If you’re in search of accurate World Cups free picks to use, look no further! On this page, our team of experts has compiled the best free picks for today’s World Cup matches. Make sure to read this write-up to the end!

Best Women's World Cup Free Picks & Parlays

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World Cup Predictions

The year 2022 promises to be fun and electrifying with the World cup tournament just around the corner. This year’s competition will take place in the Arab country of Qatar. As usual, 32 teams would be competing for the championship title.

The tournament is slated to kick off on November 20, 2022 and last until December 18, 2022. All 32 countries have qualified for the tournament. The likes of Qatar, Canada, Denmark, Brazil, France and Spain are already getting their team ready for the tournament.
With Canada among the three countries (US and Mexico being the other two) to host the 2026 World Cup, a World Cup appearance could be a sign of better things to come for the hopefuls.

What is a World Cup Pick?

Ever wondered what free picks are and why people talk so much about them? Well, free picks simply refer to predictions on sports events. In this case, we are offering free picks on the most popular soccer event in the world. World Cup free picks are predictions on the best bets to play on World Cup games.

A typical World Cup bet will require hours of researching into the statistics and data of teams to make well-informed wagers. But with our World Cup free picks, you can save a ton of time and hit big numbers using the daily free World Cup picks developed by our team of betting experts.

What World Cup Free Picks Do We Offer at BetPicks?

  • Moneyline: Moneyline is the simplest form of sports betting. This bet gives the bettor the option to bet on either a team winning the game or the match ending in a draw. Moneyline bets are straight to the point but when it comes to big games like in the World Cup series, these bets do require some extra tact to hit.
  • Over/Under: The Over/Under bet is more like a point spread in the NHL. This is a bet on the total amount of goals that will be scored in the game between both teams combined. The oddsmakers will provide the numbers of goals or line in decimals (for example 4.5), bettors get to choose over, meaning more goals will be scored than the line, or the under, meaning fewer goals.
  • Handicaps: Handicap bets refer to the projected score differential of a game. In simpler words, handicaps refer to the number of games a team will win or lose by. A bettor choosing a -1.5 line means that they’re picking the team to win by two or more goals.
  • Player Props: Player props are bets placed on players within a team rather than the team itself. A typical player prop will determine whether a top player will score goals within the game or will specify how many goals they will score. It could also determine the number of saves a goalkeeper will make.
  • Correct Score: As the name implies, a correct score bet requires the bettor to predict the final score of the game. The bookie will provide several exact final score predictions and the bettor will be required to choose out of one. This market offers huge win potential but it is not the most transparent. Tons of luck is required with correct score bets.
  • Future: A futures bet is made when a bettor predicts the result of a long-term event rather than a single game. A Future could be to decide on which team will win the World Cup, who will win the Golden Boot, and so on.

How to stay up to date with the latest World Cup picks

We keep you updated on the latest World cup games by providing daily picks during the tournament, so you can always find today’s best picks for the matches. Be sure to visit regularly so you can get the latest picks and make your bets on time to reap the biggest benefits.

We know you want the latest information on the latest games without having to do all the hard work and that’s why we have our team of professionals keeping up with the trends, reading lines, and developing the perfect game plans that leave no space for losses. Our World Cup free picks are results from decades of experience in sports wagering so you trust us to fast track you to success without hassle.

Free picks vs Paid picks vs Computer Picks

Free picks, paid picks, and computer picks all mean different things and will offer you different chances of fattening your pocket with wins. For bettors, understanding the difference between them could help you make a better decision on how your bets should go.

Free Picks

Free picks are as they sound. These are free predictions on a sports event offered by an online website or service. Free picks are not the most trusted picks but if you’re getting tips from top sites, you can be assured of success. Our free picks involve taking into account more than just betting trends and injury reports. We also consider the betting activity on the game, odds movement, time of play, weather conditions, and many other variables before finalizing the pick. In the end, you don’t get to spend all those hours researching when you can get them for free. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not. We are dedicated to bringing about your success.

Paid Picks

Paid picks are offered by a professional handicapping company that provides bettors with predictions for a fee. These picks services are offered on a subscription model where you can purchase predictions for a day, week, or an entire season. With paid picks, you will spend to get the predictions with chances of losing the bet as well as your cost of getting the prediction. Some picks services offer money-back guarantee so you get your funds back if the game loses. Picks services always style themselves as pro bettors with a high level of expertise and many of them are. However, you should know that there are tons of scam sites out there posing as one, so you might want to stick to reputable options.

