World Cup Betting Tips & Strategies For The 2022 Tournament

The 2022 World Cup is set to kick off at the end of the year with 32 countries competing for the chance to become the world champions. The event is set to be held in Qatar with 64 matches to be played across the entire tournament. If you’d like to participate in the competition, this page provides all the necessary details on how to craft the best betting strategy and what to consider when betting on the 2022 World cup matches.

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World Cup Best Betting Markets

The World Cup has no shortage of markets for bettors to explore, but when it comes to the best betting markets with the best potential, only a few meet the mark. They include:


Betting on the moneyline is one of the simplest bets in the world of soccer betting. When it comes to world cup matches, a moneyline bet could provide sure wins especially if done right. Moneyline bets are also known as 3-way bets because you can only bet in three ways; win, draw, and lose.

Group stage games are where the top teams usually perform best, especially in their first two matches. Depending on their opponents, a straight win is likely to happen. For example, a game between Brazil and Greece is sure to end up as a straight win for the South American team.

First/Second-Half Result

This is a specialty betting market where you get to bet only on the first or second half. Here, you get to choose moneyline, both teams to score, totals, or point spread.


Outrights are bets that are not based on what happens in individual games but on the final outcome of an entire competition. An outright bet could be on the winner of the World Cup competition which will be settled at the end of the tournament. There are several betting markets within the Outrights betting section.

  • Outright Winner – The most common is the Outright Winner which is simply the probability of your preferred team winning the competition.
  • To Qualify – Another popular bet is To Qualify. For example, Will Brazil make it to the Quarterfinals or Semifinals?
  • Top 3 Finish – Which team will come out first, second, and third. This is a lot riskier than choosing the Outright Winner but the returns can be juicy.
  • Top Goalscorer/Golden Boot – This market allows you to predict the player with the highest number of goals in the competition.


Proposition bets are bets placed on certain aspects of the game that have nothing to do with the final score or result of the game. You could find player props and team props in the World Cup betting section offered in a yes or no question style. In a game of Brazil vs Greece, you might see World Cup props like,

  • Will Neymar score a hattrick?
  • Whether or not a team will score an own goal>
  • How many corners a team will get during the match?
  • Whether or not any red cards will be awarded?

Goal-Based markets

Goal-Based markets are betting options that are not dependent on the actual winner of the game but rather on the number of goals scored in the game. There are several goal-based markets when it comes to soccer.


Total is a type of wager where you bet on the number of goals that will be scored in the match. The number of goals in the game will be predicted by oddsmakers and you get to choose over/under. For example, a Brazil vs Greece match could have a total of 2.5 goals. Betting over means that 3 or more goals will be scored in the game while under signifies that there will be 2 or less goals in the game.

Point Spread

When it comes to soccer, the point spread becomes a goal-based market. That’s because you don’t have to bet on goals but rather the goal differential in the game i.e. the difference in the goals scored by both teams. For example, you could find a 2.5 point spread in a World Cup game. This means that the favoured team must end the game with a 3 or more goal lead over the underdogs to cover the spread. You can choose to be on the favoured team or pick the underdogs. Choosing the underdog team means that the game will end with the favoured team having a 2 or less goal lead. This is more likely in a game of football so it does make for a good pick.

Both Teams to Score

Both Teams to Score is a type of wager that involves placing a bet on whether or not both teams will score in the match. This means you can place a bet on both teams to score in the game regardless of the number of goals.

First Team to Score

The first team to score is a type of bet placed on any of the two teams that first record a goal. You simply choose one of any two teams that you think is going to be the first to score in the game.

Picks, stats, predictions, and odds

If you’re looking to be successful with your World Cup bets, then you will need a perfect strategy. While you might argue that a perfect strategy doesn’t exist, a strategy that helps you hit more wins than losses and end up with a significant profit is a great betting strategy. To craft a helpful betting strategy, you will need the information below.

Picks and Predictions

Picks and predictions provided by experts like us would go a long way in helping you clear your bets without much risk. With 32 different teams and hundreds of players, it will be pretty difficult to track every factor that goes into betting. This is where picks come in. When it comes to picks services, there are free and paid options, as well as, computer picks generated by AI systems. We offer free picks from real-life professionals which is the crème de la crème of picks options. Our picks are well detailed so you know all the considered variables that determine our prediction. This way, you can either bet on our prediction or modify it to suit your betting preferences.


