Last Update: 10/20/2021

MLBThe League Championship Series round moves into its second week, and pretty soon we’ll have our World Series representatives. Find all of our MLB free picks right here.

Houston Astros vs. Boston Red Sox

October 20 @ 5:08 p.m. ET, Fenway Park

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With two outs in the ninth inning of Game 4, the Red Sox and Astros were tied. Then, suddenly … they weren’t. Houston blitzed the Red Sox bullpen for seven runs in a ninth-inning rally, evening the series and shifting the momentum. Houston is now guaranteed to play at home again this series after a pivotal Game 5 at Fenway, which is critical. Neither starting pitcher (Houston’s Framber Valdez, Boston’s Chris Sale) has been any good this postseason. But the Astros’ bats are very much alive, and we think that’s the difference maker.

Pick: Astros Moneyline (+110)

Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

October 20 @ 8:08 p.m. ET, Dodger Stadium

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Bullpens will factor heavily in to Game 4, featuring the two best bullpens of the postseason (Dodgers lead with a 2.14 ERA, Braves are second at 2.70 ERA). Unlike the first two games of the series, Game 3 had the Dodgers pulling off some late-inning magic, with a four-run frame in the eighth. All three games have been decided by one run apiece, so bettors should stay away from the run line. But we believe the Dodgers will emerge victorious again, given that their bullpen has been stronger and they have a traditional starter, Julio Urias, on the mound.

Pick: Dodgers Moneyline

Houston Astros vs. Boston Red Sox

October 19 @ 8:08 p.m. ET, Fenway Park

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Over the course of a full season, what the Red Sox are doing offensively would be impossible. Having so much of their lineup scorching hot right now — resulting in 10-plus hits in each of the past six games, plus 51 runs in that span — is unsustainable. But game-to-game, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to bet against these guys. Facing Astros righty Zack Greinke, who has a 5.68 ERA over his past seven starts, suggests another recipe for success for the Red Sox. Houston is reeling right now, and Boston’s bullpen is fresher, too.

Pick: Red Sox Moneyline (-132)

Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

October 19 @ 5:08 p.m. ET, Dodger Stadium

BetPicks Best Bets

Through two NLCS games, Los Angeles has been on the wrong end of two walk-offs. Now the series shifts to Dodger Stadium, where the home side enjoyed a .716 win percentage this season (best in MLB). On the mound, the Dodgers will use Walker Buehler, who was 1-0 with an 0.82 ERA in two NLCS starts against the Braves last year. Do you think he’s ready? We do. The Braves turn to Charlie Morton, whose last playoff appearance against the Dodgers came in the 2020 World Series (4 1/3 innings, five runs, loss).

Pick: Dodgers Moneyline

Houston Astros vs. Boston Red Sox

October 18 @ 8:07 p.m. ET, Fenway Park

BetPicks Best Bets

An even series swings back to Boston, where the Astros have a distinct advantage in the pitching matchup. Houston will use Jose Urquidy (8-3, 3.62 ERA) against Boston’s Eduardo Rodriguez (13-8, 4.74 ERA). Urquidy hasn’t pitched since Oct. 3, while Rodriguez allowed just two runs in five innings on Oct. 11 to help his team beat the Rays in the ALDS. But Rodriguez hasn’t been helpful for the Red Sox when facing the Astros this year, posting an 0-1 record and an 11.57 ERA in two starts. And we think Houston can jump on him again.

Pick: Astros Moneyline (-105)

Jordan Horrobin is a freelance sports journalist based in Toronto, Ontario, who enjoys sports-related research and telling engaging stories. His work can also be found at Sportsnet, Forbes and elsewhere. Though he abandoned most of his team-specific fandoms in the interest of unbiased analysis, Jordan roots hard for his fantasy football/hockey teams (and he's a complete homer for all things Ohio University). You can follow Jordan on Twitter at @JordanHorrobin

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2021 MLB Season

The Major League Baseball season is the ultimate athletic test. From Spring Training to the final pitch of the World Series, 30 teams are all vying for one thing: a championship ring.

With 162 regular season games to be played, there is never a lead too safe. The baseball season is a window of opportunity to find your groove and strike while hot. It’s a slow burn that will hopefully lead to the pinnacle of baseball, the World Series. And if your team is one of the lucky ones, they can etch their name in history with a World Series victory.

The league is divided into the American League (AL) and National League (NL). Each league has three divisions, consisting of five teams – Central, East and West. Throughout the regular season, teams from the AL and NL will square off against one another, called interleague play. However, the majority of regular season games will be against teams from your respective league.

