We had to wait an extra year, but the UEFA Euro 2020 Football Championships will finally be played in the summer of 2021 in a dozen venues across the European continent. This will be the 16th edition of the Euros, and the competition is celebrating its 60th anniversary with nine of the 24 participating nations playing at least a pair of games on home soil.

Apart from the FIFA World Cup, it doesn’t get much bigger than the Euros when it comes to Soccer – or as everyone outside of North America calls it, Football- or sports in general. The game with the most fans in the world just so happens to garner the most bets as well, and this summer’s tournament will be no different.

Bets and wagers are going to be flying around all summer, so if you’re not an expert bettor yet, take a look at the BetPicks guide for Euro 2020 betting odds to help get you started.

Understanding Euro 2020 Betting Odds

Understanding what all the numbers and odds mean for any particular wager is the first thing you need to understand before you start betting on the Euro 2020.

Here’s an example: France -150 vs. Germany +140.

The numbers are the odds for each side to win the match outright. When a team’s odds begin with a minus sign that means they are the better side and they are expected to win, which makes them the favorite. In this example, -150 odds mean that a bettor will need to wager 150 dollars to win 100 (return of 250) on France.

When a team’s odds begin with a plus sign that means that they are the lesser side and they are expected to lose, which makes them the underdog. In our example, +140 odds mean that a bettor will win 140 (return of 240) if they wager 100 dollars on Germany.

Though it’s less common in soccer betting, you can also bet on a point spread or handicap for any particular match. Here’s an example: France -1.5 (+125) vs. Germany +1.5 (-140)

The numbers not in brackets are the handicaps. In our example, France has a -1.5 handicap, which means if France wins by over 1.5 goals (aka two or more) then a bettor would return 225 total on a 100 dollar bet. Meanwhile, Germany is given a +1.5 handicap, which means as long as they don’t lose by two goals or more, a bettor would return 240 on a 140 dollar bet. In our example, a 3-2 win for France would still mean a handicap win for Germany.

Top Euro 2020 (2021) Betting Markets

Here are some of the most popular and common betting markets you’ll come across while wagering on the Euro 2020 (2021) tournament this summer.

Moneyline – The most common type of bet in most sports is the moneyline wager. This kind of bet is the most simple, because all you have to do is choose a winner for any particular match, and if they win, so do you. Odds for moneyline bets would usually look like this: Italy -150; Turkey +140.

In our example, a bettor would have to put 150 dollars down to win 100 bucks (total 250 return) on France, while the same bettor could put 100 dollars down to win 140 bucks (total 240 return) if they think Germany, the underdog, can surprise and get an upset win. The safer bets usually have minus “-” odds but the bets with “+” odds offer more value.

Handicap – Another market that North American bettors will be familiar with is the handicap or point spread bet. For this kind of bet, oddsmakers give or take goals from underdogs and favorites to make the bets more reasonable for each side. Here’s an example: Netherlands -2.5 (-125); North Macedonia +2.5 (+110).

In our example, the Netherlands would have to win by three or more for their handicap bettors to cash in. Meanwhile Macedonian handicap bettors just need their side to lose by two goals or less. This type of bet allows people to wager on even the biggest favorites and underdogs with a reasonable chance of hitting for a solid cash out.

Total – Another very popular type of bet that North American bettors should know well is the total or over/under wager. In this kind of bet, you are deciding on how many combined goals you think will be scored by both teams in any particular match. For example: Scotland vs. England O/U 3.5.

Here, an over bettor would need the two British sides to combine for four or more goals to win their bet, while an under bettor would cash out if the game finishes with three goals or less. The distribution of the goals between the teams has no bearing on this bet, so an over bettor wins whether it’s 2-2 or 4-0 and the unders triumph whether it’s 3-0 or 1-1.

Props – There are a wide range of different props you can choose to bet on throughout the Euro 2020 (2021) tournament this summer. These types of wagers are basically a bet on any one thing happening or not happening during any single match. These types of bets are intriguing because the actual result of the game doesn’t factor in, so no matter what’s going on in the game, prop bettors can remain engaged.

Here are some examples of common prop bets to give you an idea: Will There Be Over/Under 5.5 Total Bookings? Will X Player Score a Goal? Will There Be Over/Under 7.5 Corners? Will Both Teams Score? Team X To Score First? What Will Be The Half-Time Score? Will Team X Score Over/Under 2.5 Goals?

Futures – Another popular type of bet for a tournament-style competition like the Euros is the future bet. In this type of bet, you are betting on an eventuality in the tournament, the most common of which would be Competition Outright Winner, Top Goalscorer, Group X Winner, and Team X To Reach Final among others. Odds for this type of bet look like this: England +500; Belgium +500; France +550; Spain +700; Netherlands +750; Germany +750.

As you can see, even the favorites are offering great value before the tournament starts, which makes this type of bet one of the most potentially profitable options. Though it is hard to pinpoint the exact team that will win it all, taking a shot among these top six could certainly result in some big profits.

How To Bet On Euro 2020 (2021)

With all of these different betting options it can get a little bit overwhelming for a beginner, but BetPicks.ca is here to help give you some tips to help you have success with your Euro 2020 betting. There are no guarantees in sports—especially European football—and betting, but these strategies should help push you in the right direction.

Know Your Stuff: Going in and betting blindly is an easy way to lose a lot of cash, fast. If you want to make wagers on Euro 2020, you have to pay attention to the news surrounding the different teams leading up to the tournament. Looking at each team’s recent form, their previous 4-5 matchups with their tournament opponents, whether their top players are fit and available to play, what kind of tactics both coaches like to use and how they can take advantage of one another.

Parlay Group Winners: The easiest section of the tournament to bet on is the beginning during the group stage. This is when the top teams beat up on the lesser teams before the best of the best face off during the knockout stage in matchups that are much tougher to call. Most of the groups—apart from the Group of Death—have pretty clear cut favorites, and if you can find a sportsbook that allows you to parlay three or four of those winners, namely Italy (Group A), Belgium (Group B), Netherlands (Group C), and Spain (Group E) together it would net you very attractive odds around +400.

Live In-Play Betting: If you want to make some real scratch betting on the Euro 2020, you’ll have to be paying attention and watching the games. Most of the top online betting sites are offering in-play betting options these days, and a great way to take advantage of that is to find games where a favorite has gone down early. Usually, their live moneyline odds will have gone up significantly, allowing you to get much more value on favorites than you would if you’d made your wager before the game started. Obviously, this only works if you think the favorite you’re betting on is strong enough to win from down 1-0, however.