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It’s Conference Finals time! This two-leg parlay focuses on the final four teams as we look for another chance to win big before the NHL playoffs conclude!

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Parlay: +339 odds → $100 = $439.15

Tampa Bay Lightning @ New York Rangers

June 1 @ 8:00 P.M. (EST), Madison Square Garden

Expect this series to start off hot. The Lightning took down the Maple Leafs in 7 and then wiped away the Panthers with ease. Featuring experienced players, the Lightning are in search of their third consecutive Stanley Cup finals appearance.

As for the Rangers, they took down the Hurricanes in Round 2, a team many NHL betting sites believed could win the Eastern Conference.

For game 1 of this series, I want to focus on total goals in the first period. As I mentioned earlier, both teams will be coming out flying in an attempt to gain momentum. The Rangers are at home and if they score the opening goal, Madison Square Garden’s roof may explode from the atmosphere. As for the Lightning, they are hoping to quiet a raucous New York crowd and desperately need that opening goal.

I think taking the over for first-period goals is the play because Tampa Bay’s offense generates a ton of offense. New York has tremendous players as well that should be able to get one past the Lightning defensive group. Expect this to be a high-scoring series and the opening 20 minutes will set the tone for the entire series.

The opening leg for this free NHL parlay will be to take over 1.5 total goals (-105) for the first period.


Edmonton Oilers @ Colorado Avalanche

June 2 @ 8:00 P.M. (EST), Ball Arena

Colorado and Edmonton brought down the house in game 1. Both teams were buzzing and had many NHL betting experts puzzled with the final outcome. But as the Oilers look to even this series up, I turn my attention to the Puck Line for this wager. 

My expert NHL pick for game 2 will be to back the Avalanche on the Puck Line at -1.5. Colorado clearly has the offense to get it done. The Avs don’t worry me for this pick. With how dominant they have been in the playoffs so far, I can trust that Colorado will find a way to run up the score against Edmonton. 

Another reason I believe this is the best NHL bet you can make is goaltending. The Oilers are terrible on defense and with Mike Smith in goal, the Oilers face an uphill battle. Edmonton managed to defeat Calgary last round but they were in high-scoring games all series long. If you are apart of the Oilers you cannot expect McDavid and company to score 4+ goals a game as Edmonton gets deeper into the playoffs. 

For the second and final leg of this Conference Finals parlay, I am confident in the Colorado Puck Line. We’re adding the Avalanche -1.5 (+125) to close this parlay out.

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Parlay: +339 odds → $100 = $439.15

What is NHL parlay betting?

Bettors familiar with the ins and outs of sports betting will know all about NHL parlays. But if you’re still learning the ropes, you may not yet have encountered this exciting form of betting.

A parlay is a single wager with several legs or selections, and NHL parlay betting is this type of bet on NHL games. Not all betting markets contribute to a parlay. Parlay bets mainly consist of moneyline, over/under, and puck line bets.

NHL parlay betting is hard to get right, but when you do, you’re in for a more substantial win than placing single bets on NHL markets. To win on a parlay, every leg must win. If just one loses, the whole parlay bombs.

How to bet on an NHL parlay

NHL parlay betting is popular for its potential value should all your NHL parlay picks win and the increased excitement and anticipation compared to single bets.

These NHL picks and parlays are the most common:

NHL Moneyline Parlays

Moneyline bets are one of the easiest to place as you bet on the winner of a match. The table below shows a simple three-leg moneyline NHL parlay.

GamesBet TypeOdds
New Jersey Devils

(New Jersey Devils @ Columbus Blue Jackets)

Vegas Golden Knights

(Chicago Blackhawks @ Vegas Golden Knights)

Arizona Coyotes

(Nashville Predators @ Arizona Coyotes)

Total Odds9.20
Total Stake$100
Est. Total Profit$920.53

Each NHL parlay pick in this example is from a different game. You can’t have a single-game moneyline-only parlay as each game only has one moneyline market.

NHL Over/Under Parlays

Over/under parlays are also popular, mainly because you don’t have to pick a winner. You bet on whether the combined score at the final whistle is over or under a predetermined number of goals.

The following table shows over/under bets based on the same games in the previous table and reflects the possible profit on a $100 wager.

GamesBet TypeOdds
Over (6.5)
(New Jersey Devils @ Columbus Blue Jackets)
Over (6)
(Chicago Blackhawks @ Vegas Golden Knights)
Under (6)
(Nashville Predators @ Arizona Coyotes)
Total Odds7.33
Total Stake$100
Est. Total Profit$733.76

NHL Puck Line Parlays

In a puck line parlay, you bet on a team’s winning margin. It’s also known as a point spread parlay, and is less common than moneyline or over/under parlays. A plus sign indicates the underdog while the minus indicates the favourite.

GamesBet TypeOdds
New Jersey Devils (+1.5)
(New Jersey Devils @ Columbus Blue Jackets)
Vegas Golden Knights (-1.5)
(Chicago Blackhawks @ Vegas Golden Knights)
Arizona Coyotes (+1.5)
(Nashville Predators @ Arizona Coyotes)
Total Odds5.37
Total Stake$100
Est. Total Profit$537.2

NHL Single-game Parlays

In a single-game parlay, all your picks are from the same game. It’s new to the Canadian sports betting scene, with laws only recently passed to allow this bet type, but it likely won’t be long before sportsbooks and bettors embrace the single-game parlay.