MLB’s playoffs are a roller coaster of emotions. The top teams from the AL and NL go head-to-head in their respective divisions. The winner of each playoff series moves on while the loser goes home. Eventually, one team from the AL and one team from the NL have won the Pennant, meaning they will represent their respective league in the World Series. The World Series is a best-of-seven series between the American League champion and National League champion. Will your favorite team reach the World Series this season?

Here at BetPicks, we offer in-depth analysis and betting recommendations that can help you be a winner throughout the baseball season!

2021 MLB Free Picks

On top of its exciting action, Major League Baseball is one of the most wagered sports in Canada. Major League Baseball is popular around the globe and is dominated by bettors. With tons of betting opportunities like player props, single-game bets and specials, MLB betting is one of the top sports to bet on.

The MLB is perfect for bettors that want action every single game. With over 2400 games played throughout the season, bettors will never have to worry about finding a line. But with so much action, it’s nearly impossible for one person to stay on top of the latest trends, news and statistics. That is why our experts do the work for you!

Exemplary research and dedication are needed to follow baseball on a daily basis, which is why our experts are committed to bringing you free MLB picks and predictions throughout the entire season. Don’t worry about the daunting task of following the lengthy baseball season and its trends. Kick back and let us do the work for you while you reap the benefits!

What Makes A Great MLB Free Pick?

Anyone can toss out a free MLB pick, but what makes ours special is the dedication from our experts. We don’t just choose a random game and line and hope it sticks. Instead, we spend countless researching the latest trends in the sport to come up with our free picks.

The best free picks are ones that have great value and a high percentage of cashing. The combination of value and percentages makes for a great free pick because those are the winners in the betting world. We offer free picks ranging from a wide variety of markets. Some are safer and others are riskier, but each free pick given has been carefully analyzed.

How do We Come Up with Our MLB Free Picks?

Coming up with our free picks isn’t easy. With so many games and potential betting opportunities, our experts are driven and dedicated to ensuring you have the best betting options for every game. Our experts dive into the analytics of the game and ensure you are getting the best free picks on the market. Not only are we betting experts, but we are also baseball fans. We are fans of the game want to make sure you are winners with our free MLB picks.

Detailing occurrences like player performances, recent trends, weighted statistics, and other valuable metrics are just part of the game plan we provide for you to be a successful baseball bettor.

  • Moneyline – This bet is the most popular wager in baseball. You are simply betting on the winner straight up in the game. The Cardinals may be -120 against the Pirates (+110), meaning that St. Louis is the favorite to win the game. When betting on the Moneyline you are wagering on who will win the game. Nothing else matters except the team you selected winning. If they win, then you win!
  • Runline – Also known as the spread, the Runline is similar to the spread in football. In this bet, you either have runs given to you or taken away. This is a strategic way to make games more competitive when wagering. If the Red Sox are listed at -1.5 against the Tigers, this means that Boston will need to win by at least 2 runs in order to cover on the spread. Conversely, if the Tigers are listed at +1.5, if they lose by less than 2 runs or win the game, they win the bet.
  • Totals – Another popular bet, totals is a way to bet for or against a certain statistic. Also known as the over/under, totals offer a variety of wagers. The most common totals bet is Runs. If the over/under is listed at 9.5, you can wager if there will be more than 9.5 runs scored in the game or less than 9.5 runs scored in the game. For this bet, you take the total and wager on if a certain stat will be over or under the listed number. If you think there will be lots of scoring, you would take the over. If not, you would take the under. Total bets can also include strikeouts, bases, and individual teams’ total runs.
  • First 5 innings – Betting on the first 5 innings means you are only wagering on what happens in the first 5 innings. The rest of the game does not matter. This is a popular wager for teams that have terrible bullpens because after the 5th inning, that is when starters check out of the game and it’s up to relief pitching to close it out. This is essentially a condensed version of betting on a full game. 5 inning totals will include popular bets like the Moneyline, Run Total and Runline. If you don’t feel like waiting for an entire game to be played, this may be the bet for you!
  • Parlays – Parlays are the most enticing, yet riskiest bets in the game. Parlay betting is the act of placing multiple bets into one single bet. You can combine multiple bets into one wager for increased odds and payout, but if one bet fails, the entire wager is trashed. Parlays are great for players that want to see great return at a low wager, but it’s a risky bet. With so many factors, everything needs to click for a parlay to cash.
  • Future picks – If you have a crystal ball and can see into the future, this bet is for you. Betting on the future is exactly as it sounds. Popular futures bets include the outright winner of the World Series, AL/NL MVP as well as Pennant Winners. The most opportune time to place a futures bet is before the season, but it’s incredibly hard to predict. With so many variables, this is a high-risk, high-reward type of wager. But if it pays off, you’ll get a better return than if you waited throughout the season.
  • Player props – Player props betting is the act of betting on a specific outcome to happen in the game. For example, you can bet on if Mike Trout will smack a hit or if Clayton Kershaw will strike out more than 6 batters. Player props are specific to a player and provide different strategies as opposed to Moneyline or total runs bets. Player props are great for bettors that want to ride a hot hand or see an advantage between a player and their opposition.

