Ontario Sports Betting

Ontario sports betting has changed dramatically as a new rule went into law, legalizing Ontario single game betting and online betting sites. Sports betting is now a fully legal, government-regulated industry in Canada’s biggest province, and much is changing. From NHL betting to NFL betting, Ontarians can now place their bets with fully regulated, authorized sites that are safer than ever before. Because of this, many Ontarians are joining new websites, and new Ontario sports betting sites are flooding in. A lot of changes are happening all at once, and there is a lot to catch up on. In this guide, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about Ontario betting. From Ontario betting apps to the new rule changes, we’ll be covering it all below. Ready? Let’s get started.

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Ontario Sports Betting Sites

There are many different operators that have already received iGaming licenses, are currently waiting for iGaming licenses, or are operating in Ontario under different licenses. Let’s dive into some of the different betting sites that are heading to Ontario or have already arrived

Sports Interaction

Breakdown: Sports Interaction is a Canadian sports betting operator that has existed since the 1990s. They have a great layout, a top-notch sportsbook, and an array of betting options. They are one of the classic Canadian betting sites.

Pros and Cons: They have one of the best web designs of any sportsbook. It could improve by adding features.

License Status: Licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, no iGaming license planned.

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Breakdown: 888Sport is a feature-friendly website. They have an intuitive layout and offer twists like Bet Builder and Bet Boosts. They have been around since 2008 and are one of the biggest operators on the planet.

Pros and Cons: Fun features and mobile app. Could improve by adding Live Streaming.

License Status: iGaming Ontario licensed.

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Breakdown: Betway is a major sportsbook that has taken the world by storm. It has a lot of fun features, such as Betway Boosts and You Lead, You Win. They have one of the most expansive sportsbooks around and are a staple of online betting.

Pros and Cons: Great web design and app. Could add more sports to their coverage.

License Status: iGaming licensed.

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betvictor review

Breakdown: A relatively recent addition to the Ontario market, BetVictor is a big sportsbook that has it all. With a history stretching back decades, a massive sportsbook, and a great app, there’s a lot to love about this gambling powerhouse.

Pros and Cons: Great customer support options and competitive odds. Could add some more features.

License Status: Undergoing process of iGaming certification.

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Breakdown: PowerPlay is a sportsbook that has seen its star rise. It is relatively new, founded in 2018, but they have all the offerings and infrastructure bettors need. They’re reliable, have a lot of deposit options, and have great live betting features.

Pros and Cons: Allow for crypto deposits and have solid customer support. Could improve the mobile experience.

License Status: Undergoing process of iGaming certification.

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Tonybet review

Breakdown: TonyBet is currently emerging as an operator that many Canadians are looking towards. It has fun features, like live betting and a VIP program, great deposit options, and a sportsbook with a ton of markets for every game. It is a rising option.

Pros and Cons: Crypto and Interac deposits. Could improve their website design.

License Status: Licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

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Betsafe Review

Breakdown: Neo.Bet is a website that launched in 2018 and is geared toward a modern audience. They have a lot of standout features, like comprehensive e-sports coverage, cash-out controls, and a great bet builder option. Bettors will find a lot to enjoy in this unique operator.

Pros and Cons: Fun features and some standout options. Could improve customer support and banking.

License Status: In the process of getting iGaming certified.

Betsafe Review

Breakdown: Another new addition to the market, Leo Vegas is an intriguing option for sports bettors that has some standout quirks. For starters, the live betting on this website is top-notch; they have great customer service and a top-notch app. There’s a lot to like about this new Ontarian sportsbook.

Pros and Cons: Great mobile app and easy sign-ups. Could improve their website design.

License Status: iGaming Ontario certified.

Casumo Sports

Breakdown: Casumo has recently expanded its business into Ontario sports betting. They are now an operator that covers a ton of sports, all on a neatly designed, modern-looking website. They have rapid transactions, extensive coverage with numerous markets, and a bet builder feature.

Pros and Cons: Good web design and easy sign-up. Lack of good player prop options.

License Status: Undergoing process of being licensed by iGaming.

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Betsafe Review

Breakdown: MGM is one of the biggest names in gambling. Because of the new laws, they can now enter the Canadian market, and they have with their cleanly-designed, highly-effective BetMGM website. This is a top-notch sportsbook with fun features and a great app.

Pros and Cons: Top-notch design and mobile experience. It could load more quickly.

License Status: iGaming Ontario licensed.

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Betsafe Review

Breakdown: PointsBet has been a successful Australian sportsbook for years, but the new laws are opening the door for their entrance into Canada. They have yet to launch, but they are on track to offer Canadians their fun features and unique Points Betting in short order.

Pros and Cons: Great mobile app and features. Web design could improve.

License Status: On track to be iGaming Ontario licensed.

