Italian Serie A Predictions 2022

The Italian Serie A is one of the biggest leagues in the world with loads of action that offer bettors an endless supply of winning opportunities. If you’re looking for reliable Italian Serie A Predictions, Betpicks is the perfect place to look. Our expert soccer team at BetPicks supply the best and most profitable free picks predictions on Serie A throughout each season.

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About Serie A 2021/2022

The Italian Serie A or Serie A TIM is one of the top-tier leagues in European soccer. Kicking off in 1898, the league has grown from a regional championship competition to a round-robin tournament with 20 clubs participating for a shot at the Serie A Championship.

Being one of the most popular leagues in the world, the action never stops on the pitch which means there is always something to bet on. At BetPicks, we will keep an eye on every game and provide reliable Serie A Free Picks that will get you winning. From moneylines to goals scored, we have all the top picks you will need to hit it green. Our Italian Serie A Predictions are carefully created based on diverse factors.

What is a good Serie A free pick?

A good Serie A free pick is a prediction that brings favourable returns to your betting tickets. A good pick will provide a safe betting strategy that reduces your risk, limits your losses, and maximizes your wins. It won’t always give you a win on every game, but you’re guaranteed to make substantial profits if you stick to the system. Our Serie A free picks have been carefully created to ensure an enjoyable Serie A betting experience for long-term bettors.

How Do We Create Our Serie A Free Picks

At BetPicks, we consider a ton of variables when making out Serie A Free Picks. First off, we watch and analyze previous matches. Then we keep up-to-date with Serie A trends, statistics, and betting movements to craft favourable Italian Serie A Predictions. We are die-hard fans of the league and have watched from both the eyes of fans and bettors for decades. We can easily interpret the statistics, understand team ability, individual player performance, and much more to ensure you not only skip the hard work but also get all the rewards.

Serie A Betting strategies


  • Full time result: This is the staple of Serie A betting. Full-time results are also referred to as 3-way moneyline bets because there are only three options to bet on; a home win, draw or away win. These are the most straightforward bets in the Serie A league.
  • Handicaps: This is the point spread of soccer betting, but this time, with a low range typically from 0.0 to 0.5. Depending on the teams, it could go higher to 1.5. You can expect more handicaps with top teams in the league playing against the teams at the bottom of the table.
  • Totals: Totals refer to the number of goals scored by both teams combined. Betting sites will set a range of 2.5 to 3.5, but most league games offer an average of 2 to 3 goals a game. Totals betting allows you to cash out when big teams with top players play against lower-ranked teams.
  • Double Chance: Betting on one outcome might seem risky, so what about going for two outcomes on a single bet? Double chance bets allow you to do exactly that. You can choose a home win or draw, home or away win, or even an away win or draw on a 3-way moneyline.
  • Correct Score: The name tells it all, but it is not the easiest of betting markets. Correct Bets require that you predict the final score of a game. The score could be a team winning or a draw. The odds are tricky, but if you get lucky, the win potential is massive.
  • Futures: Future picks in the Serie A league are straightforward. Sportsbooks might offer two or more betting markets here, allowing you to bet on the Serie A Championship winner and the top goalscorer of the season. If you’ve been a top fan and bettor in Serie A, future betting gives you a chance to test your knowledge and experience.
  • Player props: These are bets based on a player’s performance. You can bet on a player scoring a goal or which player will be the first to score a goal. The odds are sky high and so are the risks.

How to bet

Betting on Serie A is very easy. To place your bets, follow the steps below

  • Choose a reputable and trusted bookmaker
  • Register your player account
  • Fund your account and claim the welcome bonus
  • Navigate to the sports section, choose soccer, and then Serie A.
  • Scroll through the available matches, choose your preferred game, and betting markets
  • Enter your wager amount and click “Place Bet”.

Betting Strategies

The right betting strategies will maximize your winning chances and reduce your risks. Using these tips below, you can build an effective betting strategy.

Start for Simpler Games

The word “simple” means games with an obvious winner. For example, a game between AC Milan and Cagliari. Considering the stats of both teams, players’ abilities, previous experiences, you know this is a sure win for AC Milan. Games like such, featuring top Serie A teams with lower-ranked teams that are battling to escape the bottom 3 is a sure bet that will bring you small returns

Choose the best free picks

When it comes to soccer betting, you will need all the information you can get to make the right bets. Free picks offer all that information without charging a dime. You can learn about team history, player performance, betting movements, trends, and other important stats that will be useful in finalizing your bet.

