NBA Best Parlays

NBA Parlays

It’s the final day for the 2021-2022 NBA regular season, so of course we’ve got one last parlay for you guys! With so few teams playing for anything other than pride, this could be a tough one, but we like the Raps and Nuggets to represent themselves well, and a barnburner at the Barclays Center.

Indiana Pacers @ Milwaukee Bucks

April 10th, 3:30pm, Barclays Center

The Pacers don’t have anything more to play for this season, but the Nets certainly do, as they enter the last day of the regular season tied with the Cavaliers for the top Play-In spot. Surely Kevin Durant and company will be wanting to secure home court for that one, but at a -16 point spread? Yeah, we’ll look elsewhere.

And elsewhere would turn out to be the over on this game’s massive total. Brooklyn has scored 110+ in 10 straight and 115+ in five of their last six. Each of Indiana’s last five games saw both participants top 117 points as well. We’re going to buy this total down to 239.5 at -152 odds to start this parlay off.

Toronto Raptors @ New York Knicks

April 10th, 7:00pm, Madison Square Garden

Neither of these teams is playing for anything on Sunday evening in the Mecca of Basketball in New York, but it’s pretty clear which is the superior team here. The Raptors have had an excellent run-in, jumping out of the Play–In and up into 5th in the East by virtue of a 14-3 run in their last 17 games.

They’re also 7-1 SU in their last eight road games, while the Knicks have gone 3-12 SU as the home underdog this season, a mark that was good for second-worst in the association. The Raps are also 10-4 ATS in the last 14 meetings between these sides, while the Knicks have gone 1-6 ATS in their last seven home games. We’re taking the Raptors Moneyline at -208 odds as the meat of our parlay.

Los Angeles Lakers @ Denver Nuggets

April 10th, 9:30pm, Ball Arena

Talk about disappointment. My god. Before the season, the Lakers were the choice for many pundits not on Inside The NBA to go all the way and win it with their host of legendary veterans, but the chemistry was never found, and they will now limp to the finish line outside of the Play-In. You can also expect their top horses to be out for this one because, what would really be the point?

There’s nothing for the Lakers to salvage, which is something that definitely cannot be said about the Nuggets on this final day. They are safe from the Play-In, but they’re still tied with the Jazz in the 5th and 6th spots, so if the presumptive back-to-back NBA MVP and company want to move up, they’ve got every chance against what is likely to be a porous and uninspired Lakers B squad. We’re buying Denver down to a -5.5 point spread at -222 odds to cap off our parlay.

What is NBA Parlay Betting?

The NBA has long held a fascination for sports bettors all over, and Canadians are no different. If you’ve never heard of parlay betting, then we’ve put together this review to put you in the know. Here at Betpicks we’ve got all the information you need to learn how to make the best NBA picks and parlays.

Betting using parlays allows you to combine your single bet picks into a single, multi-legged bet that comes with fantastic multiplied odds. What’s more, because of the popularity of parlays, many bookmakers offer great free picks and parlays for your NBA betting.

NBA parlays are not always easy to build successfully, and you’ll need to practice and do your research to get them right, but the payoff can be very rewarding. The rub is that if you make even one wrong bet selection, then you will lose your entire parlay bet, so ensuring that you know what you’re doing is paramount. Let’s look at NBA picks and parlays and how you can start betting using this exciting form of sports betting.

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How to Bet with NBA Picks and Parlays?

To make successful NBA picks and parlays you first need to know how they work, how to build them and what types of markets to include together.

You can build parlay bets with up to 12 to 14 legs depending on your bookmaker, but bearing in mind that one incorrect pick can tank your bet, is this wise? Deciding what your ideal number of legs is should be your first step.

Once you know how many legs you’re comfortable with, choosing your betting markets is the next key to a successful parlay. Making picks that correlate with each other is a good idea. For example, if team A can score first against team B, they’ll likely take that momentum and turn it into a win. Here are some NBA parlays and how they’d look on your slip.

