Online sports bettors who love betting on hockey, can check out our NHL Odds section to get the latest odds and lines.

Odds and lines can and will shift at any given moment, so hockey bettors need to keep an eye out for these changes. Player injuries, trades, goaltender matchups, and other news stories can all be factors in deciding whether a line moves or not. Canadian sports bettors can check our NHL Odds section to see whether lines have moved and what odds are presenting good betting value.

We’ll keep users updated as oddsmakers adjust puck lines and odds to create equal value. This means that if oddsmakers are seeing more bets favouring one team over another, they will adjust the line on the game to favour that team by even more to create equal betting value on both sides.

Betting on NHL games can be tough, but it is similar to betting on other leagues. Bettors can bet much as they would on any other team sport, such as on the Moneyline, puck line (point spread), and over/under total goals.

Our goal at BetPicks.ca is to keep this page fresh with updated odds so that bettors get the best value and are aware lines are moving around.