Free Picks: Carolina Hurricanes vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Hurricanes vs Blackhawks NHL week 17
Chicago Blackhawks vs. Carolina Hurricanes, NHL, PNC Arena

Carolina has everyone gunning for them. But one thing not mentioned enough is how dominating the Hurricanes have been in the second frame. As both teams prepare for this Monday night contest, I take a look at the second period and the value a certain bet offers.

Betting is all about finding value.

When looking at betting options for specific games, sometimes I like to think out of the box for my BetPicks predictions. I rely heavily on statistics, as well as value.  

Today, my free NHL prediction features both.  

The first thing I notice about the Carolina Hurricanes is how dominant they have been in the second period. Of the Hurricanes’ 162 goals this season, 62 have come in the middle frame. If you have read my other betting previews on BetPicks, I am sure you know exactly where I am going with this. 

Carolina is a team that does their damage in the latter half of the game. Only 38 of their goals have been in the first 20 minutes. The Hurricanes have scored the majority of their goals in the final two frames, with their highest-scoring total sandwiched between the first and third periods.  

On top of that, the Hurricanes are defensively sound in the second period. While they have allowed 5 fewer goals in the first period compared to their second period, the Hurricanes are scoring at an insane rate between the first two periods. So, while Carolina allows more goals in the second period statistically, they also score the majority of their goals in the middle frame. 

Flipping things over to the Blackhawks, Chicago is a -10 in goal differential for the second period. The Blackhawks are strong in the first period on defense and have scored the majority of their goals in the third frame. 

I think taking the puck line will be your best NHL bet for this game. Carolina is a scoring machine in the second frame. Meanwhile, the Blackhawks are mediocre at best in the second period. The cherry on top is how strong Carolina performs in the second period as well. 

All signs point to the Hurricanes dominating the second frame, so I am confident in this bet. 


  • Carolina has scored 38% of their goals in the second period. 
  • The Hurricanes have a goal differential of +28 in the middle frame. 
  • The second period is Chicago’s second lowest scoring period (in regulation). 
  • The Blackhawks have a goal differential of –10 in the second period.

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