In this soccer parlays review, we’ll take you through all the details about this popular betting form. We’ve got all the info you need for successful parlay betting, from what parlays are and how to build them to calculating odds and choosing betting markets.

Build Your Soccer Parlay

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🗸Boosted Odds 🗸Live Betting Experience
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What Are Soccer Parlays?

Depending on your bookmaker, you might find these bets under the term multis or accumulators. These names are because parlays are single bets made up of a combination of multiple bets to make fantastic odds. The odds on parlays are calculated by multiplying the odds of the bets within them.

There’s the potential to hit a massive win with such great odds, but there’s also a catch. For a parlay bet to payout, each leg within it also needs to win. If one pick is wrong, the whole parlay bet is lost.

If you can find a balance between risk and reward for your bet picks, parlays could be an effective way to grow your bank.

How to Bet on a Soccer Parlay?

There are quite a few types of soccer parlays when betting on soccer. The types of bets you make can dramatically affect your result, so it’s vital to know which soccer picks and parlays are best to include.

Depending on what your bookmaker allows, you can build your parlays across multiple games or on a single match and include many betting markets.

Single-Game Soccer Parlays

Canadian sports bettors are now allowed to place their soccer parlays on one game if they want to. If you’re impatient and don’t like to wait too long for results, a single-game parlay is a perfect option for you. You can incorporate many betting markets when building your parlay.

For example, if you were to place a parlay on the upcoming Brighton vs. Tottenham Hotspurs match using an overs/unders, a match result and a both teams to score bet, your bet card would look something like this:

Bet Bet Type Odds
Tottenham Match Result 2.28
Total score over 2.5 Overs/Unders 2.07
Yes Both teams to score 1.84
Parlay Odds 8.69
Total Stake $100
Estimated Profit

Over/Under Soccer Parlays

Using the overs/unders bet, you can place a parlay that covers the results of a few upcoming games. The idea behind an overs/unders parlay is to correctly predict whether the scores in those matches will be over or under a predetermined total.

For example, if you were to bet on the Nottingham vs. Sunderland game for under 2.5, Swansea vs. Queens Park Rangers for over 3.5, and Arsenal vs. Blackburn for under 1.5, you’d get a bet slip that looked like this:

Bet Bet Type Odds
Under 2.5: Nottingham vs. Sunderland (Total 2.5) Over/Under 2.20
Over 3.5: Swansea vs. Queens Park Rangers (Total 3.5) Over/Under 2.33
Under 1.5: Arsenal vs. Blackburn (Total 1.5) Over/Under 5.40
Parlay Odds 27.68
Total Stake $100
Estimated Profit

Match Result Soccer Parlays

If you’ve got excellent soccer team knowledge and are a dab hand at choosing a winner, then a match result, 1×2 or Moneyline parlay, is the way to go. You can place your match result parlay on games within one league or multiple leagues.

Bet Bet Type Odds
Arsenal London

(Arsenal London vs. Blackburn)

Match Result 1.67
Sheffield United

(Sheffield Wednesday vs. Sheffield United)

Match Result 1.82
Truro City

(Truro City FC vs. Salisbury City)

Match Result 1.62
Parlay Odds 4.92
Total Stake $100
Estimated Profit

Soccer Parlay Odds

If you have the decimal odds for your World Cup Team Canada bet picks, calculating your parlay odds is as simple as multiplying the odds of each leg together. If you have American odds, you’ll need to convert them to decimal odds before you can figure out the parlay odds. Here’s how to do it:

  • Negative American odds:

If you have American odds of -120, it means you could earn $100 on a $120 bet. To convert to decimal, add the earnings to the initial bet and divide the total by the initial bet:

———-  = 1.83

  • Positive American odds:

If your American odds are 120, you could net $120 on a $100 bet. To convert this to decimal, add the initial bet to the winnings and divide that by the amount bet:

———– = 2.20

Best  Soccer Parlay Betting Markets

Choosing which parlay betting markets are the best for you depends on your level of knowledge, experience and risk profile. If you’re a cautious bettor, then you’d be better off choosing a market that has fewer variables. If you have lots of team knowledge and know all about performance, you may find it easier to pick a potential winner. You can use our expert picks to guide your choices for the best results.

For less experienced bettors, we recommend sticking to bets that have 50/50 odds of hitting, like first team to score, or bets that don’t require specific team knowledge like overs/unders. Knowledgeable bettors with lots of soccer betting experience can try their hand at match result parlays.

How to Calculate a Parlay Payout?