NBA Moneyline Parlays

Moneyline parlays are built using only picks on outright winners across a few games.
A moneyline parlay based on three winners at 2.5 odds, 1.9 odds and 1.55 odds would look like this on your betting slip:

BetBet TypeOdds
Detroit Pistons
(Detroit Pistons @ Washington Wizards)
San Antonio Spurs
(San Antonio Spurs @ Chicago Bulls)
Toronto Raptors
(Toronto Raptors @ New Orleans Pelicans)
Total Odds11.23
Total StakeCA$100
Est. Total ProfitCA$1,123

NBA Overs/Unders Parlay Bet

Overs/unders bets are placed on whether the final score will be over or under a predetermined score. The type of bet doesn’t rely on the winners of the game, which makes it a good choice for less experienced bettors.

BetBet TypeOdds
Over 206.5
(Oklahoma City Thunder @ NY Knicks)
Over 229.5
(Houston Rockets @ Utah Jazz)
Over 224.5
(Sacramento Kings @ Brooklyn Nets)
Total Odds6.85
Total StakeCA$100
Est. Total ProfitCA$685.90

NBA Point Spread Parlays

When placing an NBA spread bet, you’re betting on the winning margin of the game. For this bet to hit, you not only need to pick the winner but correctly guess the margin they will win by, making this a better bet suited for more knowledgeable bettors.

BetBet TypeOdds
Brooklyn Nets (+4.5)
(Sacramento Kings @ Brooklyn Nets)
Portland Trailblazers (+14.5)
(Portland Trailblazers @ Milwaukee Bucks)
Orlando Magic (+10.5)
(Orlando Magic @ Denver Nuggets)
Total Odds7.22
Total StakeCA$100
Est. Total ProfitCA$722.00

NBA Parlay Odds

Parlays have better odds than single bets as the individual leg odds are multiplied together to calculate your odds. This is done using decimal odds, so you’ll need to convert if you have American odds which are either negative or positive. Here’s what to do:

  • Negative value odds: If your American odds are -300, you’ll need to stake CA$300 to earn a profit of $100. To convert this to decimal odds, divide the total payout by the original stake: 400/300 = 1.33
  • Positive value odds: If your American odds are 300, you can make CA$300 off of an initial bet of CA$100. To convert to decimal you again divide the payout by the initial bet: 400/100= 4.00

When you have converted all of the decimal odds for each leg bet, multiply them together to calculate the odds for your NBA parlay.

Best NBA Parlay Betting Markets

The NBA has many favourites and underdogs which may lead you to believe that betting would be simple, but the league is notorious for upsets. The best betting markets for your NBA parlays will depend on your game and team knowledge and your betting experience.

  • Novice bettors might want to stick to easier bets like overs/unders or odds/ evens where they don’t need to pick a winner or have in-depth knowledge of players’ recent performance stats and the teams’ match history.
  • Bettors that know the game, the teams and the players well will be more adept at choosing winners or knowing the likelihood of a big winning margin. These experienced bettors can add more complex bets like spreads, props, and moneylines.

NBA Early Season vs. Mid-Season Gambling

Betting on any sport requires patience. Early season games can be highly volatile as the teams haven’t yet found their rhythm or settled into team changes that may have occurred in the off-season. It’s best to be cautious during the early season and avoid the temptation to blow your bankroll too soon.

Once mid-season rolls around, the teams are more likely to have found their groove, and you have the early season results to inform your betting and make you a bit bolder with your bets. Keep an eye on our page for NBA parlay picks for today and every other day of the week.

