Soccer Free Picks Introduction

Soccer is the world’s biggest sport; a beloved game played in every country on the planet. It is also the most heavily gambled upon game on the planet. Betting can be tricky, and there’s never any guarantee of a win, but the more information you have, the better.

At BetPicks, we are here to help gamblers. We provide comprehensive soccer free picks for every major game in leagues around the world. Our expert picks use data and performance trends to project important games in various major soccer leagues, giving gamblers tips and predictions to help them hit it big. If you are looking for completely free soccer picks for today, we’ve got you with the latest and greatest on all upcoming action. This guide will introduce our free soccer betting picks program and share some major tips and information. Are you ready to kick-off? Let’s go!

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Find Your Free Picks - Leagues We Cover

Soccer isn’t like American Football, which is dominated by one primary league. There are countless leagues around the globe with major talent, although some leagues have superior players and higher-budget clubs. At BetPicks, we offer free soccer betting picks for several leagues around the world. Let’s explore some of the different leagues soccer fans can find soccer free picks today.

English Premier League Free Picks

EPLThe English Premier League, or EPL, likely features the most dynamic collection of talent of any domestic league on the planet. With powerhouse clubs like Manchester United and City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and much more, this league has it all. We offer EPL Free Picks, so you can get the inside scoop on upcoming matches in this top-flight league.

Champions League Free Picks

UEFA Champions LeagueThe Champions League features Europe’s best domestic clubs going head-to-head to determine who the best team in Europe truly is. While Champions League games aren’t as common as domestic leagues, we have you covered with Champions League free picks for every game.

MLS Free Picks

MLSSoccer is rapidly growing in North America, and one of the reasons for this is the improvement of Major League Soccer or MLS. Across Canada and the U.S, franchises compete for their chance at the MLS Cup. Check out our MLS Free Picks for up-to-date predictions.

World Cup Free Picks

CONCACAF qualifiersThe World Cup qualifiers are well underway, and the tournament itself is now around the corner. The World Cup is soccer’s biggest tournament, an international showcase of the best players and countries in the world that culminates in one country claiming the most desirable trophy in sports. This tournament brings some serious betting with it, so stick with us for the best World Cup Free Picks.

La Liga Free Picks

La Liga is the top-flight Spanish domestic league, and while the glory days of Messi vs. Ronaldo are gone, some of the top talent and most revered clubs in the sport reside in this league. With the table currently tightly congested, we can help clear up some of the confusion with La Liga’s free soccer picks for today.


Serie A Free Picks

Italy is the reigning Euro Cup Champion, and much of the talent from that team is situated in Serie A, Italy’s top domestic league. It has numerous historic clubs that challenge Champions League trophies, from AC Milan and Juventus to Inter Milan and Napoli. With an extremely tight stretch run this year, we’ve got you covered with some Serie A soccer free picks.

Bundesliga Free Picks

Germany is one of the top soccer nations in the world, and their domestic league is where many of the best players in the world hone their craft. With major powerhouse clubs like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, this league features some of the top goal scorers on the planet. We provide up-to-the-moment Bundesliga free picks to help inform your strategy.

Soccer Betting Strategies

While we provide free soccer betting picks, ultimately, you are the decision-maker when it comes to your own betting. There is a lot to know about soccer betting and to help you out, we’ve created a quick guide to some important soccer betting info, including markets, strategies, and how to bet.

Soccer Betting Markets

Markets are the different things bettors are wagering on. Let’s look at some of the most popular soccer markets.

  • Moneyline: Moneyline is the most simple form of betting. It is a direct bet on what the outcome of the game will be. With soccer, bettors are choosing to bet for team A, team B, or a draw if they bet Moneyline. This market is also known as a full-time result.
  • Over/Under: The Over/Under is a bet on the total amount of goals that will be scored in the game between both teams combined. Bettors can choose the over, meaning more goals will be scored than the line, or the under, meaning fewer.
  • Handicaps: Handicaps are a line that indicates what the projected score differential of a game will be. Bettors can choose different lines with soccer and bet for them or against them. If a bettor is betting for a -1.5 line, that means they are picking that team to win by two or more goals.
  • Player Props: Player Props are a bet on player performance rather than a team performance within a game. Typically, a player prop will be on whether a player will score a goal, how many they will score, or how many saves a goaltender will have.
  • Double Chance: A double chance bet is when bettors are betting on two of the three possible results in a game to happen (win, draw, lose). Typically, a bettor will select Team A to win and a Draw as their Double Chance bet.
  • Correct Score: A correct score bet is when a bettor has to pick what the exact final score of a game will be. This market typically has a high payout because it isn’t easy to do and requires a fair bit of luck.
  • Future picks: A Future pick is when a bettor picks the result of something long-term that isn’t decided within just one game. A Future would be on something like who will lead the Premier League in scoring, who will win the World Cup, and so on.

Betting Strategies

While betting outcomes are never fully in your control, there are certain strategies that can improve your odds of winning. Let’s look at some soccer betting strategies that can help you hit some paydays.

