MLB parlays

The weekend is going to be a scorcher and this free MLB parlay brings the heat. Offering a chance to win big, this 3-leg parlay brings provides three different types of wagers!

Houston Astros @ Washington Nationals

May 15 @ 1:35 P.M. (EST), Nationals Park

To open this MLB parlay of the week, we’re going to focus on the Run Line as the Astros visit the Nationals. Washington snapped Houston’s 11-game win streak on Saturday but I think the Astros get back into the win column to close out this weekend series.

This season, Houston has done a solid job against the spread. With a record of 13-7 against the spread, Houston is not easily defeated even when they are giving runs away to the underdog. Looking at the Nationals, they are the worst team against the spread in baseball. Sitting ugly with a record of 13-21, they have not covered many games this season (in comparison to their losses).

My free MLB pick for leg one will be to take Houston -1.5. Justin Verlander gets the nod for the Astros and is dealing to start the season. Patrick Corbin is on the bump and teams are knocking him around. Corbin enters this game with an ERA of 6.06 and has not won a start all year long.

This is the perfect bet to open our parlay. Let’s lock in the Houston Run Line -1.5 (-120) to open our BetPicks parlay.

New York Yankees @ Chicago White Sox

May 15 @ 2:10 P.M. (EST), Guaranteed Rate Field

The Bronx Bombers have been one of the league’s best teams all season long. Currently, the only MLB team with single-digit losses, defeating the Yankees has not been an easy task in 2022.

But for this free MLB prediction, I am backing the underdog White Sox at home.

I love the pitching match-up in this game. The White Sox are sending Michael Kopech to battle the hitters of New York. This season, Kopech has a staggering 0.93 ERA with 30 strikeouts. Being able to fan hitters at the dish has been a vital reason for his success this season.

Nestor Cortes starts for New York. While Cortes is having a solid season himself, the White Sox tee off against left-handed pitching. In 21 games against an LHP, the ChiSox have a team batting average of .268. That’s good for second in Major League Baseball.

The Yankees are a solid team but I like the value of this game. Let’s back the White Sox at home. They have proven before how they can handle left-handed pitching and I think they can take down New York.

For the second leg of our MLB parlay, we’re taking the White Sox Moneyline (+100).

Los Angeles Angels @ Oakland Athletics

May 15 @ 4:07 P.M. (EST), RingCentral Coliseum

To cap off our parlay, we’re looking at some west coast baseball. The Angels have owned the Athletics this season but I am not interested in selecting a winner. Instead, my best bet and prediction for this game focuses on total runs.

Los Angeles currently rosters one of the best offenses in the sport. With players like Rendon, Ohtani, Trout and Jared Walsh doing damage at the dish, there are currently no easy outs with Angels hitters. That doesn’t bode well for the Athletics. Oakland may have a decent team ERA for starting pitchers (3.57) but their bullpen could be improved.

This is why I want to strategically focus on LA’s total runs for this game. I cannot trust one of the worst offenses in baseball to help win a bet on total runs. Focusing on the Angels specifically offers bettors odds and value for this BetPicks parlay.

A’s projected pitcher Frankie Montas has a 3.77 ERA. Add in the fact that the Angels should also do damage against the Oakland bullpen and we have a pick for this game.

Leg three of this free MLB parlay will be to take the Angels’ total runs over 3.5 (-115).

What is MLB Parlay Betting?

Major League Baseball is one of the most popular American sporting leagues, and the sport garners a lot of attention from Canadian bettors. If you’ve spent a lot of time betting on sports, then you’ve probably come across this exciting form of betting. If you’re unfamiliar with parlays, then we’re here to explain MLB picks and parlays and what they’re all about.

Parlay bets allow you to combine multiple bet picks into one multi-legged wager and benefit from higher, multiplied odds. MLB picks and parlays are placed only on games within Major League Baseball.

The pitfall of MLB picks and parlays is that they’re not easy to get right. For a parlay bet to succeed, all leg bet picks need to hit, or the total bet collapses. Ensuring that you know everything you can about the game, the types of bets you can include, and how to build a strong parlay, is imperative.

How to Bet on MLB Picks and Parlays?

The trick to MLB picks and parlay betting is to know how to build them successfully. Identifying a few key guidelines for your bets before you start will set you on the path to a winning combination.

One of the first factors you should consider is how many legs you are comfortable betting, remembering that the more legs you have in the parlay, the greater the chance of the whole thing bombing out.

The second factor to consider is which types of bets you include in your parlay. Choosing bets that tie together is a good idea; for example, if bet A hits, then it makes it more likely that bet B will too and so on. Let’s take a look at some types of MLB parlays.

MLB Straight-up Win Parlays

Just as it sounds, this bet combines betting legs on winning outcomes of multiple games. Also referred to as Moneyline bets, make your picks for the winners of the next few matches, and if they win, enjoy the spoils of multiplied odds.

A Straight-up win parlay based on three outright winners at 2:1 odds, 3:1 odds and 2.2:1 odds would resemble this:

Bet Bet Type Odds
Team A Moneyline 2.0
Team B Moneyline 3.0
Team C Moneyline 2.2
Total Odds 13.2
Total Stake CA$10.00
Est. Total Profit CA$132.00

MLB Overs/Unders Parlay Bet

In an Overs/Unders Parlay, you’re betting that the score of your chosen games will either be over or under a predetermined score. An overs/unders parlay would look like this:

Bet Bet Type Odds
Over 10
(Team A vs. Team B)
Over/Under 1.5
Over 15
(Team C vs. Team D)
Over/Under 3.6
Over 20
(Team E vs. Team F)
Over/Under 2.4
Total Odds 12.96
Total Stake CA$100
Est. Total Profit CA$1,296.00

MLB Runline Bets

In any other sport a runline bet is referred to as a spread. Your bet is placed on a certain team to win or lose by a specific margin.