NHL Parlay Odds

The total parlay odds result from multiplying the individual odds of each leg together. Using the example in the last table above, the calculation is 1.46 x 2.00 x 1.83, giving you total parlay odds of 5.37.

Best NHL Parlay Betting Markets

The betting markets you choose for your parlay depend on the type of bettor you are and how big a payout you hope for.

  • Over/Under bets are great if you’re new to parlay betting, as you don’t need to predict a winner. You just bet on whether the total goals will be over or under the number set by the sportsbook.
  • Moneyline bets are the most popular and often have the best odds. It’s best to know something about the teams’ recent form and the trends with the current NHL picks and parlays.
  • Props bets are exciting but also make your wager more unpredictable. Knowledge of recent performance is vital to getting these bets right.

Most sportsbooks have an NHL parlay of the day. Wagering on this is a great way to start hockey parlay betting.

What Happens to a Parlay on a Push?

If one of the legs on your parlay is a tie, that wager is seen as a push. The parlay isn’t a loss, but the odds for that leg become 1.00 and don’t contribute to the winnings. If all the other NHL parlay picks on your slip win, then you still win the total parlay.

How to Calculate a Parlay Payout?

Parlays are a riskier way of betting but can offer substantially better rewards when you get it right. To better understand NHL picks and parlays, it helps to know how to calculate parlay payouts.

The calculation is easiest if all odds are in decimal format, which is generally how Canadian betting sites display them. Multiply the individual odds together for the total parlay odds. Once you have this figure, multiply it by your stake and you have your potential parlay payout.

The formula looks something like this:

(Pick 1 x Pick 2 x Pick 3) x Stake = payout

Let’s say the odds for your picks are 1.76, 3.86, and 2.40, and you wager $50 on the parlay. Your calculation is as follows:

Step 1: 1.76 x 3.86 x 2.40 = 16.30
Step 2: 16.30 x 50 = $815

If all your picks win, then you stand to gain $815 on a $50 wager.

NHL parlay betting tips and strategies

Here are some ways to spice up your betting to get the best mileage from your NHL picks and parlays.

  • Boost your odds – You can often find odds boost promotions that offer better odds the more legs you include on your parlay. You could end up boosting your odds by up to 20% or more and a bigger payday if your parlay wins.
  • Use free bets – Free bets are excellent if you’re getting to grips with NHL picks and parlays. They enable you to place a parlay without risking your bankroll.
  • Add fewer selections – The more legs you include, the more chance of one losing. It’s better to be confident in a smaller parlay with just three or four selections than to live on the edge with a ten-leg wager.
  • Don’t just select the favourites – Just because a team is the hot favourite doesn’t mean it will win. A hockey game can turn in an instant, and the favourite can end up the losing side. If you feel strongly that the underdog may have the upper hand in a game, bet accordingly. Follow your instincts but be confident in your NHL picks and parlays.

How to Build an NHL Parlay Betting Strategy?

If you already have sportsbook accounts, check for free bet promotions, odds boosts or anything to help with your parlay. Most operators have free picks and parlays for NHL and other major leagues, and we find these useful when finalizing my parlay.

We start thinking about my picks a few days beforehand, but we’ve also made the mistake of overthinking. Never doubt your selections. Keep it simple, especially if this is your first experience with NHL picks and parlays.

You may be braver than us, but we tend to place three-leg parlays rather than extravagant ones. It’s easier to make fewer selections, and I have a better chance of winning, although a bigger parlay could result in a bigger payday, especially if you use an odds boost.

We also mix and match my bets, rather than sticking with just Moneyline or Puckline. It’s a personal choice, but if you do your due diligence before betting, you can often hit on the right combination of selections for a winning parlay.

There are many strategies for parlay betting, and how you go about it depends on your preferences. Remember to always be confident in your picks before confirming your parlay.

NHL Parlay Calculator

Some bookmakers have a parlay calculator, which helps work out potential winnings. You enter each leg’s odds and your stake, and the calculator works out the payout should all legs win.

You can also do this manually using the following simple formula:

(Leg 1 x leg 2 x leg 3) x stake = payout

Multiply the decimal odds of each leg, then multiply this by your stake to get your estimated payout.


Can I Parlay NHL Prop Bets?

Yes, you can include prop bets in your NHL picks and parlays, but not all. The game and your other selections determine which prop bets you can combine.

Can I Parlay Different Kinds of NHL Bets?

The most common bets in NHL parlays are moneyline, over/under and puck line bets. You can generally combine any of these in a parlay.

Can I Parlay on Multi NHL Games?

Multi-game parlays are common in NHL betting, and you can include as many games as you wish in your wager.

Are Same Game Parlays Legal for the NHL?

Canada passed legislation allowing same-game parlays in 2021 but left it up to the individual provinces to legalize it in their jurisdiction. The process to legalize same-game NHL parlays is still underway.

Why Did My NHL Parlay Bet Have a Void?

A postponement results in a void bet. In this instance, the odds for that pick revert to 1.00, but the remainder of the parlay remain on track.


NHL parlays are challenging, but they can be very profitable when they work out. The trick is to make realistic and logical selections and have a basic knowledge of the competing teams’ recent performances. If you need some help in crafting your NHL parlay, our team of experts at Betpicks give their recommendations of what they feel is the NHL parlay of the week.

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