Top MLS Parlay Picks 2022


Soccer has long been the biggest sport in Europe, and its popularity is growing among American and Canadian bettors alike. The Major League Soccer season runs from March to November, with betting available throughout the season.

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What is MLS Parlay Betting?

If you’re not familiar with parlay betting, parlay bets let you join multiple bet selections into a single, multi-legged bet and enjoy better, multiplied odds. MLS Parlays are a great way to bet on the major league soccer games, with many betting markets and combinations available.

The catch with MLS Parlays is that they require each leg bet to land, or the entire parlay fails. To get this right, not only do you need to know a lot about the teams and the game, but you also need to understand parlay bets and how they work. Read on to find out everything you need to know about making successful MLS Parlays.

How to Bet on an MLS Parlay?

The most important part of MLS Parlay betting is understanding how they work and how to build them. Figuring out your own unique style and what types of betting markets you prefer to include are good first steps to building winning combinations.

Deciding how big your parlays will be plays a big role in their success or failure. The more working parts you include in your bet, the more that can go wrong.

Which types of leg bets to include is also a key factor in your parlay’s success. Correlating your bets so that each makes the next more likely to hit is a good strategy to use. Here are a few MLS parlay examples for you to consider:

MLS Single-Game Parlays

Now a legal bet in Canada, single-game parlays are an exciting bet where the action happens quickly within just one game. You can choose to bet on different options in the game to back, such as the outright winner, O/U on the score and even the run line.

A single game parlay built based on an outright winner at 2.5:1 odds, a total score over/under at 3:1, and a run line bet at 1.5:1 would be:

BetBet TypeOdds
Team AMoneyline2.5
Overs 10Over/Under3.0
Run lineSpread1.5
Total Odds11.25
Total StakeCA$100.00
Est. Total ProfitCA$1,125.00

MLS Multi-selection Single Bet

Similar to a single game parlay, you combine different types of bets but across a few games during the series instead of just one. Let’s say you back team A to win in a match between A and B, a score over 15 in a match between team C and D, and a run line of five runs in a face-off between team E and F.

A multi-selection single bet on those MLS matches would look like this:

BetBet TypeOdds
Team A
(Team A vs. Team B)
Over 15
(Team C vs. Team D)
Team E – by 5 runs
(Team E vs. Team F)
Total Odds17.01
Total StakeCA$100
Est. Total ProfitCA$1,701.00

MLS Correlated bets

Correlated bets are parlays built using bets that are tied together. For example, if team A beats team B in the first game, then it’s likely that they’ll also beat team C when they play them. Team D will probably outperform team B as well as they are performing similarly to team A at the moment.

If your first bet hits, then it’s likely that the others will follow and bring you a great payout, but if your first bet loses, the whole bet collapses.

BetBet TypeOdds
Team A
(Team A vs. Team B)
Team A
(Team A vs. Team C)
Team D
(Team B vs. Team D)
Total Odds9.04
Total StakeCA$100
Est. Total ProfitCA$904.50

MLS Parlay Odds

Parlay odds don’t work like normal odds. If you placed three single bets, each would pay out according to its odds and be added together to give you your profit. Combining those bets in a parlay would see the odds multiplied together for a far bigger payout. If you’re using American odds, then you’ll have to convert them to decimal before working out your parlay odds. Here’s how:

  • Negative value odds:
    American odds: -250
    Stake: CA$250
    Profit: CA$100
    Potential Payout: CA$350

Payout/Stake= Decimal odds
350/250 = 1.4

  • Positive value odds:
    American odds: 250
    Stake: CA$100
    Profit: CA$250
    Potential Payout: CA$350

Payout/Stake= Decimal odds
350/100 = 3.5

If you’ve got the decimal odds for each leg, then multiply them to get your MLS Parlay odds.

Best MLS Parlay Betting Markets

Soccer betting markets are many and varied; you can include lots of betting markets in a parlay. Some of the most popular MLS Parlay markets include Overs/Unders, Both teams to score, 1st goal, Moneyline and Odds/Evens. Choosing which types are best will depend on the type of bettor you are.

  • If you’re new to sports betting, parlays or soccer in general, then you’ll want to stick to easier bets that you have a better chance of picking correctly. Bets like over/unders, odds/evens and both teams to score don’t require such in-depth knowledge as props bets do.
  • MLS Parlay bettors with more experience can experiment a bit more, mixing and matching their parlay bets to give themselves better odds and a bigger chance of winning. If you’re very knowledgeable about soccer and the players, you can have some fun including props into your betting legs.