Stats are everything when it comes to soccer betting. If you want to build the best winning strategy, then you must consider the stats of each team. Stats like recent form and current abilities of the team are important elements to consider. When betting on a game, you should consider the abilities of teams, head-to-head comparison, history of previous encounters, betting market movement, injuries, trends, the relevance of the game, among other stats.


Odds are numbers set by bookmakers which determine how likely an outcome will be. The outcome could be a win, draw, or lose on a bet. The lower the odds on a bet of a game, the more likely the outcome if you make a bet on those odds. While odds do give a good indication of how the game will play out, they shouldn’t be the major factor influencing your decision. For example, a game between France and Peru with the following odds on moneyline.

  • France – 110
  • Peru +500

Considering that France is an international heavyweight and a favourite to win the World Cup, you can tell that they will most likely win this game. However, when it comes to games like France vs England, the odds won’t really help out here. Still, you shouldn’t overlook the odds of a game when building your betting strategy.

Singles, Parlays and Accumulators, and Combo Bets

There are tons of ways to bet when it comes to the World Cup. Knowing all the options made available to you should help in making the best betting decisions.


Singles or single betting is one of the simplest forms of sports betting. It is a single wager or a wager on just one game. You get to choose your betting market, enter your stake amount, and watch as the game unfolds to see if you win or lose. Singles bet might pose less risk but the potential returns are not always as juicy.

Parlays and Accumulators

Parlays and accumulators are like an inverted version of singles bet. Rather than placing a bet on only one game, you can place multiple games in one bet. For example,

  • Team A vs Team B
  • Team C vs Team D
  • Team E vs Team F

The odds for each bet will be multiplied together, giving you the chance of a huge potential win with a smaller investment. However, the risk is greater with Parlays. Let’s say you bet on Team A, Team C, and Team E to win their individual matches. Teams A and C record wins but Team E records a draw, you will lose your parlay and your stake in this situation.

Combo Bets

Combination or combo bets are no different from parlays. They allow you to combine different games with different betting markets under a single bet, giving the same potential for a huge win, but with the same high level of risk as parlay bets.

World Cup Betting Features

World Cup betting is just like betting on any other sports tournament. However, since the game only happens every four years, things are never the same after each competition. With these World Cup betting features, you can craft the right strategy that will help you to predict your bets to near perfection.

Live Betting

In-play or live betting is a big plus when it comes to World Cup games. Live bets are bets placed while the game is in play. This means you get to see the action and make predictions based on players’ performances as well as the enthusiasm of the whole team to win the game. You can also track various stats like ball possession, shots on target, and the abilities of the players. This gives a clearer image of what to bet on and which betting market will bring good returns.


The cashout feature allows you to settle your bet and claim your wins or stake before the game wraps up. Bookmakers offer this feature in different ways. If the game isn’t going your way and your bet is losing, you can claim your stake or part of your stake. If your bet is winning, you can claim your winnings and stake at that time before a late header turns things sour. Whichever one you come across, the cashout feature is a great way to reduce the risk and keep the unpredictability of the game to a minimum.

Boosted Odds

The odds of a game and the amount of your stake determine your potential winnings on that game. Some bookies are generous and award special deals on certain games. These deals include boosted odds. Boosted odds are exactly as they sound. Bookies will boost the numbers to give you a higher return even on the same stake.

Understanding the World Cup

The 2022 World Cup will be the 22nd edition of a tournament that first kicked off in 1930. There will be 32 teams and 64 games. While the World Cup has been played 22 times, only 8 teams have managed to claim the title. Brazil holds the record win of five World Cup trophies and is one of the favourites to win the competition. France is the current champion and boasts of the strongest squad in international football.

England is not to be left out as they managed to reach the finals of the European Championship and put up a fight that would likely see them claim the trophy.

There are heavy stakes that Brazil, England, Italy, or France will take home the trophy, but heavyweights like Uruguay, Spain, Argentina, and Germany are still major contenders. These 8 teams are most likely to make it to the round of 16. You might want to also watch out for other top teams like Croatia, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Columbia, Mexico, and the Netherlands. These teams tend to perform well in their games against lesser-known teams like Croatia, Paraguay, and Australia.