Pinnacle Review

Breakdown: Pinnacle has been around well over 20 years now, and to last that long, you must have a lot to offer. Pinnacle definitely does, with an array of fun features and standout options. They have boosted odds, betting resources, and virtual sports, which make them unique.

Pros and Cons: Crypto transactions and fun features. Could improve with an app and better layout.

License Status: Not licensed in Canada.

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Royal Panda Sport Review

Breakdown: Royal Panda was launched in 2014 and has quickly become a popular sportsbook used around the world. It has great features, like boosted odds and live betting and excellent security. It is a growing operator that is now Ontario certified.

Pros and Cons: Boosted odds and great security. Could create a more intuitive website.

License Status: iGaming Ontario licensed.

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Betting in Ontario

We’ve dived right into it, but there are some important things we have to cover before we get any further. You’re probably thinking to yourself, wait! I was using Ontario sports betting sites well before these new laws. Was I breaking the law? What do these new changes even mean?

To sum a very complex issue up briefly, before these laws were implemented, betting in Canada was a legal gray area. Sports betting wasn’t legal, aside from parlay betting with the OLG and Proline. But using offshore betting sites, which were licensed and regulated outside of Canada, was not illegal and wasn’t punished. So single game betting could only be done through offshore websites.

Then, Bill C-218 was passed. This is a bill that allows provinces to determine their own future with sports betting. They could legalize and regulate it if they decided that was the best path forward.

Ontario jumped on this change first. They established iGaming Ontario, the regulatory body overseeing online sports betting, as an offshoot of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. These two regulatory bodies can now license and regulate sports betting sites within Ontario.

This means that single game and parlay betting are now completely provincially legal as of April 4th, 2022. These are dramatic changes that will have a significant impact on the industry for years to come.

Unlike Ontario, provinces like Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec still needs to open their door for other sportsbooks. They currently offer only provincial licensed sportsbooks that regulated by the government such as Play Alberta, Mise-O-Jeu and Play Now.

Single Game Sports Betting in Ontario

Up until very recently, Ontario single game betting was not legal and government regulated. If you were to make a legal bet, the only way you could do this was with a parlay. These could be made at convenience stores or gas stations with OLG and Proline, but online betting sites were not fully legal, and neither was single game betting.

Single game betting is exactly what it sounds like. It is a bet on a single game. Rather than multiple games, single bets only focus on outcomes in one game. These can also include prop bets within a game or things like point spreads, totals, and more. They are one outcome bets.

Then Bill C-218 was passed. This bill has put the power into the hands of the province to oversee legal single game and parlay betting in the region. Each province had the autonomy to allow its constituents the ability to place bets on single games. Ontario was the first to make it happen.

Now that single game sports betting in Ontario is fully legal, sportsbooks want to come to Toronto. Single game betting is a must for operators and bettors, and now it isn’t just a legal gray area; it is regulated and supported by the government.


Parlay betting has long been legal in Canada. This was the only form of betting that the government allowed. It was run through lottery companies that were provincially sponsored, like the OLG in Ontario. Parlay betting ties multiple bets under the umbrella of one. For a parlay to hit, each bet in it needs to hit. Parlays are high-risk, as they need multiple results to occur, but they have a high reward because they pay out big time.

Before the recent changes to Canadian gambling laws, parlay betting was the only form of betting that was government regulated. Bettors could place these bets with the OLG-sponsored Proline. The issue was the odds were significantly worse than what you could find online.

And while parlay betting is a thrill, if the only bets you can make are parlays, this forces bettors to take risks. Parlays are risky because they are multi-faceted. But they can also pay out more than any other form of betting.

Parlay betting is a blast, and at Betpicks, we offer insights into everything from World Cup parlays and EPL parlays and beyond. If done correctly, parlays are a great way for bettors to maximize their earnings, and our picks offer helpful suggestions for you to win big with some parlay bets.

Ontario Betting Legally

Let’s look at some important information to note about the legality of Ontario online betting.

Is Betting Legal in Ontario?

To put it shortly, sports betting in Ontario is now fully legal if you are of age and using licensed websites. Single game betting is now regulated by the government. It is no longer a legal gray area. It is a bona fide industry.

What is the New Law Trying to Achieve?

The new law benefits the government, citizens, and sportsbooks. Let’s look at how it benefits each party.

For citizens, this new law offers protection. If bettors use an iGaming website, they have assurances that they are using a fully legitimate operator. To become iGaming certified, sportsbooks have to undergo rigorous testing. Things like security and fairness are now assured.

From the perspective of the government, they can now tax the sports betting industry and regulate it to ensure safety and data security. A huge number of Ontarians were already using offshore betting sites regardless of legality. Now the government gets to tax the operators profiting from Canadians and has a heightened level of control over how these operators work.

For sportsbooks, the legal confusion over gambling disappears. They can now advertise on TV, radio, and billboards. It is no longer a gray area. They can actively recruit new users. They will likely see their user bases grow as their legitimacy in the eyes of the public increases.

