the greater the risk of failure.

Deciding what types of bets to include is also an important factor. You can choose to combine a few low-risk bets with one higher-risk bet to mitigate risk, use picks from just one game, or include options from many game fixtures in the EPL.

It’s always a good idea to find bets that play off of each other so that if one hits, it makes it more likely that the others will too. Your odds for an EPL parlay are calculated by multiplying the individual leg odds together.

Single-Game Parlays

Canada only recently legalised single-game betting, and this parlay option is quickly gaining popularity. A single-game parlay offers a lot of excitement as the action happens within one game, and the payout comes quickly.

Let’s build a single-game parlay for the upcoming match between Burnley and Watford, with a bet on Burnley for the first goal, a score under 2.5 and an odd game score total. The parlay would look something like this:

Bet TypeBetOdds
First GoalBurnley1.75
Over/UnderUnder 2.51.77
Parlay Odds5.95
Total Stake$100
Est. Total Profit$594.72

Over/Under Parlays

An over/under parlay is placed across several match fixtures and only includes over/under bets. Your job here is to correctly predict whether the total match score will be over or under a certain amount.

An over/under parlay over the next three EPL matches would resemble this:

Bet TypeBetOdds
Over/UnderOver 3.5
Arsenal Vs. Burnley
Over/UnderUnder 2.5
Crystal Palace Vs. Liverpool
Over/UnderUnder 1.5
Leicester Vs. Brighton
Parlay Odds22.55
Total Stake$100
Est. Total Profit$2,255.06

Moneyline Parlays

Moneyline bets are straight-up bets on your pick for the winner of the game. These are generally riskier bets and require in-depth knowledge of the teams at play. Backing the underdog for a win might be enticing because of the higher odds on offer, but if one of your picks loses, your whole stake is lost. Here it’s best to stick to sure things where possible.

Bet TypeBetOdds
(Chelsea FC Vs. Tottenham)
MoneylineMan Utd
(Man Utd Vs. Burnley)
MoneylineCrystal Palace
(Norwich Vs. Crystal Palace)
Parlay Odds11.17
Total Stake$100
Est. Total Profit$1,116.56

Parlay Odds

Parlay odds are worked out using decimal odds. If you’re using American odds, the first step is to convert them to decimals. Here’s how:

  • Negative value odds: If your American odds are -230, you’ll need to bet $230 to win $100, giving you a total payout of $330. You can calculate your decimal odds by dividing the total payout by the initial stake: $230/$100 = 2.4.
  • Positive value odds: Given positive odds of +230, you’ll win $230 off an initial stake of $100, paying out a total of $330. Divide the payout by the stake, and you have 330/100 = 3.3.

When you have your decimal odds for each leg, multiply them together to get your EPL parlay odds.

Best Parlay Betting Markets

You’ll need to decide which markets are best for you based on the type of bettor you are and how much risk you are prepared to take. Remember that if one leg fails, they all do, so whichever markets you include the picks must be rock solid.

  • If you’re new to betting, non-specific markets like over/unders or both teams to score are a good bet. You don’t need too much knowledge of the teams to make a successful pick and can skim through a few stats to choose your wager.
  • If you know a bit more about the teams’ performance and believe you can pick a winner, then the moneyline market is for you. It’s always recommended to look at recent results to ensure that your teams are performing the way you need them to.
  • If you fancy yourself an EPL fan, then props are the bets for you. Rather than focusing on the final result of a game, props are placed on events within the game that may not have a bearing on the outcome, like red/yellow cards, when the teams will score goals etc.

How to Calculate a Parlay Payout

You can calculate parlay payouts by multiplying the initial stake by the product of the individual leg odds. Take a look at this three-legged parlay example:

Leg A – 2.3
Leg B – 1.8
Leg C – 3.4

Parlay odds = 2.3 x 1.8 x 3.4 = 14.08
Parlay Payout = $100 x 14.08 = $1,408
Profit = $1,408 – $100 = $1,308

If you chose not to parlay the same stake and rather split it over three individual bets, your payout would look something like this:

Pick A – 2.3 x $33 = $75.90
Pick B – 1.8 x $33 = $59.40
Pick C – 3.4 x $33 = $112.20
Payout = $247.50 – much lower than the parlay payout.

Handicap Odds Accumulator vs Match Odds Accumulator

If the teams facing off in a game are unevenly matched, bookmakers can apply handicaps to even the odds. A team with a +1 handicap gets an assist of one goal, so betting on the underdog for a win means that the team only has to tie for your bet to payout. A favourite with a handicap of -1 would need to win by a two-goal margin for you to win.

If the teams play at the same level, there will be no handicap applied, and the bet will pay based on the match score using the odds provided.

What’s Acca Insurance?

Acca insurance is a promotional bonus often offered by bookmakers to encourage bettors to place parlays. If you place an EPL parlay with acca insurance, and one of your legs collapses, the Acca insurance will cover your stake. You’ll receive it back in either free bets, bonuses, or sometimes cash.

EPL Parlay Betting Tips and Strategies

Whatever type of betting you’re doing, it’s always a good idea to have a strategy. Here are some methods I’ve found useful.

  • Avoid extremes – Risky picks can collapse your parlay; safe picks can be tedious and lead to lower payouts because of lower odds. Try to find a good balance between the two for a safer but more exciting parlay.
  • Mix your markets – Parlays are interesting because they can combine picks from different areas of expertise in one bet. By mixing your markets, you can make picks that work together, so if one hits, it increases the likelihood of the next one doing the same.
  • Keep it small – Adding too many legs to your parlay adds more risk than is necessary. Two and three-leg parlays can pay great odds with a decent level of safety.
  • Shop around for odds – Find the sportsbook offering the best odds to place your EPL parlays with.

How to build a parlay betting strategy

If, like me, you tend to worry too much, you need to put plans into place to give you peace of mind. Choose your parlays using good information and research, place your bets, and then leave them. Don’t let doubt tempt you into making rash, last-minute changes.

Do your homework on the teams in the EPL and how they’ve been performing recently to inform your EPL parlay picks. Use tips from industry experts and historical game data to help with your choices. If you can find free bets and odds boosts with your bookie, use them to your advantage to get better payouts.

You may like enormous odds for fantastic payouts, and if so, you’ll probably disagree with me, but I prefer to play the middle of the road when it comes to risk. Building large, multi-legged parlays may have great potential payouts but also has great potential to fail.

When making a bet that relies on each working part to succeed, minimising the number of things that can go wrong is advisable. I stick to two and three-leg parlays and use odds boosts where I can to get better payouts.

EPL Parlay Calculator

You can use the method outlined above to calculate your parlay odds and payouts. If you don’t have the time for that, many sportsbooks offer calculators where you can enter the figures, and it’ll give you your odds and payout.

Statistics to Look At

Your bookie will have information for each team in a match fixture available on the betting page. You can review historical head-to-head data, recent form, season stats and last matches to inform your decisions on the types of markets you want to include and who you want to back.

How many legs are there in a parlay?

Parlays need to have a minimum of two legs to work, and most bookies cap the number of legs at 10 or 12.

Are same-game EPL Parlays legal?

Yes, same-game betting has been legal in Canada since August 2021.

Can I include lots of markets in a parlay?

Yes, you can use diverse markets to build your parlay.

Should I bet using parlays?

Parlays can offer great odds and big payouts, making them a good choice if you don’t mind more risk.

How are parlay odds calculated?

Parlay odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of each leg together.