How to Calculate a Parlay Payout?

If you have all of the leg odds from your MLS Parlay, then working out your parlay payout is simple. Multiply the betting leg odds together and then multiply that by your stake:

Leg 1 – 3.3
Leg 2 – 2.5
Leg 3 – 1.4

Parlay odds = 3.3 x 2.5 x 1.4 = 11.55
Parlay Payout = CA$100 x 11.5 = CA$1,155.00
Profit = CA$1,155 – CA$100 = CA$1,055.00

If you chose to take the same bets using the same stake but split into three single bets, your profits would be much lower:

Pick A – 3.3x CA$33 = CA$108.90
Pick B – 2.5 x CA$33 = CA$82.50
Pick C – 1.4 x CA$33 = CA$46.20
Payout = CA$237.60

While single bets carry less risk than an MLS Parlay, the potential rewards are also significantly lower.

Handicap Odds Accumulator vs Match Odds Accumulator

Handicap odds are often applied to games where the teams are not evenly matched. Bookmakers apply these handicaps to even out the odds. If a team is awarded a +1 handicap, that team’s score is adjusted by a goal, so you could win a bet on that team even if the game was a draw. A strong team with a -1 handicap would need at least a two-goal win margin for your bet to hit.

Evenly matched teams don’t need handicap assistance, and bets are placed using the standard match odds provided.

What’s Acca Insurance?

A promotion sometimes offered by bookmakers, acca insurance offers bettors a small safety net against their bet collapsing. If your MLS Parlay has acca insurance, you will receive your stake back in either free bets, bonuses or even cash if one of the leg bets fails.

MLS Parlay betting tips and strategies

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been betting or how well you know the game; a betting strategy is always a good idea. Using an MLS Parlay betting strategy will prevent last-minute, panicked decisions and help you keep within a budget.

  • Combine game favourites – Betting on the favourite to win offers very little reward in a normal bet as the odds are lower. With the multiplied odds you can achieve in MLS Parlays, betting on the favourites becomes more attractive and can lead to some surefire wins.
  • Avoid placing bets based on high odds – The odds are that if a bet has huge odds, barring a major upset, the likelihood of it hitting is very small. This is fine if you want to take a chance on a single bet, but in a parlay, you risk a total failure of your bet.
  • Keep it simple – Adding too many bet legs increases the chance of one failing. Keeping your MLS Parlay between two and four legs is safer.
  • Use odds boost for better odds – Take any boosted odds offers your bookie makes to raise your odds.

How to build an MLS parlay betting strategy?

Having a betting strategy can mean the difference between being a successful parlay bettor or not in the long run. Whether you agree with me or not, in my experience, last-minute bets leave the most room for error. To avoid obsessing about my bets, we try to do our homework, plan our bets well, make them in advance, and then leave them.

Choose the market types that suit your betting style and risk level first so that you know what bets you are looking at. Once you have your types, look for the teams and matches that are most promising to you and find which you can combine in your MLS Parlay.

When you have your picks and parlay figured out, place your bet and walk away. If you’ve done your research and got your picks right, then the payoff will likely come.

MLS Parlay Calculator

If you don’t want to do the math and calculate your own MLS Parlay odds and payouts as shown above, there is another option available to you. Bookmakers have convenient parlay or multi-bets calculators that will do the calculations for you; all you need to do is make the picks and place the bets.

Statistics to Look At

Every bookie has statistical information at your fingertips so that you can make the best, most informed decisions possible. You can use their win probabilities, head-to-head averages, last matches percentages and goals scored to inform your betting choices.


What is the best number of legs for an MLS Parlay?

We’ve found the best size parlay to be between two and four legs.

Are same-game MLS Parlays available in Canada?

Yes, Canadians can now make same-game parlays on all sorts of sports.

What markets can be included in an MLS parlay?

MLS Parlays have a diverse range of betting markets you can include. Your bookmaker’s website will show which are available for the matches you’re betting on.

Are Parlays worthwhile?

The short answer is yes, measuring the risk to reward; if you research and make properly informed decisions, they can be worthwhile.

How come I can get such high parlay odds?

Parlay odds are so high because the individual legs’ odds are multiplied together.


MLS Parlays carry higher chances of failure than single bets, but can be wholly rewarding when you get them right. Whether you think that the reward warrants the risk is up to you, but our team of experts is here to give you our best picks every week, and perhaps help you to build robust, lucrative parlays.