A parlay payout is calculated using a formula that multiplies the odds from each leg in the parlay. Our experts have some of the best World Cup Parlay Picks and EPL free picks around, and you can use this formula to calculate which would be the most lucrative.

We’ll use an example of a three-legged parlay with odds of 1.21, 1.86, and 1.67. The formula applied to a parlay payout calculation goes as follow:

Parlay odds = Leg 1 x Leg 2 x Leg 3 = 1.21 x 1.86 x 1.67 = 3.76
Payout = Stake x Parlay odds = $100 x 3.76 = $376
Profit = Payout – Stake = $376 – $100 = $276

Handicap Odds Accumulator vs Match Odds Accumulator

When teams are considered weak, instead of using standard match odds, bookmakers may opt to apply handicaps to even out the odds playing field. A strong team given a handicap of -1 would need to beat the competition by a margin of two for a backing bet to pay. Conversely, a weak team with a +1 handicap would need only to tie for your bet to pay.

What’s Acca Insurance?

Bookmakers offering World Cup parlays, MLS parlays, EPL parlays, and other sports betting accumulators will occasionally provide Acca insurance as a promo to encourage you to bet.

Acca insurance mitigates the risk of a failed bet by refunding your stake if one of your World Cup parlay picks misses the mark. This refund usually comes as a bonus or free bet, with the occasional cash refund offered.

Soccer Parlay Betting Tips and Strategies

We’ve put together a few World Cup strategies and soccer parlay strategies to get you placing parlays with the strongest chance of winning.

Here are a few tips and strategies to help you get the most out of your World Cup parlays.

  • Don’t bet extremes – Avoid bet picks offering impressive odds and a great payout; chances are the bookies know there’s a tiny chance of that bet hitting, which is why they offered the odds in the first place. Taking surefire bets with very low odds can be tedious and won’t provide the excitement of a big payday.
  • Keep your parlays small and manageable – The fewer legs you have, the lower your chances of failure.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the best odds – Even if you have a preferred bookmaker, there are no rules that say you can’t bet at others. Look for those offering the best betting odds for bigger payouts.
  • Mix your betting markets – Sticking to one betting market can limit your choices and your betting odds. By mixing markets, you can vary the risk profile of your bets to increase your chances.

How to Build a Parlay Betting Strategy

Some of the most successful bettors globally have World Cup Strategies that they follow when making World Cup parlay picks. If the best in the world need a strategy, then so do you. It’ll help you maintain your bankroll, plan your bets and stick to them.

Since adding multiple legs can increase your odds and payouts dramatically, it may be tempting to build large, overcomplicated parlays. I find it best to build three to four-legged parlays and reduce the room for error. You’ll need to find your sweet spot and make EPL picks and parlays that you are comfortable with.

One of my strategies is to mix my betting markets; this way, I can balance out the amount of risk I’m prepared to take on any given parlay. It also keeps me interested in every aspect of the game and not just focused on the winner.

Another huge part of my strategy is to plan ahead; you may find this tedious, but the payoff is worth it. For instance, if you’re keen to make some World Cup parlays, your first step should be to check out the World Cup schedule to see who’s facing off against who and research check out recent stats and performances.

Once you’ve done your homework and placed your bets, don’t be tempted to change them in a moment of doubt. I’ve always found that my first instincts are usually the best.

Check in regularly with your bookie for promotions, odds boosts and free picks. With so many leagues in this popular sport, there’s never a shortage of expert advice and tips to get you building successful parlays.

Soccer Parlay Calculator

You don’t need to worry if you aren’t up for the mathematical calculations necessary to figure out your parlay odds and payouts. Most online betting sites and bookmakers feature helpful parlay calculators that do the hard work for you; just enter your bets, and they’ll do the rest.

Statistics to Look At

If you want to be a successful parlay bettor, you’re going to need to be up to date with all of the latest team and player information. The bookmakers’ websites offer a wide variety of useful data on each match to assist with your MLS picks and parlays.

Depending on your betting market, look for recent match results, win/loss percentages, average goals scored and conceded against each other and the win probability.


  • Is it worthwhile to place parlay bets?

    This depends entirely on your personal relationship with risk. While parlay bets are risky, the rewards can be great.

  • Can prop bets be included in Soccer Parlays?

    Yes, Canada legalised same-game betting in August 2021.

  • Can I parlay soccer prop bets?

    Yes, depending on your bookmaker's rules, certain props bets are allowed in parlays.

  • What are same-game soccer parlays and picks?

    Same-game parlays include bet picks made on events within one game only.

  • Can I make parlay bets with games in different leagues?

    Yes, you can build your parlay using any league games within the sport.