Champions League Free Picks

Champions League Free picks - Round of 16

UEFA Champions League Free Picks

The Champions League features the top teams from domestic leagues across Europe squaring off to see who will become the top team on the continent. Featuring many of the most popular clubs, this league is beloved by Canadians and other fans around the world. At BetPicks, we offer extensive Champions League Free Picks that offer insights into several different soccer picks and parlays. The UCL Free Picks are expert betting opinions that break down the exciting action going on in the world’s top soccer league. Let’s break down what these Champions League soccer free picks offer, how they can help you, and more. Ready? Let’s kick-off!

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About the Champions League

The Champions League is one of the most-watched sporting tournaments of every year, and we are already deep into the 2021/22 Champions League season. Thirty-two teams qualify for the Champions League, either by winning their domestic leagues or finishing top four in their league. This is only for leagues with a high UEFA co-efficient, like La Liga, the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue One, and so on. Teams that win their domestic league in smaller leagues like Sweden, Austria, and Moldova must qualify through a playoff. Teams can also automatically qualify by winning the Champions League or Europa League the previous year.

Eventually, there are 32 qualified teams, and they are organized into four different pots, so teams from the same association are separated. Teams are drawn from every pot until there are eight groups of four. This is what’s called the group stage. Teams play each member of their group twice. The winner and runner-up of each group stage will advance to the knockout round.

Once the knockout round commences, teams are drawn to play against other teams, with winners playing runners-up in other groups. These teams play two games, with the team that wins the combined score of the two games proceeding to the next round. If they are tied, the second game goes into two extra times and then penalty kicks. Whoever wins proceeds to the next round; this is the format through the semi-finals.

The final is a single-elimination game between the two teams remaining. Whoever wins this game at the end of regulation or extra time is crowned the champion of European soccer.

The 2021/22 Champions League is into the quarterfinals right now, with the action really starting to heat up. There is still so much excitement remaining, and this league is so star-studded it beats even making EPL parlays or MLS parlays. It is a top soccer league to bet on.

Our free Champions League picks are updated every matchday with high-level insights into the game. These expert picks are researched heavily and intended to help bettors with a look at what some smart markets to bet may be. If you want to make some Champions League picks today, our betting experts can point you in the right direction.

What Makes Champions League Free Picks Good?

So what makes our free Champions League picks good? The simple answer is that they are thoroughly researched by gambling experts that spend a significant amount of time watching and betting on the sport. We can’t say they’re always right because if that were the case, we’d be billionaires.

But what we can say is that the picks are created with finding good betting value in mind. We search for markets that have a significant chance of hitting that still offer a high ROI. We pay attention to betting trends and have placed numerous soccer parlays and bets to gain high-quality experience.

The end goal of our UEFA Champions League free picks is to help users find value by looking for markets with strong payouts that have a high probability of hitting.

How do we come up with our Champions League free picks?

We have a team of experts whose job is to watch soccer and find games and markets where the odds don’t align with our predictions. These predictions are based on scouring other sources, watching significant amounts of soccer, and gaining extensive experience gambling. These predictions are the byproduct of hours of research, analyzing scores and stats, and monitoring trends. This doesn’t mean they will always hit, but our betting Champions League tips have a track record of landing.

Champions League Betting Strategies

Let’s take a look at some of the things you’re going to need to know to get the most out of our UEFA Champions League Free Picks.


  • Full-Time Result: The full-time result is a straightforward bet. Let’s pretend you were placing a bet on the Chelsea-Real Madrid game. You could either bet on Chelsea to win, Real Madrid to win or a draw.
  • Handicaps: A Handicap bet is what a projected score differential would be. If you bet Liverpool -1.5 against Benfica, that means you’ve picked Liverpool to win the game by at least two goals, and if they don’t, the bet doesn’t hit.
  • Double Chance: Double Chance is similar to a full-time result bet, except rather than pick just one of the three possible outcomes (Chelsea win, draw, Real Madrid win), you can pick two of those outcomes, typically one team winning and a draw. This drastically improves your chances of the bet hitting, but it also drastically reduces the payout.
  • Correct Score: A Correct Score bet is a difficult bet to hit, so it has a high payout. To win a correct score bet, you have to pick the exact correct final score of the game. These are high risk-high reward bets.
  • Outrights: An Outright bet is on a future outcome that isn’t determined by the first game in the group stage. It would be on something like which team will win the tournament or who will lead the Champions League in goals scored.
  • Props: Props are a type of bet based on outcomes within a game. There are game props for entire teams, and player props, for individuals. An example of a game prop would be how many penalties there will be in a game or how many shots on target by one team. A player prop would be something like whether Karim Benzema will score a goal in a game.

How to Bet

Placing a bet is rather easy, but if you’ve never used a sportsbook before, it may take some time. Here’s a quick guide.

  • Step One: Browse our Champions League Free Picks and see if there are any you agree with.
  • Step Two: Find a sportsbook that you like.
  • Step Three: Click to their soccer section. Find the Champions League, and click on it.
  • Step Four: Click on the specific Champions League game you want to bet on. Click the market you want to bet.
  • Step Five: A bet slip will pop up. Input how much you want to bet, and click Place Bet.