Games Bet Type Odds
Team A
(Win by 5)
Runline 3.00
Team B
(Win by 3)
Runline 1.92
Team C
(Lose by 5)
Runline 4.03
Total Odds 23.21
Total Stake CA$100
Est. Total Profit CA$2,321.28

MLB Parlay Odds

Parlay odds are calculated by multiplying the decimal odds on each leg bet together. If you have American odds, you’ll need to convert them to decimal format before you can calculate your parlay odds; here’s what you’ll do:

  • Negative value odds: If you have American form odds at -250, then it means that to win CA$100, you’ll need to bet CA$250, for a total payout of CA$350. Your decimal odds can be worked out by dividing the final payout by the stake: 250/100 = 2.5.
  • Positive value odds: With positive American odds of +320, your initial stake of CA$100 can win you CA$320, for a total of CA$420. Dividing the total payout by the initial stake will get your decimal odds – 420/100 = 4.2.

Once you have calculated your decimal odds for each parlay leg, multiply them to calculate your overall MLB parlay odds.

Best MLB Parlay Betting Markets

Baseball scores are notoriously volatile, and a team that scored 12 runs in one game can completely tank in the next. Choosing the kinds of bets you include in your parlay wisely can make the difference between winning and losing. The main MLB parlay markets are over/unders, moneyline, and run-line bets.

  • If you’re a novice at parlays and don’t have much experience with MLB betting, then it’s a good idea to stick with simple, 50/50 type bets with either/or options like an over/under or Moneyline bet. Try to research recent performance to gather as much info as possible before placing your parlay.
  • More experienced MLB Parlay bettors can place parlays with a mixture of betting markets and niched options that require a deeper knowledge of the game, the teams and players.

MLB Parlay betting tips and strategies

No matter the type of bets you’re making, having a few rules and strategies in place to keep you on track and prevent rash decisions is always a good idea. Here are some tips I find useful when placing MLB Parlays.

  • Combine favourites – Single bets on favourites offer very little reward as the odds are reduced. Combining favourites into a parlay will make the payout much more attractive while keeping your risk low.
  • Don’t be tempted by crazy odds – If insanely large odds are offered on a bet, then chances are the team is a proper underdog, and your chances of winning are minuscule. Including a bet like this in your parlay could collapse the parlay barring an extreme upset.
  • Don’t overcomplicate your bet – The more legs, the more working parts that can fail and bomb your parlay. I’ve found three or four legs to be manageable and safest.
  • Look for the best odds and boosts – Place your MLB parlays with the bookie offering the best odds or find one giving you odds boosts. We’ve found this strategy to be very successful in raising the payout on an otherwise low-paying bet.

How to build an MLB parlay betting strategy?

If you’re anything like us, your mind overanalyzes things to the point where you become confused or unsure of your bets. We’ve found that having a parlay betting strategy helps prevent this and stops me from making last-minute changes and bad decisions.

You may prefer to shoot from the hip and choose favourites on the day, but we’ve found it very useful to research the teams and their recent performance before making any MLB picks and parlays. As MLB is so volatile and streaks play such a big role in the outcomes, over strategizing can be detrimental, so try to find a good balance.

Once you’ve done your research and made your picks, place the MLB parlay and leave it. You’ll avoid last-minute changes and panic betting by doing this.

MLB Parlay Calculator

To calculate your parlay payouts, you simply multiply your stake by the parlay odds. The parlay odds are worked out by multiplying the individual odds of each leg. For example:

Leg 1 – 4.0
Leg 2 – 2.2
Leg 3 – 3.1

Parlay odds = 4.0 x 2.20 x 3.1 = 27.28
Parlay Payout = CA$100 x 27.28 = CA$2,728
Profit = CA$2,728 – CA$100 = CA$2,628

If you’re not up for calculating your odds using the above mentioned method, then many bookmakers offer a handy parlay odds calculator that will do all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is enter your odds from each leg of the bet and the stake, and you’ll get a projected payout if all bets hit.

Statistics to Look At

Your bookmaker will provide some top picks and tips to help you build your MLB parlays; some will even have a section for the best MLB parlay picks for today. They will also provide a lot of game, team and player stats to help inform your picks. When strategizing, some things to consider are starting pitching stats, bullpen stats, offence, and streaks. Including these stats in your decision-making process will allow you to get a complete picture of how the teams have been performing recently and place bets that are more likely to win.


  • What should I include in a parlay?

    While you can have anywhere from two to 10-12 legs in a parlay, we recommend keeping it between two and four.

  • Can I make same-game MLB Parlays in Canada?

    Yes, same-game parlays were legalized in Canada in August of 2021.

  • What markets can I include in an MLB parlay?

    You can use diverse markets to build a parlay; the most popular ones for MLB parlays are over/unders, moneyline, and run-lines.

  • Are Parlays worth it?

    While Parlays do carry more risk, they also offer higher payouts. You can make parlay betting worthwhile by using strategy to build strong bets.

  • How do parlays have such high odds?

    Parlay odds are worked out by multiplying the individual leg bet odds together. This increases the size of the odds dramatically.


Parlays can be risky bets to make because of how easily one failed leg can tank the whole bet. But considering the potential reward from the multiplied odds, the risk is often worth taking. Doing proper research so you can be confident in your bets goes a long way to mitigate that risk. You can check out our website for the best free picks and parlays in MLB.

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