NFL News

If you’re Canadian but love American Football and want the hottest news for upcoming NFL games, you’ve come to the right place. Our NFL News hub is here to help bettors stay updated on relevant betting information like odds and line changes, key injuries, matchups, trends, weather conditions, and coaching decisions.

Football lovers and bettors can find the hottest news updates on our New page. Due to a shorter season than most other professional sports leagues, transactions and news seem to be more prevalent during the regular season.

Football is a highly physical game, so there are constant injuries that heavily impact betting odds and markets. Monitoring a particular player’s injury through any given week can be crucial to making intelligent bets.

Bettors will also want to keep an eye on Bye Weeks, which is a rest week for an NFL team when they have no game scheduled, and the status of starting quarterbacks, as they can often influence bettings line in major ways.
Extreme weather conditions can sometimes postpone games and alter team schedules as well. They can also affect betting lines and markets.

Odds and lines can shift in an instant due to breaking news so bettors should be mindful of NFL news at all times.

These are some of the reasons you’ll want to check out our NFL News page regularly. We’ll keep you updated on all of the hottest NFL news, from trades, weather conditions, and especially injuries.

Our goal is to provide the hottest NFL news throughout all weeks of NFL action, and we’ve also got you covered during playoff time and of course, the Super Bowl!