  • Avoid Reckless Parlays: Parlay bets are a great way to earn massive payouts from your bets but don’t get carried away. Making large money bets on wildly improbable parlays is a recipe for failure.
  • Double Chance is a Low Risk, Low Reward Option: Because Double Chance bets have two outcomes that payout, their odds don’t provide large payouts unless you are betting on a massive underdog. But they are the safest bets, and you can still get a nice return if you put down enough.
  • Bet with Your Brain, Not Your Heart: Soccer fans are devoted and emotional, but be logical. If you are a fan of the team that is last on the table, facing relegation and is up against the top team in the league, don’t make a Moneyline bet on them. It is incredibly unlikely to happen.
  • Bet on Enhanced Odds: Enhanced Odds are a bonus where a sportsbook takes a certain market and enhances the odds to make them more favorable to bettors. This is a great way to find bettor-friendly odds, although this promo isn’t available on every sportsbook.
  • Avoid Dutching Until You Have Proper Experience: Dutching is a betting style where bettors place multiple bets on several different outcomes in an attempt to hedge their bet and secure some winnings. While this is a great strategy if you know what you’re doing, the typical beginner bettor might make some mistakes doing this that could be costly.

How to bet

We’ve told you about our soccer free picks, but if you’re inexperienced with betting, you may not know how to make them. Let’s look at some of the steps you typically must go through in order to bet in a quick guide on how to bet.

  • Finding a sportsbook: The first step to betting is finding the right operator. This will depend on what you are looking for. There are currently countless sportsbooks available to Canadians, with websites like Sports Interaction, Betway, and 888Sport being among the most popular. Browse your options and find a sportsbook that aligns with your interests.
  • Creating an Account: If you are over the legal betting age, creating an account shouldn’t take much time. You must simply create a login on the operator of your choosing and input details like your date of birth, address, and email or phone number.
  • Banking with a Sportsbook: Next, you must deposit with the sportsbook of your choosing. If you want to place bets, you need money in your account. Most sportsbooks will have a variety of different options that they accept for deposits, like Mastercard/Visa, Interac, and e-wallets.
  • Finding Your Right Betting Options: Once you’ve got money in your account, it is time to place a bet. To do this, you must find the soccer game you want to bet on. Click on the game, and the markets should pop up. From there, you must decide what market you want to engage with and whether or not you want to parlay bet. Then, you can place your bet.

Soccer Parlays

If you are an inexperienced soccer bettor and you’ve heard talks about soccer parlays, you may not know what that means. Parlays are a kind of sports bet that combines high risk with a high reward. If you parlay a bet, you can make more money than if you bet straight up. Let’s quickly run down what parlays are, how to make them, and explain our Soccer picks and parlays.

Parlays are when bettors combine multiple bets into one single bet. The odds grow higher the more selections are in the parlay. The reason parlays are highly utilized is that they pay out much higher than if a bettor bets on each section within the parlay individually, and the winnings skyrocket the more selections there are. However, each bet within the parlay needs to hit in order for it to be a success; if even one part of an eleven-part parlay doesn’t hit, the bet is a bust.

There are several different kinds of parlays. There’s a same-game parlay, where bettors are betting on several different outcomes to occur within a game. There are multi-game parlays covering multiple events and even multi-league or multi-sport parlays.

An example of a parlay bet would be if I bet Manchester City ML vs. Brentford at -1000, Tottenham ML vs. Southampton at -167, and Liverpool ML vs. Leicester at -400. By combining these into a parlay, the odds are now at +120, but each leg needs to hit in order for me to win.

Lots of bettors go down crazy rabbit holes with parlays, combining a huge number of unlikely things because the potential payout is so high. This isn’t the best strategy. Bettors should do things like combining heavy favorites with moderate favorites or slight underdogs to increase potential winnings or parlay two teams where the odds are relatively even, but bettors are confident in a result.

At BetPicks, we don’t just provide free soccer betting picks on single games. We also cover soccer parlay picks. There, we provide picks on parlay offerings that we believe offer our users a great competitive advantage. We have different parlays available on an up-to-date basis, including both EPL Parlays and, with the big tournament ahead, World Cup Parlays.

What Makes a Soccer Free Pick a Good One?

We’ve said that we offer a variety of great free soccer picks for today, and every day, but what makes them great? At BetPicks, we pride ourselves on offering our users something of substance for no cost, but let’s go into what defines a good soccer pick. These are some of the guiding principles around our free picks.

What we look for in a free pick is that it has a high likelihood of hitting, first and foremost. Our free soccer betting picks are selected because we full-heartedly believe that they will happen. While we do try and mix it up and make some selections with lower odds, at the end of the day, our goal is to provide bettors with winning bets.

The other thing we look for in a bet is whether it will provide a good return on investment or a good value for bettors. If there is a game where one team is heavily favored, at something like -1000, we won’t focus on that market. We will look for a market that appears likely to hit that has a higher value for gamblers.

In general, those are the two principles that determine our free picks. We want a good value bet with a high return on investment for bettors, but most of all, we pick results we are confident will cash for bettors.

How do we come up with our Soccer free picks?