NBA Parlay Betting Tips and Strategies

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, using a strategy to guide your betting is always a good idea. Here are some of our top tips for your NBA parlay betting strategy

  • Pick 2 to 3 teams – Choosing a few teams to follow at the beginning of the season will make it much easier to track their progress and performance than trying to read the entire league of teams.
  • Avoid the spread – As we said before, the spread relies not only on you choosing the winner of the game but also on how much they will win. This is a difficult prediction for even the most avid basketball fan to make.
  • Don’t limit your parlay to one day – Parlays can be spread over a few games and weeks, don’t force yourself into bets you are unsure of just because you’d like to see the payout in one day.
  • Find Free Bets – Free bets are a great way to earn some cash without risking your own. Using free bets can help you test the waters before investing your funds into a bet.
  • Don’t pick just the favourites randomly – While betting the favourites might seem like a surefire win, looking at the underdogs and how they are performing might lead you in a different direction and help you win on an upset.

How to Build an NBA Parlay Betting Strategy?

Every bettor has their approach to strategy, and there’s no doubt that you should take the time to figure out what suits you best, but there are a few helpful things that we have learned on our sports betting journey.

You may not agree with us, but we prefer to avoid last-minute betting for parlays. While live, in-game betting has become somewhat of a trend these days, it can lead to panic betting and changes that tank your parlay. It’s one thing to place a single bet and see how it plays out, but when your four-legged multi hinges on one rash decision, it can have disastrous effects.

In our opinion, the best strategy is to set your budget, choose your teams, decide which markets suit your risk profile, and then place your bets and leave them alone. Trust your gut instinct.

NBA Parlay Calculator

If you want to figure out your parlay payouts, then calculating them can be quite simple. Take each leg’s odds and multiply them together to get your parlay odds, then multiply that by your stake to get your payout.

Pick 1 – 1.85
Pick 2 – 2.40
Pick 3 – 5.00

Total parlay odds = 1.85 x 2.40 x 5.00 = 22.20
Parlay Payout = stake x odds = CA$100 x 22.20 = CA$2,220
Profit = CA$2,220 – CA$100 = CA$2,120.00

Your bookmaker’s website will feature a useful calculator that will do the math for you if you’re not wanting to do it yourself. You just enter the bet leg details and your stake, sit back and let the calculator give you a projected payout.

NBA Parlay Teasers and Pleasers

Teasers and pleasers are versions of a parlay that allow you to adjust the point spreads.

A teaser will let you place a multi just like a parlay, but you can adjust the spreads to give yourself better odds of winning – wagering a six point teaser on a standard +8 point line will shift the spread to 14, giving the team a much bigger spread to beat. The trade-off is that you’ll get lower payouts than a traditional parlay.

A pleaser will move the line you bet against by between -6 and -7.5. So betting a six point pleaser will move a -3 line to a -9 line giving you a bigger margin for error and allowing you to make money even if one bet only ties.


Can I parlay NBA props?

Yes, there are some props available for parlays; you’ll need to check which ones your bookie offers.

What is a same-game NBA Parlay?

Available to Canadian bettors since August 2021, and same-game NBA parlay includes betting legs made exclusively on a single game.

Does every bet in my parlay have to win?

Yes, unless every bet wins, your parlay will collapse.

Are NBA parlays worthwhile?

The short answer is yes, while there is more risk with a parlay, there is more reward too, and you can use strategy to increase your odds of winning.

Why do parlays have higher odds?

Because the odds of winning all of the legs are less, bookies can multiply the individual leg odds to give you a better payout for picking winners.


While parlays carry great risk, they also come with better odds that make it worthwhile to bet. NBA parlays are an exciting and interesting way to bet on the game and present more of a challenge for those wanting to test their skills. You can check our page regularly for updated free picks and parlays in the NBA.

Alex is an alumnus of Ryerson University's RTA Sport Media program, a contributing NHL, NBA, and MLB writer in the team. He has been writing on sports, betting, and fantasy contests for several years, including pitstops as an NFL Editor for theScore and as one of the lead NBA news writers for fantasy sports site FantasyPros. As a lifelong athlete, bettor, and sports fan, Alex is uniquely qualified to help you reach the sports betting success that you've always dreamed of and your wife never believed you could achieve.