MLB Offers Free Tickets to Those Vaccinated at Participating Sites

Sports fans around the globe know the impact of the pandemic. COVID-19 effectively shut down sports for a number of months and it took several months for professional leagues to begin allowing fans into stadiums once again. 

Major League Baseball was one of the first sports in North America to not only hit the field again but to re-open its doors to the public. During an unusual time, the MLB gave a small glimmer of hope of expected normalcy in the future. 

Even with protocols in place, cases surged worldwide and the only true method of combating COVID-19 was a vaccine. Even then, there has been hesitancy with the vaccine, especially in the United States. 

The good news is that 51% of Americans are reported to have had their first dose of the vaccine. Even better news is that the MLB announced that they will work with its 30 clubs to offer incentives to unvaccinated fans, called “MLB Vaccinate At The Plate.”

Each of the MLB’s 30 clubs will host at least one event in June where unvaccinated fans will be able to receive a free ticket to a game if they get a COVID-19 vaccination shot at the event, according to 

Full details are still being worked out, as it is up to the discretion of the ballclub where the event is hosted, when in June it takes place and if the tickets will be for that specific game or a later date in the 2021 season.  

Major League Baseball will team with local healthcare providers or national pharmacy providers to administer the shots and provide the necessary on-site health and safety protocols. Fans interested in the event can visit for more information, including when and where local events will take place. 

The Detroit Tigers have already announced that the clinic will take place on June 8 and continue through the weekend series with the Chicago White Sox. Participants will receive a voucher good for two tickets to either that day’s game or an upcoming Tigers game in 2021 during the regular season at Comerica Park.  

Other teams like Minnesota, New York (Mets) and Philadelphia have posted their details online as well. 

MLB stadiums have been used for mass-vaccination sites, administering over 1 million vaccines at MLB locations. 

Other than the Toronto Blue Jays, each MLB club has seen over 130-thousand fans attend games this season. The Texas Rangers were at full capacity for Opening Day and lead the league in total attendance figures. The Rangers average over 27-thousand fans per game this season. 

Multiple teams are running at full capacity, including the Royals, Rangers, Astros, Tigers and Reds. Other teams are operating at limited capacity but can expect to be full-capacity this season. 

For those looking to take advantage of the initiative, the website posted above will be your best bet as it is regularly updated with times and locations.

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