The Bookmakers

Sometimes your bet is only as good as the bookmaker. Some bookmakers award special deals on World Cup bets allowing you to make the most of your wager. This is why choosing the right bookie is a must when betting on The World Cup. To ensure you only go for the best, here are some criteria to adhere to when choosing a bookmaker.

  • A wide variety of betting markets – There are tons of betting markets to go for when it comes to soccer. As a bettor, you should choose a bookie that gives you a variety of betting markets.
  • Bonuses and Promotions – A special deal like boosted odds or free bets would go a long way in reducing the risk on a bet as well as increasing the returns on that bet. Watch out for bookies with generous welcome packages and regular promotions.
  • License and Security – A licensed bookie gives you the assurance that your wins will be paid on time. Check for licenses from reputable regulatory bodies like the UKGC and the Malta Gaming Authority before joining a sportsbook.
  • Mobile Compatibility – A mobile app or a mobile-optimized website allows you to place your bets on the go which makes it a must-have for any sportsbook. The mobile platform should be fluid and innovative, allowing you to access all the features of the bookie with ease
  • An abundance of Features – From live betting to bet builders, the right bookie should have all the right features that make betting more convenient. Always look out for the cashout feature which helps to reduce your risk level.

How do I build a strategy to bet on the World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup is full of surprises with underdog teams pulling off stunning performances that will shatter any betting strategy. The 2014 World Cup saw Brazil kicked out of the race in a stunning 7-1 loss to Germany. The Netherlands went on to claim third place at the tournament after a shocking win over Spain in the earlier stages. The 2018 World Cup also came with surprises. The likes of Germany, Italy, Argentina, and Brazil didn’t make it past the Round of 16 with Croatia meeting France at the final.

This goes to show how unpredictable the World Cup can be and how top-ranked teams sometimes fail to live up to the hype. When building your betting strategy, you need to account for this. Stats like abilities of players in the team, as well as, previous history of teams does tell a lot about how a game will go. Argentina tends to flop against top teams in the World Cup, losing to France in the Round of 16 in the 2018 World Cup. The team also lost to Germany in the finals of the 2014 World Cup. Countries like Germany have their woes with ageing players and a shortage of fresh legs.

When building your betting strategy, you should watch out for teams in the group stages. Big teams grouped with low-ranked teams always end well for the big teams. You might want to consider goal-based markets as the top sides tend to show no mercy trashing the smaller teams.

For example, Belgium and England were grouped in Group G in the 2018 World Cup alongside teams like Tunisia and Panama. Belgium was stunned with a 5-2 win over Tunisia while England showed no mercy in dealing a 6-1 victory over Panama. The odds will be very low on moneyline bets, but betting over/under on totals as well as both teams to score does offer a better win potential.

The round of 16 is very delicate so straight wins or moneyline bets shouldn’t be the go-to option. You might want to consider props and goal-based markets. Going into the quarterfinals, semifinals and final, these games always come with a shortage of goals and are usually decided on penalties. Your betting strategy here should be flexible, depending on the strengths of both teams.

There are a lot of variables required in building the perfect betting strategy but these should get you started and hopefully, get you winning.


Are single bets profitable?

Single bets are mostly profitable in the long term. They carry the lowest risk, but you will still need to create a betting strategy to boost your chances of success.

Are combo bets worth it?

It depends. In the group stages of the World Cup, tying the top teams together as they play against the world's lowest-ranked teams will offer you huge profits in your combo bets. Keep in mind that the World Cup is unpredictable, so you shouldn't just write off any team without doing some background check on their stats.

How to bet on the World Cup?

To bet on the World Cup, you will have to choose a bookie. Once done, register, make a deposit, and select your games and betting markets. With these in place, go ahead to place your stake and click "Place Bet".

Who are the Favourites to Win the World Cup?

Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, and England all have a shot at the World Cup with Brazil, France, and England being the most likely to make it to the finals. You might want to check up on the stats on these teams before betting on them.

Is Live betting available for World Cup games?

All the top bookies in the industry will offer live betting options on every World Cup match from the group stage to the final. You will get an assortment of betting markets on every game to boost your winning potential and reduce the risk.