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Belgium, Italy, and Spain are all pretty easy bets to win their groups, but none are more open and shut than the Netherlands to win Group C at Euro 2020 this summer. The Dutch sit at understandably basement-low odds of -250 on 888sport to win their group. They’ll be challenged, certainly, but there aren’t any teams in this group that should give them a scare.

At least one (probably just one) other country from Group C will make the knockout stage, though, so which will it be? Austria and Ukraine both have decent sides, and North Macedonia will surely be looking to make an impression in their first ever major tournament.


Not only are the Netherlands the overwhelming favorites to win this group, but they will also get the pleasure of receiving their opponents at their home stadium in Amsterdam. They’ll play all three of their qualifying games there, and the fact that the other three teams have to travel will only intensify the Dutch advantage. The Netherlands are also contenders to win it all, sitting just behind Spain with +750 odds on 888sport.

This team isn’t as potent as the ones Arjen Robben and Robin van Persie used to lead, but Quincy Promes and Memphis DePay are no slouches up front either. After missing out on the last World Cup and Euro tournaments, this group could very well lead this nation back to international glory if not at least a semi-final appearance this summer.


If they were in any other group we probably wouldn’t like the Ukrainians to advance to the knockout stage, but with their draw into Group C—what’s the opposite of the Group of Death?—they have a great shot to make it to the Round of 16.

Ukraine was impressive in the qualifying round in winning their group over Portugal and beating the reigning Euro champs in match in doing so. Despite that inspirational spark during qualifying, it’s doubtful we’ll see that spill over enough to win them a knockout game, as a runner-up finish will likely set them up for a matchup with Italy in the Round of 16.


They do have Bayern Munich fullback David Alaba on the squad, but there isn’t much else positive to say about this side. They were lucky in qualifying to be drawn into what was probably the weakest group of the bunch which was won by Poland, and they’ve hit the lottery again with their inclusion in Group C this summer.

There’s just not enough quality on Franco Foda’s team to seriously consider the Austrians finishing top two, even in this group. Who knows, they could get lucky and slide into the knockout stage as a third-place team, but they’re not making any noise there anyway.

North Macedonia

As mentioned above, this will be North Macedonia’s first ever time participating in a major football tournament, so no doubt they are very excited to be involved. They are one of the few teams that made it into Euro 2020 through the Nations League play-offs.

If there was any group where a team like North Macedonia could shock the world and advance to the Round of 16, Group C is that group. But even still, a small, upstart country like this rarely gets far on their first appearance in the tournament. Expect valiant efforts from the Macedonians, but don’t expect any Alexander the Great-like victories from the conquerors’ countrymen.

Betting On Group C

As mentioned above, there is no question that the Dutch are going to run away with Group C as -250 favorites on 888sport. Those odds are pretty low, so if you want to make a bet for more value, you could consider taking their +750 odds to win the whole thing, or consider a wager on a Memphis DePay to be the top scorer of Group C prop bet.

Ukraine should make their way into the knockout stage and are certainly capable of surprises, but not semi-final level surprises. Austria would be lucky to emerge from the group stage and if North Macedonia instead advanced as the third team in Group C, it would be a pleasantly shocking story for the small nation. It’s more likely that neither will, however.