Major League Soccer (MLS) is the premier soccer league in North America. Featuring 28 teams from two countries (USA and Canada), MLS has become a popular sport for soccer professionals, fans and sports bettors.

Top MLS Betting Sites

Sports Interaction
Sports Interaction
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MLS Betting Sites - Top Bookmakers

MLS betting sites are becoming popular with the growth of the sport and league. When choosing a sportsbook for your soccer betting needs, it’s important to look at several factors. Promotions, bonuses, markets and betting features are integral parts of choosing an online bookie. From the list below, we highlight some of the best features that top Canadian bookmakers offer for soccer betting fans.

  • Betway – As one of the most extensive bookmakers offered to Canadians, Betway provides a ton of great promotions for new and existing customers, bonuses and betting markets for MLS action (and other sports as well). With over 25 sports to choose from and dozens of leagues to bet on, Betway is a premier destination for sports bettors. In regards to MLS betting, Betway covers the entire season until a champion is crowned. Offering regular-season action, futures wagers and betting lines for the entire season, Betway doesn’t lack in the MLS department. Furthermore, Betway offers Betway Boosts, which are enhanced odds for certain games. Betway also provides a ton of betting options for soccer leagues around the world, including World Cup odds and soccer picks.
  • Sports Interaction – Sports Interaction is a trusted Canadian bookmaker that has propelled themselves into the upper echelon of sportsbooks. Their promotions could vastly improve since their only current offer includes friend referral. With that being said, Sports Interaction has tons of soccer betting markets to dive into. MLS is a prominent league offered by Sports Interaction, and the site also offers the top leagues and tournaments around the world. What they lack in promotions, they make up for in soccer betting options. From popular wagers like Moneyline to 1H lines and everything in between, soccer bettors will love the variety offered with Sports Interaction.
  • 888Sport – If you’re a fan of MLS betting and promotions, 888Sport may be the bookmaker for you. They offer tons of promotions, including bonuses on your first deposit, free-to-play soccer predictors and free bets with wins over certain wages. That is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what 888Sport offers for promotions. Overall, what helps 888Sport stand out is their promotions and bonuses. Of course, they have a deep roster of sports betting options as well as an incredible list of soccer leagues, which adds to the prestige of the site. From MLS betting to World Cup odds, 88Sport has you covered 24/7 with the latest lines (and wagers) for games around the globe. As one of the most trusted online bookies, Canadians cannot go wrong using 888Sport for their MLS soccer betting.
  • 10Bet – Featuring one of the cleanest designs for an online sportsbook, 10Bet’s easy-to-use interface is noteworthy. But a sportsbook needs sports to wager on and 10Bet has you covered. From a long list of sports and leagues, there will never be a missed opportunity to place a bet. They also offer a great list of bonuses and promotions, including free bets and a welcome bonus of up to $100. 10Bet has a long list of betting options and their soccer betting section is world-class. In-depth with the hottest MLS betting markets, player props, futures and international events, soccer bettors will love using 10Bet for their betting needs.
  • Bet99 – An up-and-comer in the sports betting scene, Bet99 offers a ton of value that matches the bookie list above. They have a good selection of offers, with their current World Cup betting being popular among soccer bettors. Overall, their promotions are decent and could sway a new user into joining their sportsbook. The best thing about Bet99 is its sportsbook. They have hundreds of betting options for soccer (as well as e-sports) and their list of sports and competitions continues to grow. Their prop bets are great as well and is something to look for if you don’t want the traditional soccer betting markets. Of course, Bet99 also offers popular betting markets. It’s fresh to see different options, like their fast markets that allow soccer bettors to wager on something that will happen during a specific time. Overall, Bet99 isn’t the most known sportsbook on this list but offers all of the major features of top Canadian bookmakers.

MLS Betting Features

When placing bets on MLS action, it’s important to research the bookmakers and their betting features. Every site and bookmaker offer different promotions and features. It can be overwhelming with the number of options, so here are some features to look for when betting on the MLS.

Betting variety is a feature that should be prioritized. If the bookmakers offer multiple wagers, markets and a variety of ways for you to wager, you’ll know that they take the sport seriously. Bookmakers may toss out odds just to say they offer a certain sport on their site. But if a site has dedicated time to providing multiple betting lines, you’ll know that they take it seriously.

Another feature is the type of wagers they offer. From in-play wagers to future bets and props and parlays, having different options is crucial. Allowing users to scan multiple lines and betting options ensure bettors of all types are satisfied.

Finding a bookie that offers great promotions and bonuses for MLS betting is a feature you should look for as well. Getting value for your money helps the user (and it also shows that the bookie cares about their players).

Other features you should look for when betting on the MLS include a potential mobile app, cash-out options and security when depositing and withdrawing your money. This ensures that when betting on MLS, you’re getting the best features from the respective sportsbook you are playing with.

