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At BetPicks, we know you want the latest betting trends and professional insight for all your favourite teams and sports. We provide free picks daily from qualified professionals that work tirelessly to deliver the best bets of the day. There are no days off when it comes to betting, and we’re dedicated to providing our users with free betting picks daily.

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What Is a Free Pick?

BetPicks Best BetsHave you ever wondered what a free betting pick is or why it’s useful? If so, you’re not alone. BetPicks offers free betting advice and free betting picks for a variety of sports.

What is a betting pick? We offer betting advice on professional sports and competitions. Our free bet picks give users advice on which bet they should place on a game they want to wager on. We are simply guiding users that may be uncertain about which bet to place and give them a helping hand by making an expert pick.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and the menu is overwhelming, causing you to be unsure of what you want to order? With so many choices for bettors, it can be overwhelming quickly. We’re here to offer you advice on what bet to place for the hottest games and competitions in the world of professional sports. Instead of opening a 10-page menu (the sportsbook) and getting smacked in the face with options, we narrow down every possible bet and provide you with the best bet you can make for a specific game or competition.

Why are free picks beneficial? At BetPicks, all of our services and professional expert picks are completely free! While other companies and handicappers hide behind payment plans, we guide users to the best bets they can make, all for free.

Our professionals are students of the game and experts in their field. There is a reason BetPicks is trusted in the betting world. For the price of free, you can’t go wrong trusting BetPicks for your free picks, parlays and betting advice!

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How to Get Started with

BetPicks Best BetsHead over to the homepage – From there, at the top, you can see the free picks and parlays on our top banner

Hover over the desired pick/parlay you’d like free betting advice on – Using your cursor, hovering over our free picks or free parlays will provide a drop-down menu for you to select.

Click on the desired page you would like to visit.

Select the wager you want to place – Once you have found the wager you’d like to make, clicking on the free pick and the odds at the bottom of the prediction will redirect you to the bookmaker in which the odds were pulled from.

Once you are on the bookmakers’ site, you can either set up an account and place a wager. If you are already a member at the bookmaker from which the odds were pulled, you can simply place the bet!

Accessing our free parlays is just as easy as accessing our free picks. The same process applies. The only difference is that the betting advice is geared towards making a parlay wager! A parlay is a collection of single wagers grouped into one big wager! All legs of the bet need to hit for the parlay to win. There is increased risk but boosted odds, which can provide users a chance to win big!

Free Picks vs. Paid Picks

BetPicks Best BetsSome bookmakers and betting websites offer advice, but it is hidden behind potential payment. They may offer teasers or promote their winning percentage as a way to get users to buy into their model. These companies or handicappers usually promote packages that may entice users to sign up and pay for their service. Oftentimes, you can find these paid subscriptions offering paid packs (for a specific sport) or guaranteed picks that are backed by their trusted handicapper!

If you’re open to paying for picks, that’s fine. However, at BetPicks we strive to offer the best betting advice for the games, competitions and sports you love – all for free!

Our service is free but our dedication to providing free picks is premium. BetPicks professionals are experts in their field and spend hours researching the best bets you can make.

Furthermore, here at BetPicks, we offer professional insight into free parlays and picks, sports betting guides and reviews of the top Canadian bookmakers on the market today.

So, while other services dangle a carrot in front of potential users to hook them and sell a product, is dedicated to providing the best free picks on the market.

How to Stay Up to Date with the Latest Picks

BetPicks Best BetsIt’s easy to stay up to date with our latest betting picks. Our team of professionals is constantly updating and providing new picks, so checking back at your convenience is a surefire way to stay on top of things. Our experts look for the best bets and hottest games across a variety of professional sports daily and provide free picks and predictions to help you become a winner. To help stay on top of our picks, users can bookmark our page with their preferred internet browser.

What Do We Cover?

Our talented roster covers a multitude of sports, including the EPL, World Cup, NHL, NFL, Champions League, MLS, NBA, MLB, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga so you have all your angles covered when wanting to place a bet.

English Premier League Free Picks

EPLWith 38 games on the docket for each team, bettors have multiple opportunities to wager on the Premier League. Our experts live for the weekend and the Premier League, offering free EPL picks and parlays until the final whistle of the season.

World Cup Free Picks

World Cup 2022One of the most-watched sporting events in the world, the World Cup is the pinnacle of soccer. We offer free soccer picks and parlays, covering every stage of the World Cup. Our World Cup free picks has many betting opportunities and we update our free picks and parlays as the tournament progresses.

NHL Free Picks

NHLThe NHL offers nightly opportunities to bet and we’ve got you covered with daily free NHL picks. Not only that, but here at BetPicks we also offer free NHL parlays and best bets for the hockey season! From the opening faceoff to the final buzzer of the Stanley Cup final, we provide free NHL picks and parlays throughout the season.

