NCAA Football is one of America’s oldest and most beloved sporting leagues. College Football features some of the biggest colleges across the country facing off and can be confusing to the uninitiated. BetPicks offers you predictions, picks, and odds, so you can better understand one of America’s past-times.


Understanding NCAA Football

In College Football, there are 130 Division 1 teams all competing for a chance to be crowned the national champion. Five major conferences, known as the power 5, contain the vast majority of the top contenders. These Power 5 conferences include the ACC, the Big 10, the Big 12, the PAC 12, and the SEC. The non-power 5 conferences, known as the group of 5 conferences, include the AAC, the C-USA, the MAC, the MW, and the Sun Belt Conference. Each conference typically contains between 10-15 teams.

Each team will typically play 12 regular-season games. 3-4 of those games will be played against out-of-conference opponents, while the rest will be played against their conference rivals. Each conference typically has 2 divisions, and teams will normally play every one in their division, and a couple of teams in the other division.

Based on how the teams do in the regular season, they might just earn a shot at postseason play. Each conference will have a champion. This is based on how teams do against the other teams in their conference. Each division has a winner, and the winner of each division plays each other at the end of the season, to determine the conference championship.

Beyond just the winners of the conference, there are the playoffs and bowl games. The top 4 teams in the country, as voted on by the NCAA playoff committee, are selected to the playoffs. There they play a single-elimination semi-final, then the winners face off to determine who will be crowned champions. Bowl games are post-season games that any team with 6 or more wins is eligible to play in. These feature teams from every conference squaring off against each other in games of varying importance. Typically, the top non-playoff teams and conference champions will square off against each other.

College football is a betting extravaganza. With games played every Saturday, bettors have a ton of options. With so many teams and so much action, it can be hard to know what’s what. That’s why BetPicks offers NCAA football predictions and gives you access to college football odds and parlays. For those unfamiliar, we will explain more about odds and parlays below.

NCAA Football Free Picks

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NCAA Football Odds and Lines

NCAA Football is a gambler’s dream. With so many teams and so many games, there’s a ton of great action to be found. Bettors can make their Saturdays an exciting and potentially lucrative day by laying down some bets on the many odds available. Below, we give a breakdown of the different types of odds and markets NCAA Football bettors can engage with.

  • NCAAF Moneyline: Moneyline betting is betting on what the outcome of a game will be directly. If you are betting the Moneyline on a team, you are betting that the team is going to win. So if Notre Dame and Oregon are playing, and you bet Oregon Moneyline, that means you are betting that Oregon is going to win.
  • NCAAF Spreads: the spread is the line that oddsmakers come up with that they project a team to win or lose by. For example, if Alabama is playing North Carolina, the spread for that game might be Alabama at -14.5. That means Alabama is projected to win by at least 14.5 points. If you were to bet on North Carolina to cover the spread, that means you are betting that North Carolina will be at least within 14 points of Alabama at the end of the game.
  • NCAAF Totals: NCAAF totals is the line that oddsmakers come up with that they think the total score of the game will be. If the University of Southern California is playing Michigan, the line for the total of the game might be 52. Bettors would then have to decide to bet the over or the under, meaning whether there will be over 52 points scored combined, or under.
  • NCAAF Prop Betting: Prop betting is betting on various lines within the game. For example, if Ohio State is playing against Oklahoma, some of the prop betting lines would be over/under 140 rushing yards for Oklahoma, over/under 2 field goals by Ohio State, over/under 275 passing yards by Oklahoma’s quarterback, and so on. Bettors can bet on team totals or player totals. Prop bets make up the largest number of available bets.
  • Live Bets: Live bets are bets on games that have already started. Not all operators allow live bets, so if this is important to you, make sure it is available before you deposit. Live bet odds change as the game progresses. For example, if Cincinnati is playing against Clemson, and Cincinnati is +250 Moneyline going into the game if the game started and Clemson scored two touchdowns to go up 14-0, the live betting odds might change to reflect Cincinnati’s situation, making them bigger underdogs.
  • NCAAF Futures: Future bets are bets on NCAA Football events that are more further away than just an upcoming game. For example, future bettors could bet on things like the eventual National Champion, or Heisman, or Conference Champion, all before the college football season is even underway.
  • NCAAF Parlays: Parlays are a type of betting where bettors combine multiple odds to make their potential win total larger. In parlays, the more odds you combine, the steeper the odds get, giving you a bigger win total if it pans out. But for a parlay to work, all the results betted on need to happen. If a bettor parlayed Louisiana State, the University of Central Florida, Texas, and Florida to all win their respective games, they’d need each of them to win, but they’d get more winnings than if they had just bet those games individually.

NCAAF Betting Strategies and Tips

Betting on the NCAA can be confusing and challenging, so below we have listed out some College Football betting tips and strategies to help you win big.

  • Parlay Bets with Sure things: If you are making a bet, and want to make your odds slightly better, parlay the bet with a sure thing. Certain teams are pretty much always going to beat other teams. Juggernauts like Alabama will always blow out teams like Vanderbilt. And while their odds reflect this, if you parlay your bet with a sure thing, you will slightly increase your winnings.
  • Don’t bet on an unlikely National Champion: Although it’s unfortunate, College Football is run by a select few schools. The talent gap is too high for smaller schools to overcome. While the odds might entrance you, betting on a school like Kansas to win is the same as burning your money. It simply won’t happen. If you think that a school like Kansas will outperform expectations, bet the over on their win total, and bet on them in individual games throughout the year.
  • Look at head-to-head comparisons: An interesting way to see whether a team has an advantage is to look at how the two teams playing have fared against common opponents. This could potentially provide you with some additional insight into who might have the edge.
  • Live Bet if a team you like goes down early: If you are very confident a team is going to win, and they go down by a score or two early, that’s a great time to live bet on them. Their odds will have improved, and if you are confident they can make a comeback, it could be lucrative.
  • Heisman Futures can let you win big: The Heisman award is extremely hard to predict. That is why the odds are very steep, so if you predict the correct one, you can earn yourself a pretty penny. Make a bold prediction for Heisman pre-season, and throw a small amount on it. You could luck into a big payday!
  • Coaches are a great indicator: College football is all about the coaches. Teams with good coaches tend to succeed. Learn about the different coaches, and you could see tendencies that will play out that could help you win bets. For example, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has never beat Ohio State, so when the two teams have their annual face-off, hammer Ohio State!
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