Moneyline Sports Betting Guide

The act of selecting a winner straight up, Moneyline betting is one of the most popular markets in sports betting. This market is popular among all types of bettors, from newbies to pros due to the simplicity of the wager and the thrill of selecting the correct winner. In this guide, we break down everything there is to know about Moneyline betting, including why it is so popular and how to understand Moneyline odds across various sports. All sports bookmakers will offer Moneyline bets, so it’s important to stay sharp and knowledgeable about this wager and how to interpret Moneyline odds (and the market in general).

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What is moneyline betting?

Moneyline sports betting is popular because it is simple and basic. Simply put, you are selecting the winner of a competition, game, or match. For example, in the NBA, the Raptors may be listed at -120, while the Magic may be listed at +240. If a team has a minus (-) symbol ahead of their line, this means they are the favorite. If there is a plus (+) sign next to the line, then that indicates the underdog. The line is in relation to a $100 wager. If you are betting on the Raptors, you would need to wager $120 to win $100. If you are betting on the Magic, a $100 wager would win $240 (if the Magic win).

While Moneyline bets are simple, there is a ton of strategy involved. If the line is heavily sided to one side, you may not want to bet on that market because of the risk/reward. Also, streaks and recent betting trends should be heavily weighed when placing bets on the Moneyline.

What makes it so popular

Overall, Moneyline wagers are bets that can be placed by newbies to the most experienced bettors. Value can easily be found and the simplicity of it all makes bets on the Moneyline one of the most wagered on markets in sports betting.

Free Picks

Our experts provide the best free picks online, which includes bets on the Moneyline. We’ll suggest betting on the Moneyline due to a variety of reasons. Of course, one of the biggest factors will be the probability of the bet cashing. Whether it’s backing the favorite or underdog, we want to ensure we’re taking the winner! Value is another factor in our free picks. If one team is heavily favored, there may be no point in taking that bet because the risk is not worth the reward. Our Moneyline picks are researched thoroughly to find the latest betting trends across many sports. We take pride in our free picks, so a pick on the Moneyline is supported by hours of research, focusing on the probability of a win (for both the favorite and underdog) as well as potential value to the bettor.

Moneyline betting parlays and single betting

Whether you prefer single-game bets or parlays, Moneyline wagers can fit any type of betting style. Betting on single-game moneyline wagers will allow you to focus on a single market at a time, while also focusing on a single bet type and strategy. This is great for new bettors looking to get a taste of betting in general. As Moneyline betting is easy to understand, selecting this wager is a great introduction into sports betting.

For more seasoned bettors, they may opt to add a Moneyline bet to a parlay. This is when it becomes tricky because you can have multiple wagers (over/under, spread, moneyline) in a single ticket, which increases the odds but with increased risk of the ticket not cashing.

While potential payout is always enticing, those new to sports betting should opt for the simpler play, which is a single-game wager. For those that understand multiple markets and strategies, creating a multi-leg parlay could produce wonderful results. Whether it’s single-game bets or parlays, our free picks help prepare you every step of the way!

Understanding the odds

Understanding Moneyline odds is an integral factor in sports betting. When reading the line, understanding the favorite and underdog is important. The favorite (team expected to win) will have a minus (-) sign next to their odds. The underdog (team projected to lose) will have a plus (+) symbol next to their odds. If the Warriors are listed at -130 and the Pistons are listed at +150, this means that the Warriors are considered favorites on the Moneyline.

The number next to the symbol (-/+) is based on a $100 wager. If you are betting on the Warriors, in order to win $100, you would need to wager $130. Since Golden State are the favorite, you need to risk (bet) more money to have a more profitable outcome. A $100 wager on the Pistons would win you $150 because they were listed at +150.

You may also see decimal or fractional odds when betting on the Moneyline. Decimal odds represent the return of your original stake (wager). So, if you bet $20 on 4.00, you would collect $80. Fractional odds are the ratio of the amount won to the stake. A wager of 7/1 means you would win $7 for every $1 wagered.

Moneyline betting strategy

It’s easy to understand how the Moneyline works, but to be successful, you need to strategize. Following betting trends for the teams you are picking is a key factor in your success. Understanding how a certain team performs at home versus on the road can help finalize a wager. As well, injuries are another important piece of the puzzle. If one team is considered the favorite but are missing a key player, could that provide potential for an underdog victory?

Profit and value are something you need to weigh as well. Favorites can offer great value to build your bankroll but you need to risk more to see a sizeable return. Profit goes hand-in-hand with value. If you are looking for a certain percentage of profit on your wager, you need to weigh the risk and reward with betting on the underdog or favorite.

Tracking odds is another sport in the betting world. If you may be able to find value in taking the underdog that is nearly identical in skill level/win probability of their opponent. Seeing an NBA or NFL team at +105 is common. Could that be a gateway to a potential upset, giving you return on an underdog wager?

Overall, when betting on the Moneyline you want to ensure that you have followed recent trends for both teams, weighed the risk on the favorite vs. underdog and studied potential return. Once you have done that, you’ll know if a certain Moneyline bet is right for you.

Favorite vs Underdogs

Moneyline bets will see the favorite (-) battling the underdog (+). Simply put, the favorite is expected to win the game straight up, while the underdog is projected to lose. No other outcome matters in this scenario. Whether you back the underdog or favorite, what matters is that they win. If the team you selected wins the game, then you win the bet!

Moneyline outcome

What makes Moneyline betting so popular is its simplicity. When placing a Moneyline bet, you are selecting the winner straight up. There are two possible outcomes: win or lose. Once you have selected either the underdog (+) or favorite (-), then you wait for the result of the match, game, or competition. If the team you selected on your wager wins the match, then you win your bet. Conversely, if the team you selected loses the game, then you lose your bet!

Moneyline 3 ways

Another popular Moneyline wager includes a 3-Way bet. This wager includes either Team A or B to win, or for the game to end in a draw. This wager is a popular bet among soccer fans because draws are common in the sport. The same thought process applies to 3-Way bets as well. You are wagering on either Team A, Team B, or for the final score to be a draw. If you are correct, you win the bet!


Are Moneyline bets easy to win?

Not necessarily. While the actual bet type is simple, you still need to do your research when betting on the Moneyline. Favorites aren't guaranteed to win and there can be value in the underdog, so ensure your research is thorough when placing Moneyline wagers!

Can Moneyline bets be added to parlays with different bet types?

Yes! If you'd like to add a Moneyline bet to a parlay that features a wager on total goals or the spread, you can! Just be wary that some bookmakers do not allow parlays to have wagers from the same game.

How Much Should I Bet on the Moneyline?

Wager whatever you feel comfortable with. Gambling and sports betting are supposed to be fun and exciting. While the odds are listed in relation to $100, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to wager $100 on the Moneyline. Instead, find a monetary value that works with your bankroll and go from there!

How Does Moneyline Betting Differ from Sport to Sport?

While the actual Moneyline bet is simple, it varies across sports because of different betting trends. There may be less parity in the NBA or NFL compared to the NHL, so you need to look at the proper betting trends for the sport you are betting on.

Do All Bookmakers Offer the Same Odds?

Nope! While bookmakers may identify the same favorite in a single game, they may have different odds for the game. This is why it's important to do your research and find the best value for the bet you'd like to place.