Although American football might take a backseat to the NHL and NBA in Canada, that doesn’t mean that Canadian sports bettors don’t want the inside scoop on the hottest upcoming NFL games.

Much like the NBA, the NFL is growing in popularity among Canadians, and it’s one of the most popular leagues for online sports betting. The Super Bowl is the most bet-on sporting event every year.

Come Super Bowl time, the Odds page will provide bettors with the best odds and lines for the big game. But what about the regular season?

We’ve got you covered. We constantly update our Odds NFL page through 17 weeks of the regular season, so that bettors know where to find value and how lines are moving.

Since NFL games are high scoring most of the time, this makes it a popular sport for betting on things like the over/under, point spread, and Moneyline.

More so than other sports leagues perhaps, the NFL is subject to many changes throughout the season and playoffs. Due to the intense physical nature of the sport and league, injuries are quite common, and therefore influence line movement. However, other factors such as trades and weather conditions can be enough to sway lines as well.

Check our Odds page regularly so you know if betting lines have moved, and also to see where the best betting value lies for the hottest upcoming NFL games.