Top Women's World Cup Parlay Picks

The excitement begins on July 20th, 2023, with the commencement of the FIFA Women's Soccer World Cup! This esteemed competition makes history as it is hosted for the first time in Australia and New Zealand. As we gear up for the Women's World Cup, we at  Betpicks  will be presenting the most enticing Women's World Cup parlays specifically for our Canadian football aficionados.

Best Women's World Cup Free Picks & Parlays

What Are World Cup Parlays?

Often called “multis” or “accumulators,” a parlay combines multiple wagers. A parlay bet multiplies odds from all of the individual bets or legs for odds that are exponentially bigger. However, parlays carry far more risk than your average bet as each leg of the parlay has to win, or the whole parlay is lost.

Let’s look ahead to World Cup opening match between New Zealand and Norway as an example. If you decided to place two $50 bets at -110 on the spread and the total, your potential earnings would be $90.90.

If you decided to place the same amount of $100 in a parlay with the same bets, your odds would be 3.64, netting a massive profit of $264 if both bets hit.

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How to Bet on a World Cup Parlay?

So, parlay bets are combined bets with better payouts, but how many bets can you combine? Adding too many wagers to your parlay is a risky move, with more parts that could go wrong and tank the entire bet.

Parlays can include bets across multiple fixtures, not just a single game. When placing a Women's World Cup parlay, the best thing to do is to combine bets that correlate. i.e., where if the first leg is a winner, it is more likely that the second and third will be too. Let’s check some of the best Women's World Cup parlay types out there.

Single-Game Parlays

Single-game parlays were legalized in Canada in August 2021 and have grown in popularity there ever since. If you’re keen to place a multi-leg bet but want to see it pay off sooner rather than later, this is the wager for you.

With the excitement and action of the FIFA Women's World Cup coming up, building a parlay with all of the bet legs in one match can be thrilling.

For example, Canada face-off against Nigeria on the 20th of July, and you want to back Canada for the win; with an over/under on the total score and a bet on both teams to score, your bet and payout would look something like this:

Bet TypeBetOdds
Over/UnderOver 2.51.67
Both Teams to ScoreYes2.1
Parlay Odds22.80
Total Stake$100
Est. Total Profit$2,280

Over/Under Parlays

These parlays are made up of multiple over/under legs over several game results. If you can reliably guess whether or not the final total will be above or below a predetermined score, your bets will win.

Let’s take a look at what an over/under parlay would look like on the first three Women's World Cup games


Bet TypeBetOdds
Over/UnderUnder 2.5
New Zealand Vs. Norway
Over/UnderUnder 2.5
Australia Vs. Ireland
Over/UnderUnder 2.5
Nigeria Vs. Canada
Parlay Odds5.72
Total Stake$100
Est. Total Profit$572

Spread Parlays

A spread bet is placed on the winning margin in the game – the number of points your chosen team will win by. The higher the odds on offer, the bigger the payout, but the less likely the bet will hit.

A World Cup parlay made up of spreads would look something like this:

Bet TypeBetOdds
SpreadUSA by 12.65
SpreadSpain by 11.48
SpreadEngland by 11.93
Parlay Odds7.57
Total Stake$100
Est. Total Profit$757

Parlay Odds

If you’re given decimal odds to work with, calculating your parlay odds is as simple as multiplying the odds of each leg together. If you are working with American odds, the process is more complex.

You will have to convert your American odds to decimal odds before calculating the total parlay odds. Here’s how to convert American to decimal odds:

  • Negative value odds: If the odds are -140, it means you must bet $140 to win $100, so the total payout would be $240. To work out decimal odds, divide the payout by the amount bet, so 240/140 = 1.71.
  • Positive value odds: If your odds are +140, your bet must be $100 to win $140, winning a total payout of $240.

Divide the total payout by the bet amount to get your decimal odds, so 240/100 = 2.4.

Once you have converted your odds, you can calculate your parlay odds as described above.

Best Parlay Betting Markets

Some betting markets are more likely to pay out than others, but which markets are best for you depends on your individual betting style, risk profile and what kind of return you’re expecting to get out.

  • My recommendation for new bettors would be to place over/unders as they don’t require specific game or team knowledge.
  • To place a successful over/under, you can look at a few game stats and decide whether the total will be over or under a certain amount without having to guess the exact score or winner.
  • Moneyline bets are great for bettors with in-depth knowledge of the teams’ most recent accomplishments and performance. If you think you can pick a winner, I recommend moneyline bets.
  • Props bets require a great deal of knowledge about player stats, style and performance, so I recommend these if soccer is your game. These bets are placed on individual events within a game, can make your parlay very exciting and confirm your standing as a soccer fan.