How to Choose The Best MLB Free Pick For Me?

When looking at betting odds, all the numbers and markets can be overwhelming. For new bettors, it’s important to identify which type of wager you want to make. Single-game wagers are popular because the result happens fairly quickly. Bettors that want to wager on the outcome of the season have futures bets to look at as well.

If you’re looking for a single wager with increased odds (and increased payout) then a parlay may be an option. However, that comes with increased risk as every wager needs to be correct. For new bettors, don’t be afraid to start in the shallow end of the pool and get your feet wet. There is no need to deep-dive right away. There is a market for beginners and veterans and we’re dedicated to helping you along the way.

MLB Betting strategies

Similar to how teams have game plans for their opponents, it’s important to have strategies when placing wagers.

Starting Pitching

Some of the key tips and tricks that can help you win bets are researching starting pitching. Pitching can make or break an MLB game and can also be the difference-maker in winning a wager. Before placing a bet, always check starting pitching and their recent trends.

The Simple Stats

Player props are worthwhile. Looking at simple stats like hits, strikeouts and runs against are a lucrative opportunity to win bets. Players like Vlad Jr. and Shohei Ohtani are two popular options for player props. Pitchers like Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom are strikeout kings and are wagered for their high K rate. Use easy statistics to help you win wagers!


Lastly, look at the schedule. An east coast team heading to the west coast might be a prime opportunity to win a bet. Fatigue and jet lag are critical factors in teams winning baseball games. Moneyline wagers are popular and to win those bets, you need to analyze the schedule.

Our MLB Experts

Here at BetPicks, we have two MLB experts dedicated to giving you all the information needed to be successful.

Jordan Horrobin

Jordan HorrobinFirst, Jordan Horrobin is currently a reporter with and is based out of Toronto, Canada. Jordan graduated from Ohio University and is known for his unbiased analysis. Jordan has also been seen writing for Sportsnet, The Athletic and Forbes. He grew up playing baseball and has since fallen in love with the betting side of the sport. With his unbiased research and analysis, Jordan regularly checks the latest trends to ensure his readers are getting the most up-to-date and critical information before placing a bet.

Patrick Trudeau

Patrick TrudeauOur second expert, Patrick Trudeau, grew up playing baseball in Ottawa, Canada before turning into a coach with teams in the Ottawa area. He helped coach the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees for a season and has been active in the youth baseball community in Ottawa. Patrick has been writing about sports since High School and has been published by sites like Yahoo Sports and The Score. He turned to betting thanks to his love for statistics. Like Jordan, Patrick prides himself in not letting favoritism sway his picks and predictions. All information given is unbiased to help his readers succeed with every bet placed.

2021 MLB Schedule

The 2021 MLB season is back to normal. A full slate of 162 games is scheduled for each team, meaning there will be thousands of single-game betting opportunities for you to enjoy.

  • April 1 was Opening Day in 2021 and is a circled date on the calendar of every baseball fan.
  • The All-Star break, known as the midsummer classic featured the Home Run Derby on July 12 and ended with the All-Star game on July 13.With 162 games to be played for each team, there are several important dates to look out for in the regular season:
  • On August 12, the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox played in Dyersville, Iowa, home of the legendary Field of Dreams.
  • On September 11, the Mets vs Yankees at Citi Field for the 20th anniversary of 9/11.
  • October 3 – The regular season comes to an end.
  • October 5 – beginning of the Wild Card action.
  • October 7 – The Division Series.
  • October 15 – Championship Series
  • The World Series is reported to begin on October 26 and end as late as November 3.

There are tons of games and betting opportunities this season and BetPicks has you covered from Opening Day to the Fall Classic.

The entire baseball community is watching when the World Series is on. The ending event to the MLB season is one of the most bet on aspects of professional baseball. With the stakes so high on the field, every statistic, and trend matters. The World Series offers various betting markets throughout the regular season to the final game.

Betting on the World Series takes tons of skill. Whether you’re placing futures bet at the start of the season or waiting until the final two teams are decided, the World Series has a lot to offer. Player props are especially fun during this time, with the added pressure of capturing the sport’s glory. If you’re a serious bettor and love baseball, you cannot skip on the World Series.

The added drama and tension coupled with the weight of a bet makes the Fall Classic one of the most exciting times of the season.