Computer Picks

When it comes to computer picks, the actual difference is in how these picks are offered. Just as the name implies, Computer picks are offered by machines that make use of artificial intelligence to analyze data of teams and betting trends. The stats obtained are put into a program that determines the winner based on the information. Computer-generated picks can be free or paid and are sometimes accurate. However, these AI computers are sometimes unable to predict circumstances like injuries, changes in venue, weather conditions, and so on, making them the least favourable for new bettors or even seasoned professionals.

At Betpicks, we are not in the business of selling picks or packs, instead, we offer free picks from websites that are professional in their field (sport and betting), and we guarantee to provide the best information for our users. We also steer clear of computer-generated predictions as these usually fall flat when something unexpected happens with the game. In addition, a computer pick is never the same as a professional who lives and breathes soccer with a great track record of positive hits.

How To Get Started

We have explained what free picks are and why you should trust our free picks, now let’s get started on how to use our free picks

Step 1: Check our free picks of the day

As the World Cup develops, we drop several free picks on each game. You will find free picks on certain betting markets which gives you a variety of choices

Step 2: Choose on which you want to bet

Select the best free picks that suit your gaming needs. You can also choose the betting market of your choice

Step 3: You’ll be redirected to the bookmaker with the best odds

We also offer directions to the best bookmakers in the industry. If you don’t know where to look to play your free picks, you can trust us to get you started.

Step 4: Open an account or simply make the bet

Open a player account, claim the welcome bonus and place your bet.

How To Use Our Free Picks

Our free picks extend beyond world cup tournaments to the best soccer leagues and competitions. We have dedicated pages for the league’s free picks including the EPL and the MLS.

You can find the best picks on your preferred soccer leagues by checking our homepage and using the menu buttons to navigate to your chosen options. You will also find picks in our home pages on the top daily games for that day.

World Cup 2022 Schedule

The World Cup is set to kick off from November 21 to December 18. Our free picks will cover each match. Below is the World Cup schedule, so you won’t miss a free pick.

Group stage: November 20 - December 2
Round of 16: December 3-6
Quarterfinals: December 9/10
Semi-finals: December 13/14
Final: December 18

How our experts guarantee the best picks

Delivering our free picks comes from hours of research into the latest betting trends, previous stats, injury reports, and many other variables depending on the current game and the stakes each team has on the game. We don’t just analyze team performance, but we also take a look at the odds set by bookmakers and the betting activity on the offered games. Odd fluctuations give insight as to how bookies see the game which gives a hint as to how to outsmart them. You will find that we provide different picks for each betting market so there is always something for each bettor.

Our team of professionals were once regular bettors that loved the game. Today, they are seasoned experts with decades of experience in the craft. From betting on regular sports events to the big leagues like UEFA, Euro, Copa Del Rey, and World Cup, our top experienced bettors are determined to put in all it takes to make every bet a success.


Are Paid Picks More Reliable Than Free Picks?

It depends. Some paid picks sites are run by professionals with pride in their craft. If you're able to come across them, your chances of winning are sure, however, you won't always make a huge profit due to the charges they make on their picks. Free picks sites like us are just on par with these paid options with the difference being that we offer everything for free.

What Makes A Great Free Sports Pick?

A great free sports pick is any pick that leads to a win. To make such a pick, we take many variables into account. These statistics help us to determine how each betting market will turn out and the best bet to place on such a betting market.

What Free Expert Picks Do You Offer At BetPkcks?

At Betpicks, we cover all major soccer games and leagues as well as major US sports like the NHL, MLB, NFL, and NBA. We offer daily picks on every sport so you should always check our dedicated pages every day.

How Do I Know What The Best Picks For Today Are?

Our best bets and picks of the day are listed on our homepage. If you want the best winning wagers for a particular sport, you can always use our menu options to navigate to your preferred sport. Check out today's expert picks now!

Should I Pay For Picks?

Paying for picks is a personal decision, but it isn't something we will recommend. Our free picks are more than enough to turn your betting record around to save you the time and effort needed to make your own picks. If you choose to pay for picks, be reminded that it is similar to hiring an expert for financial investments like hiring a professional to help you trade on the stock market. There is no guarantee that you will be profitable, but your chances are on the good side.