MLS Popular Markets, Betting Types and Odds

While a bookmaker’s offered leagues and sports may vary, in order to be a reputable MLS betting site, they should offer the following markets:

  • 1×2/Moneyline
  • Win-Draw-Win
  • Double Chance
  • Live/In-Play Betting
  • Over/Under
  • Correct Score
  • 1st Half/2nd Half
  • Prop Bets
  • Futures
  • Parlays/Accumulators
  • Single Bet

Betting Types

  • 1×2/Moneyline – As the most popular wager in soccer, taking the 1×2 or Moneyline bet is selecting a winner straight up. For this wager, you are selecting the team you think will win the game. Simply put, if they win the game, you win the bet. Other factors and variables do not matter.
  • Win-Draw-Win – Similar to the Moneyline bet, you are just adding a third element and betting option to your pick. For this wager, you are betting on the outcome for the final whistle. There are three options when betting on a win-draw-win. You can either select 1 of the 2 teams to win at the end of regulation, thus selecting ‘win’ for the team you think will win. If you believe that there will be a draw at the end of regulation, then you would select draw. This is popular for games that are potentially low-scoring as it could end in a tie.
  • Double Chance – This wager offers a better chance at winning your bet. However, the odds will not be as good as if you just chose a winner (or draw) straight up. For double chance, you are predicting that 1 of the 2 teams will win, or there will be a draw. So, in a game between Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps, if you choose Toronto for the double chance, you need either a draw or TFC victory to win your wager. This boosts your chance at winning, but at compromised odds.
  • Live/In-Play – Serious bettors will always look at the live/in-play lines. This gives bettors the opportunity to get a feel for the game before placing a wager. While teams may be favourites entering the game, if they are playing poorly at the start of the game, that may entice you to take the live-underdog. Odds are also adjusted throughout the game based on what is happening, so this is a fast-paced feature for soccer bettors.
  • Over/Under – Betting on the over/under or total goals means you are betting on the number of goals that will be scored in a match. The typical line for soccer would be o/u 2.5 goals. If you believe 3 (or more) goals will be scored in the match, then you would wager on the over. If you think there will be 2 (or fewer) goals scored, then a wager on the under would be placed. Over/under wagers can also be included in 1H/2H betting as well as total goals without extra time.
  • Correct Score – One of the hardest bets to win, choosing the correct score can be profitable. Soccer is regularly low-scoring so if you notice a betting trend between two teams, this could be lucrative. With that being said, in order to win a correct score bet, you need to correctly predict the final outcome of the game. It’s simple enough but hard to predict.
  • 1st Half/2nd Half – When betting on first or second half (1H/2H) wagers, you are betting on an outcome that is only impacted by a certain half. So, if you choose Toronto FC to win the 1H Moneyline, that means they need to be winning at the end of the first half in order to win the bet. You can also bet on total goals and spread for the first/second half as well. This is popular for soccer bettors that want action in a smaller manner. This is also good for bettors that know of MLS betting trends that side with teams/stats in a certain half of the game.
  • Prop Bets – Soccer fans love this method of betting because there is virtually no limit when it comes to prop bets. Prop bets are essentially bets inside the game, that doesn’t necessarily rely on the final score. A prop bet may include shots on target for a specific player, number for corners/free kicks in a game, total number of saves by the goalkeeper, etc. Prop bets are a way to add additional wagers to a game. They are a popular wager among soccer betting fans due to the number of lines that can be created. From player or team props to exotic prop bets, the possibilities are endless.
  • Futures – Offering increased odds, selecting on futures bets for the MLS is incredibly popular. Basically, you are wagering on a bet that will happen in the future. The most common futures bet includes selecting the outright winner of the league. If you are able to correctly guess the league winner at the start of the year (as opposed to the end of the season) you’ll see an increased payout. While selecting the league winner is popular, other bookmakers may offer certain futures bets like Conference winners and individual award winners as well.
  • Parlays/Accumulators – Parlay betting is a wager where you combine multiple bets into one. The most common parlays include two or three legs, but you can add virtually as many legs as you want (or as much as the bookmaker allows). What’s tricky about parlay betting is that for the entire wager to win, all legs need to hit. Parlay bets offer increased odds and payout but are not recommended for inexperienced bettors since there are many factors that go into winning this wager.
  • Single Bet – As one of the simplest wagers in MLS betting, single bets are exactly as they sound. Basically, you are wagering on a singular outcome in the game. This means that you are only focused on one result. There are no underlying factors or variables. You essentially choose a result and if that result hits, then you win the bet. This can be on the total goals, winner straight up, spread and more!


Now that you know the most popular markets and bet types for MLS action, it’s important to talk about odds. Odds will vary between bookies so it’s important to do your research. Statistics play a huge role in listed odds, as well as recent betting trends and the sportsbooks’ users betting history. Bookmakers have advanced statistics that help them layout the odds for you to wager on based on stats and popular wagers placed on their site. It’s important to research which sites offer the best odds for the specific type of bet you want to place because every bookmaker adjusts their lines to their own needs and opinions.