NFL Free Picks

NFLEvery week we update our NFL page with the best bets and latest free NFL picks for the season. Looking at spreads, Moneyline and totals wagers, we’re dedicated to providing the best free NFL picks for one of the most popular sports in North America.

Champions League Free Picks

UEFA Champions LeagueOffering the best competition at the club level, the Champions League features top teams going head-to-head. Throughout the competition, BetPicks professionals offer free Champions League picks and parlays until a champion is crowned. Covering every leg, we ensure our free soccer picks feature the biggest matchups of the Champions League.

MLS Free Picks

MLSMLS is Canada/USA’s top league and we present the latest and best free soccer picks for the top fixtures in the league. The MLS is ever-growing and our professionals are along for the ride, offering MLS free picks and predictions.

NBA Free Picks

NBA LogoOur professionals cover the highest level of basketball with free NBA picks throughout the regular season, all the way to the NBA Finals’ best-of-7 series. Offering picks on the spread, Moneyline and other popular wagers, we have the best NBA bets for users on a nightly basis.

MLB Free Picks

MLB official logoDaily picks spanning the entire MLB season, from first pitch on Opening Day to the final out in the World Series. We offer MLB free picks and MLB parlays, looking at popular wagers like the Moneyline, Spread and Totals for the hottest games and matchups throughout the week.

La Liga Free Picks

With fierce competition headlining Spain’s top division, we cover all the exciting fixtures La Liga has to offer. Our betting experts look at the weekly matchups and deliver free La Liga picks and parlays for the beautiful game.

Serie A Free Picks

The top of Italian club soccer is covered at BetPicks and we analyze each week of fixtures to provide the best soccer picks for users wanting to wager on Serie A competition. We have you covered every week from the start of competition to the final matchday of the year.

Bundesliga Free Picks

Covering the top league in Germany, our free soccer picks extend to the Bundesliga as well. Our soccer professionals analyze every matchday and provide the best free soccer picks and parlays until a winner is declared at seasons’ end.

How our experts guarantee the best picks

BetPicks Best BetsOur experts guarantee the best picks and bets for their respective sport because not only are they avid bettors, they are fans of the game. It’s easy to pick a wager and suggest it. But our BetPicks experts are built differently than others.

BetPicks professionals back their free expert picks with countless hours of research, analyzing statistics, and dissecting betting odds to ensure users are getting the best bets for the games they want to wager on.

We provide the perfect combination of fans that love the game and betting professionalism. To be a BetPicks professional and to offer the best free picks on the market, our experts ensure they stay knowledgeable about recent betting trends and the most relevant information in regards to the sport they cover.

Users can breathe easily and bet confidently when they read a free pick or parlay from our experts. Here at BetPicks, we want to ensure that users trust us when placing a recommended bet, which is why we go to great lengths to guarantee you are getting the best free betting picks we have to offer.


When Are the Free Picks Posted?

Our free picks are posted daily. Sports like MLB, NBA and NHL will have more recurring posts due to the number of games played throughout the season and leagues like the EPL, NFL and Serie A will have odds posted towards match day to ensure that our free picks and predictions give an accurate representation to the betting lines before the game. At BetPicks were constantly looking at the best bets for our users and are updating our page to help our readers become winners, so bookmark our page and check back for the latest free picks.

How Can You Find Free Picks on

Accessing our free picks is simple. Navigate to our home page and the top banner provides all the info you need. Simply decide if you would like predictions and expertise for a pick or parlay. From there, hovering over your desired page will bring you to a dropdown menu of all our leagues covered at BetPicks. Finally, click on the league/competition you would like to gain more information about and you will be redirected to your desired sport/competition and our free picks.

What Sports/Competitions Do You Cover at BetPicks? covers the most-watched sports around the globe. Our diversified list gives readers the opportunity to bet on a variety of sports, no matter what season or time of year it is. We currently cover the NFL, EPL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, World Cup, Champions League & MLS, offering insight and free picks for the aforementioned leagues and competitions.

How Were Your Betting Experts Chosen?

Becoming a professional at BetPicks isn't easy. Since our readers trust us with expert picks, we've vetted our writers to ensure they are the person for the job. Our writers are not only well-versed in the sport they cover but are also intelligent in sports betting as well. When reading our content, visitors know that a prediction made by a BetPicks professional comes from someone that loves the game they cover and is providing a bet they would make with their own money. BetPicks is a family of writers dedicated to helping readers get the best value and best picks for their own wagers, all for free.

How Do You Determine What the Best Bet is?

Our experts determine the best bet for their respective sport based on several factors. The first thing we look at is the value of a wager. Sure, a longshot bet may bring you the best return, but if it is not probable or does not provide value compared to a safer choice, then that won't be our selection. Professionals at BetPicks use a combination of dedicated research for their wager and profitability to ensure they are providing you with the best bet. Deep diving into analytics, statistics and many other game-changing factors is the reason our pros provide the best free picks and parlays to readers.