This is a rare situation where every party benefits.

Before You Start Betting

Now that betting is fully legal in Ontario, there are a lot of people looking to get in the game. There’s a lot to know about sports betting before you get started. Let’s break down some of the things you need to do before you ever make that first bet.

  • Find the Right Sportsbook: Every operator has something different to offer. We’ve listed several top-notch ones above, but there are many other great options for Ontarians.
  • Do Your Research: Research is a huge asset in betting. Familiarize yourself with betting trends, recent player and team performances, and read betting articles.
  • Find the Features You Like: One thing about sportsbooks is that each one will have different features. Find the ones that are important to you. Whether that is a mobile app or Bet Boosts and Bet Builders, find the features you prioritize and find the sportsbooks that offer them.
  • Browse Our Free Picks: We offer an array of free picks in different sports, from NHL free picks to EPL free picks. You can browse our large host of different expert predictions and analyses. These are completely free, no-string-attached predictions for different markets. These can offer you insights and inspiration for upcoming games.

Most popular markets in Ontario

  • Moneyline: A Moneyline bet is on one team to win the game.
  • Point Spread: A Point Spread bet is on a line that represents the score differential in favor of a team. Bettors can bet for or against that spread. For the spread means they’ll surpass that differential, against means they won’t.
  • Total: A Total is a bet on a line that represents the total amount of points two teams will combine to score in a game. Bettors can bet over, meaning they’ll score more, or under, meaning they’ll score fewer.
  • Outrights: An Outright bet is a long-term bet on something to occur in a league. This can be something like who will win a championship or MVP.
  • Game/Player Props: Game/Player Props are outcomes within a game that don’t necessarily impact the final score. A game prop is based on teams; a player prop is based on individuals. Game props could be something like which team will be winning after the first quarter or how many penalties two teams will combine for. A player prop is something like how many goals a player will have or how many rebounds a player will get.

Who Will Be Able to Bet in Ontario?

Just because online betting Ontario is now legal doesn’t mean that anyone can do it. There are still rules in place that govern who can and can’t place bets. Let’s look at who is eligible to bet with the iGaming regulated sites in Ontario.

For starters, one of the most important factors here is that bettors need to be located within Ontario. Some websites require the installation of geo-tracker software that verifies you are within the Ontario borders. Bettors must also have an address in Ontario.

The other important factor is that you are the legal gambling age. In Ontario, the legal gambling age is 19 and over. So if you are 19 years old, reside in Ontario, and are currently located in Ontario, you are free to start your online gambling journey.

Who Is Eligible for a License in Ontario?

The great part of iGaming and the new gambling laws is that bettors have assurances. Not every sportsbook is going to be able to get an iGaming license, so if a sportsbook has that iGaming verification, you can bank on the fact that it is safe and reliable. That means if you want to make some soccer picks and parlays, it is safest to do so with an iGaming website.

This is because there are rigorous standards to get the license. Let’s look at some of the different things that make a sportsbook eligible for a license.

There are a lot of different regulations and rules that a sportsbook must live up to in order to receive its license from iGaming and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

The games on the website must be Independent Testing Laboratory certified, iGaming secure data and information channels must be established, and financial information must be shared. They’ll check operator systems, establish regulatory reporting, and more.

Essentially, there are a lot of hoops betting operators have to jump through to get their license. But this ensures that only the safest and highest quality sportsbooks receive licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Ontario?

Yes! Ontario betting is fully legal right now. iGaming and Bill C-218 have gone fully into effect. While sports betting was still tolerated before, it wasn’t fully legal until very recently. Now bettors can bet as much as they please.

Can I Trust Websites Because They’re iGaming Licensed?

It is always best to check reviews still, but generally speaking, yes, you can. Websites that become iGaming licensed undergo a rigorous process to ensure their safety for consumers and reliability. Their systems are tested, financials looked over, and more. You can bank on a higher level of safety with iGaming websites.

Should I Use Websites That Aren’t iGaming Certified?

Always do your research first, but just because a website isn’t iGaming certified doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. There are many websites that you can still use in Ontario that are certified by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Quebec or operated offshore. You just have more assurances with iGaming.

When Did the iGaming Changes Go into Effect?

Legalized Ontario online betting came into effect on April 4th, 2022. The floodgates are now officially open. Sports betting websites are streaming into the province, from FanDuel to BetMGM. While there is no saying what the future holds, it appears the Ontario sports betting industry will only grow.

What Are Free Picks?

Free picks are expert picks on upcoming sporting events by seasoned bettors. These can be anything from World Cup parlay picks to NFL free picks. These are completely free predictions and insights into upcoming sporting events. With the new betting laws now in effect, you can put these picks into effect on fully legal, Ontario-licensed sportsbooks.