Now that we’ve told you about what we look for in our picks let’s dive into how we make our Soccer Free Picks. At BetPicks, we employ a team of experienced gamblers and avid soccer fans that have years of experience as seasoned bettors that partake in different markets. Our diehard free soccer picks pro experts will spend hours watching the leagues they cover to have the most comprehensive understanding of the teams and players.

Our experts will also look at different stats and scores to get an extensive numerical base for their predictions. They’ll look at different betting sources and experts, as well as gambling outcomes, so they have a high-level understanding of trends and predictions.

Soccer free picks are an imperfect science. No one is right all the time, and we don’t claim to be perfect. However, our experts try and factor as much as they can into their predictions to make them the best possible for bettors.

How do I know Soccer Free Picks are Right for Me?

This will be up to your discretion at the end of the day. But there are several things that should determine what free picks you make. If you are looking to make some soccer free picks today, let’s explore what you should consider before clicking Place Bet on one of our picks.

For starters, the most important factor should be your experience level. Beginners are going to want to stick with certain markets that are easier to track and calculate winnings. This will be things like Moneyline bets and goal over/under. An expert bettor might want to do things like correct score or halftime score because they have a higher appetite for risk.

That brings us to the most important determiner, which is what kind of appetite for risk you have. If you have a high appetite or risk, then parlay picks or wild score prediction soccer free picks may be for you. If you want to be risk-averse and more calculated, Moneyline, over/under, double chance, and handicaps may be the right free pick decision.

Seasons, Schedule and Stats

At BetPicks, we are constantly updating our picks to be as up-to-date as possible. Our predictions change based on results, and we are completely current with the games. That makes it so if you want to see some free soccer picks for today, you can simply visit our website and see what is going on right now. We continue our coverage right until the final game of the season and champions are declared.

Soccer is a sport that doesn’t take much time off, and neither do we. Let’s look at some of the need-to-know information about the timetables of some of the top leagues in the world, as well as the teams bettors should be paying attention to right now.

Soccer Seasons

  • EPL: In the EPL, each team plays 38 matches. They play every other team in the league twice, once at home and once away. The 2021-22 EPL season started August 13th and will finish May 22nd.
  • La Liga: In the Spanish League, each team plays 38 matches, following the same format as the EPL. The 2021-22 La Liga season started August 13th and will finish May 22nd.
  • Bundesliga: In the German League, each team plays 34 matches because there are 18 teams. They play the 17 other teams once at home and once away. The Bundesliga season started on August 13th and will conclude on May 14th.
  • Serie A: In the Italian Top league, each team will play 38 matches, sharing the same format as the EPL and La Liga. The 21-22 Serie A season started August 22nd and will end May 22nd.
  • Ligue 1: Each of the 20 French League teams also plays 38 games. The Ligue 1 season started on August 6th and will end on May 21st.
  • MLS: Major League Soccer teams play 34 games due to the 18 teams in the league. The MLS season is expected to start on February 26th and continue to the MLS Cup Final on November 5th.

Top Teams and Players

Here are the leaders in each of the main leagues:

  • Manchester City: Comfortably sitting atop the Premier League, Manchester City looks likely to earn their fourth Premier League title in the past five years.
  • Paris Saint Germain: While Ligue 1 is nowhere near as competitive as others, PSG has still performed admirably this year and is dominating with a comfortable lead.
  • Inter Milan: Inter Milan holds a razor-thin lead on Serie A deep into the season, but the competition is nipping at their heels. They are a talented, deep squad.
  • Bayern Munich: Bayern Munich is one of the great European teams. They currently have a comfortable lead on the rest of the Bundesliga and could win their 10th straight German championship.
  • Real Madrid: While the golden days of Cristiano Ronaldo are behind them, Real Madrid presses on with one of the most talented teams in the country. They have a slight lead in La Liga.


How Often do you Update Your Soccer Free Picks?

We try and keep our Free Picks extremely current. We have free picks available every day, covering all Soccer leagues.

Can I Parlay Games in Different Leagues?

Yes! Parlay bets are near limitless on most websites. You can make parlays across games, leagues, and even sports.

Which Market Offers the Highest Likelihood of a Win?

There is no market that guarantees a win, but one that has the highest likelihood is double chance because two of the three possible outcomes in a game will result in a win

How Can I Win Big by Betting on the Heavy Favourite?

If you want to make real money by betting on a heavy favorite, don't do a Moneyline or Double Chance bet. Pick things like props, such as which player on the team will score or what the final score will be

What’s Your Track Record with Free Picks Right Now?

We have been proven successful on our Free Picks. Over the past 13 matchdays, bettors who followed our Free Picks would be up +14.59 units.

Our soccer experts

Cameron Kozinets

Cameron is an avid lover of the game of soccer and a long-time sports bettor. Cameron played soccer from the age of six onward and has been following the game for a similar amount of time. In that time, he has enjoyed placing bets on his favorite league, the EPL, and major international tournaments. His proudest soccer betting moment was placing an Outright on Italy before the 2020 Euro Tournament.

In his free time, Cameron loves to play sports like football, soccer, and basketball and follow all the major American leagues. Cameron graduated from the University of Southern California’s Journalism program in 2020.