Steer Clear From Parlays/Accumulators

While accumulators do have a certain appeal, you might want to avoid them if you’re an inexperienced bettor. With accumulators or parlays, your winning potential might look juicy but a slip up in one game will lose you the bet. You might want to get started with singles, build your experience, and move to accas.

Shop Around

As a bettor, having multiple betting accounts at different bookmakers is a must – though you might want to watch your bankroll. With multiple accounts, you can always check the potential of the odds and availability of betting markets and go for the most valuable ones.

Keep a Record of Your Bets

Whether you lose or win, you might want to always keep a record of your bets as they could provide future stats that will help you get luckier. By checking the records, you can update your betting strategy and make improvements where necessary.


Parlays, accumulators, multis – all mean the same thing. A parlay bet simply combines multiple wagers from different games and betting markets into one betting slip. The odds of each bet are rolled over or multiplied together to give a final figure and then multiplied against your wager amount to determine the winning potential.

Creating a parlay is simple. For example, you can have the following games in the different leagues of soccer

  • Inter Milan vs Juventus – Serie A
  • Manchester City vs Watford – EPL
  • Barcelona vs Real Madrid – La Liga
  • PSG vs Lillie – Ligue 1
  • Bayern Munich vs Stuttgart – Bundesliga

These are five different leagues with five different games. You can choose different betting markets (moneyline, totals, handicap, draw no bet, props etc) on each market and combine all five games into a single bet to make a five-legged parlay.

The great advantage of a parlay bet is the returns. A five-legged parlay will offer a bigger win potential than if you had played the games individually, that is, five separate bets. However, this also poses a problem. Losing a single leg on the five-legged parlay means you lose the entire bet, such that, if four legs or games turn green, and that final game ends up as a wrong prediction, you will lose the entire bet.

Serie A 2021-22 schedule, stats

The Serie A season runs from August to May every year with 38 games played by each team; home and away. Each season rounds up with the top team claiming the championship. The top 4 teams get an automatic pass to the UEFA Champions group stage. The 5th team in the standings qualifies for Europa Conferences league qualifiers and the bottom 3 will be relegated to Serie B. The top 3 teams in Serie B move to the Serie A to compete for the Championships in the next season.

The Serie A 2021-2022 Season is without a clear title contender. The top four teams; Ac Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli, and Juventus are closely linked and any slip-ups or draws could see a team move a step lower in the rankings. AC Milan and Napoli seem most likely to win the trophy having won more matches than any other Serie A team.

BetPicks will provide picks throughout the season on every game – until the league comes to a close.

Serie A Teams

The top dogs in the Serie A league remain the likes of Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Napoli. Juventus holds a record of 36 Championships in the league. The club has won the league with top players like Cristiano Ronaldo. Inter Milan comes next with about 19 wins while AC Milan follows closely behind with 18 wins. Napoli remains a top contender pushing for a recent win though it continues to evade the club.

Every year, the Serie A table standings are lined up with Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan making a race for the title. These teams feature famous players like Paulo Dybala, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Olivier Giroud, Tammy Abraham, and Ciro Immobile. If you prefer placing future bets, you might want to consider these top teams as they always show up among the top 5 in the table at the end of almost every season.


Can I make parlays from different matches of the Serie A?

You can pick different matches on the same day, different days, or on a different week in the Serie A or any other league. You can also choose different betting markets when placing your bets. You can choose a five-legged parlay. The first could be a moneyline, the second could be a totals bet, the third might be a prop bet, and so on.

When do we post our free picks?

We post our free picks way before the match begins. We also update our picks to keep up with the latest trends like player injuries, change in formation, betting movement, and relevance of the match.

Who are the favourites to win the Serie A?

The favourite teams remain Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan. The three teams have more title wins than any other team in the league. They also boast some of the best players every season giving them a huge advantage over other teams.

What are the stats to consider when predicting Serie A Matches?

There are tons of variables to look out for when predicting a game. The most important include the performance level of a team, the circumstances of the match, home advantage, the value of the team, the current form of the team, previous encounters, amongst others. This should give some insight into how the games will play.

Can I place live bets on Serie A Matches?

Yes. Most sportsbooks allow you to bet live on all Serie A matches. You will be able to check the live score on these games, but you might want to keep an eye out on the odds. These are constantly changing to reflect the action in the game. You should watch out for profitable moments and cash in on them.