How to Calculate a Parlay Payout

Calculating a parlay payout is a simple process of multiplying your stake by the parlay odds. If you need to calculate the odds first, there is a formula you can apply to get your final payout.

(leg1 odds x leg2 odds x leg3 odds) x bet = payout.

Let’s substitute with odds of 1.3, 2.25 and 3.1 for the parlay’s first, second and third legs. With an initial bet of $10, your payout would look like this:

(1.3 x 2.25 x 3.1) x $10 = (9.07) x $10 = $90.70

Handicap Odds Accumulator Vs Match Odds Accumulator

Bookmakers often give weaker teams a headstart when facing off against a stronger team by applying a handicap to the odds.

If you place your bet on a stronger team with a -1 handicap, that team would need to take the game by a margin of two goals for your wager to payout. Whereas if your money were behind the weaker team with a handicap of +1, you would win even with a tied result.

When teams are more evenly matched, the handicaps aren’t applied, and the bet’s payout is based on the final match score.

What’s Acca Insurance?

Some bookies offer acca (accumulator) insurance as a promotion to encourage accumulator bets. Usually, if one leg fails in a parlay, the entire bet loses. Acca insurance will cover your stake if one of your selections loses. So instead of the initial stake being lost, it’ll be paid back to you – often as a bonus, free bet or even cash.

World Cup Parlay Betting Tips and Strategies

Strategies are a good way to get the most bang for your buck out of World Cup parlays.

  • Avoid playing it too safe or too risky – Taking risky bets that have huge odds is likely to cause your parlay to collapse, so don’t be taken in by the attraction of massive odds. In the same way, taking very safe bets won’t pay very much and takes the excitement out of the game.
  • Make up mixed market bets – The unique thing about parlays is that you can make up one accumulated bet with multiple betting markets. You can combine bets from lower and higher risk markets to make a medium risk bet with great odds.
  • Don’t over-complicate your parlay – Sticking to parlays with a maximum of four legs lowers the risk of one leg failing and losing the bet; the more legs, the greater the risk.
  • Find the best odds – There are no rules tying you down to just one bookie. Find the one offering the best options and place your World Cup qualifiers parlays there.

How to Build a Parlay Betting Strategy

Research is key to building good parlays. Keep watching for betting tips from reliable sources and use them to your advantage. If your bookmaker offers free bets, odds boosts or tips, implement these to help your parlay.

I have a bad tendency to overthink things and question my picks after the fact. Placing your bets when you’re in doubt could see you make last-minute changes that negatively affect your result. Trust yourself, do your research, build your parlay and stick to it.

Mixed market parlays are my thing and a big part of how I keep my bets interesting, but still include lower-risk options to increase my chances of a successful parlay. The strategies I use are a good place for you to start. Ultimately, you might want to find your own that suits your betting style and risk preferences.

World Cup Parlay Calculator

Some bookmakers have useful calculators that take the grunt work out of it for you. Just enter the odds of each leg, and the calculator will give you your total odds and expected payout.

Statistics to Look At

Looking at past stats can help you make better bets in future. Look into past averages between the teams in question for over/unders, total score and spread bets. Win/Loss statistics from previous face-offs could help you determine the winner in a moneyline bet.


Can I Include Different Kinds of World Cup Markets in One Parlay?

Yes. Parlays can be made up of multiple markets like moneyline, over/under, props, spreads and more.

Can I Legally Place Same-Game World Cup Parlays?

Yes, as of August 2021, Canadians can legally place same-game bets.

Can Prop Bets Be Included in a World Cup Parlay?

Sure thing, props are accepted as part of parlay bets.

Are Parlay Bets a Good Option?

Because parlays have many working parts, they are riskier bets to place, but the multiplied odds are enticing. So if you look at potential winnings, then parlays are a great option.

How Do I Work Out My Parlay Odds?

You can work this out by multiplying the odds of each leg together or using an odds calculator from your bookmaker.


Parlay bets carry quite a lot of risk, and making the wrong pick can collapse the entire bet, but the potential payoff is huge. I like the excitement and multiplied odds that come with a parlay bet, and if you research properly and build a solid one, your payout can be great. Check-in with us to see what our experts say about the best World Cup parlay picks each week and use their knowledge to help you place your bets.