Boston Bruins Name Patrice Bergeron 20th Captain in Team History

The Boston Bruins are one of the most prominent franchises in the NHL today. An original six club, the Bruins have a longstanding and proud tradition in the NHL.

Boston is home to one of the most passionate fanbases in the league. The city has seen a number of superstars and legends don the Bruins sweater over the years, ever since the team first hit the ice back in 1924.

The historic franchise has seen many leaders and captains as well. From players like Dit Clapper and Johnny Bucyk to Ray Bourque and Zdeno Chara, the franchise has seen many great leaders over many decades.

With that being said, the team was in search of a new Captain since the departure of Zdeno Chara to the Washington Capitals.

Looking to find their 20th captain in history, the Bruins had an easy choice: Patrice Bergeron.

The 35-year-old is entering his 17th NHL season, all of which were played with the Bruins. Originally selected in the second round of the 2003 NHL Draft, Bergeron was named Alternate Captain the same season Chara as named captain.

In 2020, Chara commented on the next captain for Boston and he made it clear there was only one candidate for the title.

“Absolutely, there’s no question Patrice is going to be the next captain of the Boston Bruins,” Chara said.

Bergeron has several Bruins’ accolades to his resume, including over 1000 games played with Boston, being fourth in points (869) and fifth in goals (352) and assists (517).

He has been a key part of the Bruins’ success in recent years and he helped the team win the Stanley Cup in 2011.

Earlier today, Bergeron commented on being named the 20th captain in franchise history.

“I think leadership is all about making sure you’re able to surround yourself with great people, which I am, and also being able to connect with guys and speak from the heart when it’s needed, lead by example,” he said.

Known for their traditions in hockey, the Bruins had a little fun in naming Bergeron captain. Team President and former Bruin Cam Neely gave a speech to the team about the organization and its next captain. Well, as a prank, Neely unveiled a Brad Marchand sweater that donned the ‘C’ on the left breast.

From there, Marchand stood up and informed the team that everyone knows who the real captain was and informed Bergeron he would be the next captain in franchise history.

Bergeron gave a speech in front of the team for the first time as captain in the locker room, reiterating that they all are on the same page and working towards the same goal. Bergeron also said that it was an honor to be named captain, especially considering the number of qualified players on the roster.

We will see captain Bergeron hit the ice for the first time on January 14th when they take on the New Jersey Devils.

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