More and more Canadians are following the NBA these days. It’s a league growing rapidly in popularity in Canada, which means that more online sports bettors are looking for NBA betting action.

The NBA season is long at 82 games, but we do our best to ensure that basketball lovers and bettors know how lines and odds are moving at all times. Odds and lines for NBA games tend to change depending on how the public is betting and other key factors like trades and injuries.

NBA bettors can bet on games similarly to the way they can bet on other sports leagues. Since NBA games are high scoring in nature, one of the most popular bets to make is on the over/under for total points in a game, quarter, or half. Moneyline and the point spread are also popular among NBA bettors.

No matter what kind of bets NBA fans are looking to make, here at BetPicks you will be provided with the best markets and odds for sports bettors to get the best value out of their basketball bets.

We constantly update this page with the hottest odds for the most popular NBA games throughout the 82-game regular season, the playoffs, and of course, the NBA Finals.

Check out our NBA Odds page regularly to stay in the loop with all relevant odds, line changes, and to get the best value out of your NBA bets.