Betting Strategies

  • Use Double Chance on Underdogs: If there is an underdog that you believe will keep things competitive, betting them on double chance will mean any result but a loss you profit from.
  • Eye the Group Stage When Betting Top Goal Scorer: If you are betting the top goal scorer outright market, look at who strong scoring players are facing off within the group stage. If they are against weak competition from small leagues, that bodes well for their chances.
  • Eye Domestic Performance: Champions League is unique in that teams are playing other games. Look at how they are performing in their own domestic leagues leading up to the game, as this will show the kind of form they’re in.
  • Bet on Value with the Free Picks: When Liverpool plays Benfica and are -267 to win, betting them straight up won’t pay out well unless you are willing to take on a large risk. Eye other markets within that game that might have higher payouts without the same need for a dramatic. Our Free Picks tend to avoid selecting heavy favorites on the Moneyline.

Champions League Parlays

Parlays are a type of bet where bettors tie multiple bets together within one. For the parlay to hit, each part of it needs to hit. With parlays, bettors can place bets on several games at once, tying the results together to drastically increase the winnings if the bet hits.

The upside to parlays is that the payouts are high. The more bets within a parlay, the higher the payouts tend to be. You can tie together bets within a single game, within multiple games in the same league, on the same market in the same league, and even different leagues and different sports.

Let’s look at an example of a Champions League parlay. If I wanted to parlay a bet on the quarterfinals on Liverpool (-267), Manchester City (-250), Chelsea (+110), and Bayern Munich (-175) all to win their first game, rather than bet on each individually and have a much lower payout, even if they all win, I could place a parlay, where they all need to win, and if they do, I’d hit at odds of +557, which is a much higher payout.

Our UEFA Champions League Free Picks also come complete with Soccer parlay picks, so you can find some top-notch parlay options.

2021-22 Champions League Schedule

We have currently arrived at the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Here is the schedule for the remaining way through.

April 5th: Benfica vs. Liverpool 3 pm ET
Manchester City vs. Atletico Madrid 3 pm ET

April 6th: Chelsea vs. Real Madrid 3 pm ET
Villareal vs. Bayern Munich 3 pm ET

April 12th: Bayern Munich vs. Villareal 3 pm ET
Real Madrid vs. Chelsea 3 pm ET

April 13th: Atletico Madrid vs. Manchester City 3 pm ET
Liverpool vs. Benfica 3 pm ET

April 27th: Semi-Final 1 TBD
Semi-Final 2 TBD

May 4th: Semi-Final 1 TBD
Semi-Final 2 TBD

May 28th: Champions League Final TBD

BetPicks provides picks and analysis daily all the way through the Champions League Final.

Teams to Keep an Eye On

Currently, there are only eight teams remaining for the 21/22 Champions League year. Major players like Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain have been eliminated, and only the clubs that have proven their mettle are left. Here are the eight teams remaining.

  • Liverpool: Liverpool claimed the Champions League three years ago and has the team to do it again. Led by striker Mohamed Salah, they are a dynamic and talented squad.
  • Manchester City: Manchester City has consistently been in the tournament but never won under Pep Guardiola. This might be the year they do it, with a deep and talented team.
  • Bayern Munich: Bayern Munich is a fixture in this tournament. Led by leading striker Robert Lewandowski, this German club is always a threat to win.
  • Chelsea: Chelsea is the reigning Champions League winner, and they are back deep in the tournament. Led by players like Kai Havertz, Thiago Silva, and Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea could repeat.
  • Real Madrid: While Ronaldo is long gone, Real Madrid finds themselves atop La Liga and playing strongly in the Champions League. With Karim Benzema, Vinicius Junior, and more, they are always a threat.
  • Atletico Madrid: Atletico is a consistently strong team, and this year is no different. They have an array of great players like Luis Suarez and Antoine Griezmann.
  • Villareal: Villareal earned their spot in the Champions League through a daring Europa League run, and now they have arrived at their opportunity in the Champions League.
  • Benfica: Benfica is a Portuguese club with an illustrious history. After shocking Ajax to move on, they are now heavy underdogs, but they’ve upset bigger clubs before, so doubt them at your own risk.

Champions League FAQ

Can I Parlay Champions League games with other events?

Yes! Parlays work so that bettors can bet on any other event along with the Champions League. You could place a bet on a Champions League winner and parlay that with the Canada National Team to win the World Cup. The only limits are your imagination.

When are the Free Picks Posted?

Free Picks are updated daily and posted in advance of the game. You will see the Free Picks for each game day well before the game is scheduled to start.

Who is the Favorite to Win the Champions League?

The three teams favored right now is Manchester City at +187, Liverpool at +200, and Bayern Munich at +300.

Which Team Has Won the Most Champions Leagues?

Real Madrid has won the most Champions Leagues, claiming the European Cup 13 times. AC Milan is in second place with 7.

Are Free Picks Just Match Result Bets?

Our UCL Free Picks are several different things. We try to mix it up for bettors, with everything from handicaps, score picks, match results, and much more.

Our Champions League expert

Hello! My name is Cameron Kozinets, and I am a Champions League Predictions Betting Expert with BetPicks. I have been a devoted soccer fan for years, and since I came of legal age, a devoted soccer bettor. I am a huge fan of the Premier League and Champions League and primarily cheer for Arsenal. I’ve lucked out on some major bets in the past, including picking Chelsea to win last year’s European Cup. I spend a lot of time researching each and every pick I make, looking at stats, trends, and expert predictions. It is my goal to help gamblers succeed, and I put a lot of care into all the picks I make.