Odds help the bettor identify the favourite (with a negative – symbol) while the underdog is listed with a plus + symbol. This helps the bettor know which is more likely (or predicted) to happen based on research from the bookmaker. As mentioned above, odds and lines need to be taken into consideration because every bookmaker’s lines will be different.

Bonuses and Promotions

  • Betway – As one of Canada’s top bookmakers, Betway lacks in the promotions and bonuses department. Their Betway boosts are great for current and new users, but they could be doing more for soccer bettors in general. Betway offers a decent welcome bonus for users and a parlay club, but overall, they need to improve if they want to match some of the best bookies in the game (like 888Sport). It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker with Betway, but more boosts/promotions catered towards soccer would be nice.
  • Sports Interaction – Unfortunately, Sports Interaction has no bonuses or promotions geared towards soccer fans. They do have a friend referral program that can earn you up to $250, which can be used on MLS action. There is no limit on friend referrals so this could be a solid method to use their program for MLS or soccer plays. However, it’s disappointing that Sports Interaction has nothing specific for soccer fans. Even something as simple as boosted odds for MLS games of the week would go a long way.
  • 888Sport – Offering tons of bonuses and promotions, 888Sport caters to soccer fans. Their free-to-play soccer predictor is a hit among users and their new customer offer allows users to have a bonus on their first deposit. 888Sport has a popular ACCA club that earns users a free $5 each week when you place $20 on an accumulator bet. As well, 888Sport brings Bet Builders, Boosted Odds and Match combos.
  • 10Bet – What’s interesting about 10Bet is that they know the popular markets and adjust their bonuses and promotions to what’s hot in professional sports. Currently offering boosts on accumulator bets and free bets on certain World Cup games, 10Bet hits the nail on the head in terms of catering to its userbase. Their welcome bonus (up to $100) is generous as well. 10Bet does a solid job in offering bonuses and promotions for bettors of all types.
  • Powbet – Powbet may not be the most popular bookie on this list but their promotions and bonuses are solid. They offer a first deposit bonus (up to $150) and a bonus cashback (up to $750). Terms and conditions apply, but Powbet is also offering a free $50 World Cup bet, which should be enticing for soccer betting fans. Their bonuses and promotions could improve but I think it’s a great site. Boosted odds or games of the night that offer alternative lines could do well for this site.

How to bet on the MLS

MLS teams prepare and strategize for their opponents to give themselves the best opportunity to win. At BetPicks, our free MLS picks provide betters with information that can help them win a Major League Soccer bet. But, how exactly do you bet on MLS action?

Betting on the MLS is quite simple. BetPicks’ free MLS picks give you a guide to which games to bet on and what wagers to place.

To bet on the MLS, you need to find your preferred bookmaker. MLS action is covered by many sportsbooks, so use our guide to help you find the best bookie for your needs. Bookmakers offer different promotions, betting wagers, odds (and more) so it’s important to do your due diligence when signing up for a sportsbook for MLS betting.

Once you have narrowed down the sportsbook you’d like to use and deposited your money, selecting the game you want to wager on is the next step. There is a list of games every night that you can bet on and our free MLS picks and parlays can help users decide on which game suits them.

Now that you have decided on the game you would like to wager on, choosing the best bet for that specific game will be on your radar. BetPicks can help with your MLS betting as there are tons of options like Moneyline, 1H lines, Totals, Prop Bets, Parlays, etc. With such a wide variety of betting options available, it’s important to be prepared. If you have found the perfect wager and have cross-referenced our MLS betting tips, then you can make the selection and lock in your pick.

With the pick locked in, you can follow the game along and see if you selected the right wager! It’s always important to bet responsibly, so in future bets you should look back at previous wagers and see what went right and what went wrong, to help gather even more info for your next soccer pick and parlay.

👉 For more detailed information read our article How to Bet On MLS?


How Long is the MLS Season?

The MLS season usually runs from late-February/early March to October. There is a regular season consisting of 34 games for each team. At the conclusion of the regular season, there is a four-round playoff to determine the league champion.

How Popular Is MLS in Canada?

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Canada. The rise of the MLS has seen them join the likes of the MLB, NHL, NBA and NBA in terms of viewership. The MLS continues to rise and has quickly become one of the most bet upon leagues in Canada.

What Are the Most Popular MLS Betting Markets?

MLS betting sites offer a wide variety of betting options but the most popular include Moneyline wagers and total goals bets. Betting on MLS futures is also popular among MLS bettors that want to wager on outcomes of the season.

Does Every Sportsbook Offer MLS Odds?

While the MLS is popular among bettors in Canada and USA, odds are not offered on every sports book. Betway, Sports Interaction, 888sport, 10Bet and Powbet are reputable betting sites that offer MLS odds.

Where Can You Watch MLS Games in Canada?

MLS fans in Canada have tons of opportunities to watch. Canadians can watch MLS action on TSN and CTV. For those that like to stream, DAZN, TSNGo and DAZN is another way to watch MLS action all season.